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Poison/Motley Crue Review Moline IL – August 6th

Poison/Motley Crue review Moline IL – August 6th


It’s 2011 & Bret has more bimbos on his bus then in 1987


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Ya, it’s late.. Work’s been hell this week. I’ve given enough shit to Nikki over the last month (although well deserved) I figured I’d type something positive (WWND?)… Spread the love and sandwiches.. 8)

August 6th. Moline Il… Here’s my rundown. NYD were ok at best.. they give Nikki his ‘Street Cred’ BS but I thought they sucked. There, I said it. Their music wasn’t my thing, their show was boring, their singer looked liked he was stoned out of his mind.. The drummer was ok. The guitar players were alright I guess. The singer was a poor man’s Jagger and the rest of the band looked like a Stray Cats cover band. The crowd didn’t pay much attention, didn’t know who they were and really didn’t care… Next…

Poison. I’ve seen these guys 10 trillion times on every tour since 1986. I still love their first 3 albums. I still think everything after 1992 sucks… Their show and stage banter is as predictable as 24 hours in the daily cycle. That said, Motherfucker did they bring it. Say what you want about cheese Nikki, They had the audience in the palm of their hand and it was a packed house. Fists in the air like it was 1987 all over again… Goddamn was it cool to look at that many people at a hard rock show again. The set was the same. The stage was decent.. Bret however sounded damn good. No strained vocals.. CC was just fucking awesome.. Looked vintage as hell and actually played most of the solos as are on album. Rikki has lost weight and when he spray painted his drum kit and took off his mask, the crowd went insane. And Bobbby, Fuck was that guy Full of energy.. I’m being honest here, this was hands down the best Poison show/performance I’ve ever been to period. They flat out kicked fucking ass. love em or hate em, they brought the house down.

Ok, The surprise of the night. Once again, I’ve seen Motley Crue a trillion times as well since their 80’s heyday. My favorite tour always being TOP followed by Dr. Feelgood… They shook the place out of nowhere with Wildside and the crowd just went absolutely insane. SOLD OUT show… As God as my witness, Nikki was not going through the motions that night. That guy was killing it like it was 1984 all over. Mick was Mick, dark, evil and just awesome… Never missing a beat. Devil horns in the air full time when Mars took center stage. Now Tommy, Nice job dude.. Entertaining and professional as hell. I never thought I’d see it but this guy actually looked like he wanted to be there and he cared. I’m saving the best for last here. Vince fucking Neil.. Did someone feed this guy a line of coke before the show? Son of a bitch did Vince kick ass. Predictable word skipping on certain songs but the guy actually Tried! I was in shock… Vince was fantastic… Entertaining, energetic and drinking bottled water by the drumset the entire time. I’ve said before after youtube clips that the stage and show looked lackluster at best. I was dead wrong. I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt, this was the best I’ve seen Motley Crue since 1985. Better show than Carnival of Sins, better show than Feelgood… I don’t think I’ve ever been entertained by Motley like I was that night.. How they could Ever top that performance, I don’t know…

I suppose you may chalk it up to each band trying their best to out do the other.. I couldn’t care less… All I know is we spent about 2 grand as a group on this show and we were all blown away, old fans and new….

I thank Both bands for one of the best nights of my life… It reminded me why I loved the music again….

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