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TUFF invade Sao Paulo BRAZIL this week!



Fri. August 12th "Animcal Records" In-Store (@ 17:00 Hours)  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sat. August 13th "Inferno Club" Live Concert Sao Paulo, Brazil

celebrates 20 years since "What Comes Around Goes Around" hit the streets with a string of summer tour dates in South America, Mexico & the US.  Back in May 1991 the Los Angeles based rockers released their debut. Now a full 2 decades later, the band bassist & founder Todd "Chase" Chaisson along with frontman Stevie Rachelle take it on the road.

"It’s been 20 years since I played many of these cities with TUFF and I am stoked to go back again." Says Chaisson. The band played well into the 90s before calling it quits at the height of grunge. "In the fall of 2001 I decided to fire it up again." Adds Rachelle. "I can’t believe another decade has passed."

The band will spend the summer playing classic tunes from the Atlantic Records debut. Including their Dial MTV #3 hit  "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye", "So Many Seasons" & "The All New Generation". The band will also perform tracks from other releases along with the #1 XM/Sirius sattelite channel (Hair Nation) global smash  "American Hair Band" which was released May 2001.

The band is rounded out by guest guitar player Jack Aurora (Sister Whiskey) and Trent Anderson on drums (Bang Tango).


TUFF "What Comes Around Goes Around" released May 1991

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