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20 Questions w/ J.P White of Vains Of Jenna

20 Questions w/ J.P White of Vains Of Jenna


J.P White of Vains of Jenna and his memory of a drunken night on tour in Chicago

"Waking up finding myself humping the bed frame thinking it was a girl."

We first turned our readers onto Vains of Jenna way back in the fall of 2005. Now we fast forward through a half decade, 5 releases and 500+ shows around the world! This band has toured with GWAR, Cradle of Filth, Ratt & Poison. It’s safe to say they’ve seen some crazy stuff. With all that whacky shit, we decided it was about time to bring you the first official 20 Questions with a member of the Swedish band who has adopted Hollywood California as their second home. We give you J.P White, Vains of Jenna bassist and band founder.

1.  Here is your chance to plug your shit. What’s up with music, news, videos, tours, etc..

JP- We are ready to release our new CD "Reverse Tripped" on April 5th with a Release Party at the Whisky A Go Go on April 1st. Also the video for our first single "Fuck You"just hit the web on our youtube channel. We are hitting the U.S. road for a 2 month tour in May & June and looking into booking even more shows to fill up the rest of this coming summer. In between all this we are writing and recording demos for a new VOJ album.

2. Tell us about your new release “Reverse Tripped” and the first single/video “Fuck You”?

JP- Reverse Tripped is a 15 song cover album released through Deadline Cleopatra Records. The album includes covers from some of our favorite Artists like The Zombies, Pink Floyd, Eddie Grant, Elton John, The Beatles to name a few. "Reverse Tripped" Is produced by Adam Hamilton who did a great job making the whole recording session real smooth and fast, it took us less than 2 weeks to record everything on the album and it sounds amazing!!

Our first single and video from the album is the song "Fuck You" (originally by Cee-Lo Green). I personally love the song and I like it even better now when we made it our own with some straight up Rock N Roll flavor, not to mention the killer Maggie May ending that fits perfect!.


Pre order "Reverse Tripped" today HERE

3. What are the first 2 hours of your day? 

JP- Coffee!! do a little work-out then go online and update all the VOJ sites FB, Twitter, Myspace to keep the fans updated on what’s going on.

4. The band is from Falkenberg Sweden but has adopted Los Angeles as an American home. How do the two compare?

JP- Its a huge difference! First of all Falkenberg has like a population of 20 000 people while L.A. has millions of people living here. Falkeneberg is pretty mellow and chill and its not much going on really with 2 bars in the city center. Compare that to L.A. where things happens all the time. L.A. has everything u need if u are in a band, its venues and clubs everywhere, Its a total different world from where I grew up.

5. Rate a bassist 1-10. 1 being someone who sucks and a 10 being someone who kicks ass.

Peter London of Crashdiet

Beefcake The Mighty of GWAR =8

Duff McKagan of Guns n’ Roses/Loaded =10

Johan Blomqvist of Backyard Babies =7

Deron Miller of CKY = (not a bassplayer?)

Sam Yaffa of New York Dolls/Hanoi Rocks =9

Ashley Purdy of Black Veil Brides =6

Robbie Crane of Ratt =10

Martin Sandvik of Hardcore Superstar = 6

Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue/SIXX :AM =6


Live like a suicide


6.  A year ago the band went through change with the departure of Lizzy DeVine. What happened and why?

JP- Lizzy didn’t have the same passion for the band like he used to and had other priorities in life. We had a whole European tour booked and he simply said that he wasn’t gonna do it. We had a band meeting and discussed everything and he said that he couldn’t give 110% to the band like he used to. If you are in a band you need to give it your all. He just didn’t have the same passion for it anymore so he quit. No hard feelings, we are still moving forward, no time to look back.


Nicki Kin, J.P White, Jesse Forte & Jacki Stone

7.  Enter Jesse Forte your new vocalist. It’s been a year & you’ve toured the world with him. How have fans reacted to Jesse fronting Vains of Jenna?

JP – Its been really fucking good, Jesse is a really fucking good singer and frontman and keeps on winning over fans every night that he is onstage with us. I think alot of kids have been coming to the shows with a skeptic mind set but after seeing a song or 2 they get the deal. He is busy as never before signing shit after the shows witch is a good sign. 

8.  Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your music career to date?

JP- High Points:

Coming to the states and play for the first time

Getting signed by Bam Margera

Amphitheater Summer Tour 2007 w/ Ratt & Poison

Low Points:

Breaking some bones in my hand so I couldn’t play for a while

Getting denied a U.S. visa after lying to the American embassy

Every time our van breaks down

9. This is life or death Jackass. You must do one of the following to stay alive.

Pick one of the 3….or die.

A. Give BAM MARGERA a hand job to completion.

B. Eat STEVE O’s regurgitated gold fish!

C. Make out with NOVAK for 60 seconds!

What do you do? READY Go!

JP- Kill me!!


