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Help find the “Mystery Rocker” Van Halen fan in TX!

Help find the "mystery rocker" Van Halen fan in TX!


Do you know this Van Halen fan?


Man, this is a cool video for sure. If you’re a Van Halen fan, and live in Texas – then you NEED to see this video. Especially if you live in the Austin area and went to see David Lee Roth in concert at "Stubbs" on November 13th 1999.


Mystery rocker and his buddy!

Hey Mystery Rocker, did you lose your disposable camera that night? We think we know where it is. This is a MUST see video HERE let’s all help find the mystery rocker!


Mystery Rocker Greg Aulick

We’d like to thank our fellow Sludgeaholics (
TexAzHair & MIInsane) for helping put the puzzle together. Now today, in our inbox – we get the following!

From: Greg Aulick []
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 3:28 PM

To: Sludge

Subject: Hi – Im the "Mystery Rocker"…Greg Aulick

Howdy Sludge – looks like ive been found!!

John says you’d like an interview – sure, sounds cool.

Attached is a more recent pic…yea, ive settled down quite a bit – God i was so trashed on Jack Daniel’s that nite!


Greg the "Mystery Rocker"

Greg, yes, we’d love to interview you – and catch up, but first we got to get you your pictures!

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