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Sebastian to Skid Row “Kiss my fucking ass!” -Video-

Sebastian to Skid Row "Kiss my fucking ass!" -Video-


Baz to Skid Row guys "You wanna kick me out? Go Fuck yourself!"


Possum of Revolver TV conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach at this past Thursday’s (February 24) press conference at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles to announce the details of the third annual Revolver Golden Gods awards show.

On his forthcoming solo album:

Bach: "It’s very much along the lines of SKID ROW ‘Slave To The Grind’. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I’m just trying to put stuff in your iPod that fits with the other stuff."

On whether he has any interest in a SKID ROW reunion with him on vocals:

Bach: "No, because I don’t base my life in 2011 on, like, 30 years ago. And I also… I was kicked out of that band. Like, if you worked at Pizza Hut and you got fired, would you be knocking on the door of the Pizza Hut, ‘Please let me back in.’ You’d be, like, ‘Fuck Pizza Hut! Fuck you!’ I’d be, like, ‘Fuck you! You wanna fucking kick me out? go fuck yourself!’ [Laughs] I’m always perplexed by that. You don’t want me to sing in your band? Kiss my fucking ass! Don’t hurt yourself finding someone that can. [Laughs]"

Bach has just entered a Los Angeles studio with his new, young, virtuosic guitarist Nick Sterling and producer Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, SHINEDOWN, ATREYU, FILTER) to fine-tune the material that will appear on his next CD, tentatively due this summer via the Italian label Frontiers Records.

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