JP & Nicki in Philthadelphia with the Blue Meanie 2006

10. Give us a quick touring memory from the following cities:

Dallas Texas = Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll at one of the best strip clubs "The Clubhouse"

Stockholm Sweden = Rocking naked onstage at the Rest In Sleaze Festival ’06. 

Chicago Illinois = Waking up finding myself humping the bed frame thinking its a girl in doggy style.

Sao Paulo Brazil = Private security to buy a beer.

New York City New York = Getting axed by Gwar onstage at Roseland Ballroom

Prague Czech Republic = Craziest fucking crowd ever!! 

West Chester Pennsylvania = A day off & filming the Noones gonna do it for you video At Bam’s

Phoenix Arizona = Almost killed by a crazy stripper chick chasing us down the Freeway ramming the tour van multiple times.

London England= Breaking into a empty house with some Punks from Camden starting a huge after party that ended with everyone burying Nicki on the rooftop with bricks.

Paris France = Waking up on a couch in the clubs mixing room next to a hot blonde bartender naked.

11. What rock star deserves a kick in the nuts and why?

JP- I cant think of anyone

12. What the craziest thing you ever did while on tour with GWAR?

JP- Man, its gotta be that night in Florida when the cradle of filth fight took place.

13. Who were the biggest assholes to tour with and who were the coolest?

JP- All the bands we have been touring with have been cool! I mean we had our shit with some peeps in the Cradle camp but in the end we were all good. Coolest must have been the guys from Dirty Penny & Cowboy Prostitutes.



14. Tell us about the incident on the VIVA LA BANDS tour when you and Nicki Kin beat up the Cradle of Filth tour manager?

JP- Yeah we played a show somewhere in Florida and all the bands shared this big backstage room. Me and Nicki found 2 girls that we wanted to bring backstage. When we got there the Cradle tour manager opened the door and looked at us and said we were not allowed into the backstage room. I got pissed and said something about him being a little ugly stupid fucking dork from Scotland or something. He then put his hand on my face and shoved my head back and smashed the door and locked it. I got slightly offended and I kicked in the door and the fight started. After that we pretty much got kicked out of the tour, Bam and the president of the label had to fly out and handle the whole situation so we could stay on the bill for the rest of the tour.

15. The band was first signed by BAM MARGERA in 2006. Tell us about a drunken nite with BAM, where, when & what happened?

JP- Its been many but Bams wedding was pretty fucking crazy! He had rented this 5 star hotel in Philly and everyone was there! fucking Tony Hawk, Iggy Pop, The Sounds, Kat Von D, The Jackass crew, Bloodhound gang, Free booze & free everything all day and night. I remember we had a early show down the street that same day and we sounded fucking horrible cause we couldnt even stand up during the gig. When we came back the real party started. Everyone got onstage with Iggy singing, people where running around from floor to floor, hot girls all over the place, Kat was tattooing people in her room, The restrooms, hallway lights, rooms were all trashed. Good times!  VIDEO HERE


JP, Jacki, Nicki & Jesse are clearly high on Monsterenergy drinks

16.  Pick your Poison:

Hollywood or North Hollywood
= Hollywood

Beer Drinking or Bass Playing = Bass Playing w/ a beer ;) 

Rock of Love or Deadliest Catch= Deadliest Catch ROCKS

Blond Hair or Brown Hair = Blonde

Viva La Bands or Viva La Bam = Viva La Bands

Fuck you or Forget you = Fuck You

Stockholm or Falkenberg = Falkenberg

Motley Crue or Black Veil Brides = Motley Crue (Sorry Ash maybe after hearing your new album Ill change my mind ;) )

Barfing or Bleeding = Barfing

Dodge Van or Volvo Station Wagon = Gotta love the silverfish

17. You are on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. What is your take on the social networks and how they are good or bad?

JP- I think its fucking great! Its awesome to be able to connect with fans all over the world. I dont see anything negative in it.

18.   Kill, Fuck, Marry. You have to kill on, fuck one and marry the other.

(Miley Cyrus, Pink, Kat Von D)

I have to kill Pink cause she is the only one that i have no connection with whatsoever, Fuck Kat Von D and Marry Miley Cyrus

19.  How much money (cash) do you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW (change included)?

JP- 4 dollars 76 cents


Vains of Jenna hanging in Hollywood apartment


20. The last of JP White.

Last time you pissed your pants
= Can’t remember

Last famous person you shook hands with = Dominic Howard from Muse 

Last concert you watched from the crowd = CKY

Last type of fast food you ate = Little Cesars Pepperoni pizza

Last time you broke a bass string live = Live in Denver 2007

Last time you felt miserable= during my hangover this morning 

Last time you signed an autograph =At our last show 

Last time you barfed from drinking = A couple of months ago 

Last time you lied to a girl= last night

Last time you cried = Its been a long time

We’d like to thank JP for his cool interview. For more on Vains of Jenna see below.

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