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Rumor Mill. Jani Lane allegedly headed for divorce #3?

Rumor Mill. Jani Lane allegedly headed for divorce #3?


Jani Lane & wife #3 Kimberly.


It was 1 year ago this week, that we posted a in depth interview with Jani Lane >HERE<

Jani talked openly about going to rehab, Warrant, celebrity fit club, song writing and his third wife (Kimberly).  Here is a excerpt from that interview:

What Kimberly makes different from your past love interests (Bobbie Brown, Bekka Bramlett, Rowanne Brewer)?

I dated Bekka for a while, we’re still very good friends. Bobbie and I — her, Kim and I — we met up at my daughter’s high school graduation in New Orleans last month. We had a big shindig. My daughter is going off to college, majoring in journalism. She got two scholarships and I’m very proud. Kimberly gets along fine with Bobbie. My other ex-wife, Rowanne, she lives in North Carolina and we share custody of our daughter. Our daughter is doing wonderfully. This person in particular, this Sheila girl, for two solid years, has talked absolute shit about my family, my wife, my kids. She’s done some really, really mean things. I don’t know where it comes from.

What makes Kimberly different is everything. She is … I say no matter what I have, no matter how many houses, cars, what was in the bank account, what was going on with the band and songwriting, something was always missing. I truly believe it was that, I hate to use a corny term like “soul mate,” but it really is. When you have a connection with somebody and you can come to them and they have a good idea of the difference between tough love and being mean, it’s very good for me. This is a person who is very in control of her life, is her own person and, fortunately for me, is not into the party scene. It’s hard enough to get her to take a Tylenol when she has a fever. That’s an absolutely great person for me to be around at this point in my life. The last year, I’ve suffered some consequences from drinking that I’ve never suffered in my entire life. It’s really made me take a step back and go, “Is this how you want to continue? Is this how you want to finish up?” The answer is no. That’s where the song “Changes” came from.

Metal Sludge has an inside source that has alleged there is trouble in the marriage. We cannot confirm this and hope it’s just a rumor. In the meantime, where is Jani Lane? He’s definitely been laying low.

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