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20 Questions w/ guitarist Jinxx of Black Veil Brides!

20 Questions w/ guitarist Jinxx of Black Veil Brides!


Jinxx – Guitarist for Black Veil Brides


We at Metal Sludge are excited to bring you another 20 Questions with a member of Black Veil Brides. A few months ago we did a interview with Ashley Purdy (bass) but this week it’s one of the bands dualing guitar stars Jinxx (ryhmes with stinks)!

BvB is blowing up everywhere and critics are hating on them hard. And surely a bunch of other band guys are too. So for that, we love them and hope they fuck everyone’s girlfriends while their own miserable local band is rehearsing in a shitty garage. Notice to young rock bands, the game has just got a little harder, better start practicing those licks and stage clothes are back!

If you haven’t heard about them yet, you will and soon!

1. Tell our readers about the Black Veil Brides?

We’re the modern day answer to the ultimate, over-the-top Rock and Roll band. Take every successful band from Rock’s heyday (say, 1977-1987) and lump them all into one, add a pop sense of melody/harmony, some classically-trained shredding and arena larger-than-life costumery and stage antics, and there you go!

2. How did the band rise so quickly to gain a International buzz and following?

Rock and Roll has needed a big kick in the nuts for years, and everyone knows it. It was a matter of time before a band like us was going to come around and take the initiative. A few bands have tried, but not to the extant we have. Many people get us, and many people don’t, so there’s a lot of controversy about us, and all that does is help catapult our popularity very very quickly.

3. The band has Blasko (Ozzy bassist) as your manager. How did that all come to life?"

Blasko has a sharp eye for what’s going to hit. Everything he has going on is gold.  He caught wind of the buzz the band was getting from Youtube views on the "Knives and Pens" video before the band even had a solid lineup and got a hold of us before any of the vultures began to circle.


Looks like a Nikki Sixx yahtzee backstage at Download

4. You toured Japan w/ Murderdolls. How was that? 

It was rad until the earthquake! We also did the UK with them just before, in February. We love all the Murderdolls dudes. One of our favorite bands to tour with to date.

5. What about the earthquake? We hear you were there in Tokyo.  Tell our readers?

We were on stage for soundcheck when the big one hit. I felt the ground moving and saw the speaker stacks rocking back and forth and yelled "EARTHQUAKE!" Everyone spilled out into the streets. There was no where to go. Skyscrapers were swaying like trees. People were screaming and crying and trying to get our autographs. It was chaotic and scary.

6. Rate a gtr player 1-10. A 1 sucking balls and a 10 ripping.

CC DeVille = 1

Slash =  9

Andy McCoy = 4

Mick Mars = 10

Snake Sabo  = 8

Keith Nelson = 6

Dregen = 3

Nicki Kin = 2

Steve Stevens = 7

DJ Ashba = 5


Jake Pitts & Jinxx dualing brides

7. Nikki Sixx recently gave you guys a huge shout out on Twitter. Now you’ll play the SSMF w/ Motley Crue. How does that make you feel?

Awesome. Being a huge Crue fan my whole life. My mom felt bad for not letting me see them when I was too young before they broke up back in the day, so I’m flying her out next week for SSMF. Love it when things come around full circle. Fucking honored to play it with them in a few days.

8. Finish this senrtance…period.

Being on the road is actually…  a lot like being on the road.

When I wake up I usually…   need to take a shit.

My hotel is by far…. a tour bus.

On stage I can’t stand when..I fall down.

Most of my money is…   in someone else’s hands.

9. Bucket List. 3 things you really want to do before you kick the bucket?

1. Meet Stevie Rachelle in person.

2. Be a guest on the Simpsons. Or fucked with on Family Guy or Southpark.

3. Take over the world.

10. Touring memory. Tell us what you remember about….

Dallas = That it’s in Texas and Texas can be trouble.

Las Vegas = Nothing. Well actually I can remember some awkward moments with my fiancee Sammi Doll while there ;)

New York City = Busy. And the Grammercy is very old and creepy.

Chicago = Windy. Always windy.

Portland = Pornland. Lots of strip clubs. And good times with old friends ;)

Los Angeles = Home sweet home. A sight rarely seen.

Detroit = Apple Pie (a drink my buddy makes). And then after that I usually don’t remember anything…

Atlanta = Hotlanta. And the Masquerade is very old and creepy.

Denver = Completely clearing out a bar when I puked all over the place. Actually I don’t remember it. I was informed of this later.

Boston = People talk funny. And all the buildings are very old and creepy.


Jinxx live like a fucking suicide

11. 5 guys in the band. Who is most likely to ….

‘Snore the loudest’ Nobody actually snores. It’s weird.

‘Farts the most’ We all have our moments. But I have to say Jake takes the cake here.

‘Drinks the most’  Everybody.

‘Sleeps the latest’ CC

‘Loses everything’ Andy.

12. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

Jani Lane for kicking the bucket today.

13. Any pre show ritual or superstitions?

Decking out in our warpaint, listening to tunes, warming up on guitar. We all hit fists before hitting the stage. If someone really pisses us off that day we will shout "FUCK______!!!" (fill in the blank) in unison as a battle cry.

14. What new music is out there that excites you? And at the same time. What older bands do you still listen to?

Black Veil Brides. That’s it for new. As for old, Crue, Kiss, Guns, Def Lep, Metallica, Megadeth, Misfits, Skid Row, Ozzy, Tuff … fuck, ALL of them!

15. Break bread with the dead. Name 3 people who have passed on that you’d love to bring back to life to share dinner with?

1. Mozart. His diet consisted solely of wine and 18th century mystery pills. Seems like a good time to me.

2. Ronald Reagan, because I don’t think we would have anything to talk about. I hate when people try to talk to me when I’m fucking eating.

3. Anyone who’s died from starvation.


Jinxx, Andy & Ashley on the Warped Tour = Too Fast for Skateboards

16. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points in BvB to date?

HIGHS: 2 Top 40 records in a year’s time, winning a Golden God and Kerrang! award this year, being on the covers of all the magazines, …fuck, can I only say 3?? So many highs!

Editor: Sebastian Bach living in your home & sleeping on your couch is not a high? Lol

LOWS: Traveling in a Durango during the winter our first tour, having to cancel shows due to broken bones and earthquakes, passing out from the heat on Warped Tour

17. What are the goals for BvB in 2012?

To completely take over the world before it ends. And then when it doesn’t end, well, we’ll have the world!


Jinxx is a Slaughter fan

18. Pick your Poison

Hairspray or Make up =
Both! Duh.

Big fake tits or Small firm ones = I hate fake tits. I’m all about the itty bitty titty committee :)

Headbands or Cowboy Boots = Headbands for me

1989 or 1999 =1989!!! The 90s can suck my balls!

Slaughter  or Slayer = Oooh tough call. I would say Slaughter because they had better songs, but Slayer because Kerry King rips. 50/50 on this one!

19. How much money do you have in your pockets right now..including change?

None. These tight leather girls’ leggings NEVER have any pockets!


Is Jinxx the Shaggy 2 Dope of Metal?

20. The last of Jinxx…

Last fast food you ate =
Taco Bell.

Last song you bought from Itunes = our song "Fallen Angels"

Last time you puked from drinking = AP Tour last fall. I’ve since cut back on the hard shit.

Last time you broke a string live = Few weeks ago at one of the Warped shows.

Last famous person you emailed = Stevie Rachelle of Tuff :)

Last concerrt you saw from the crowd = The Crue at Bamboozle. Actually I was in the media pit. I don’t know if that counts.

Last time you felt cheated = When I got my first ASCAP check and it was only for $1.77!

Last time you had diarhea = Every day on Warped Tour :(

Last time you worked a day job = 2004, I think?

Last time you cried = The other day, when I got my ASCAP check and it was only for $1.77 :(


Attention shoppers, Hot Topic is now sold out of all black eye liner products.

Let’s do a quick review. Jinxx likes small tits, he thinks Slaughter has better songs than Slayer and has had diarhea every day this summer. He also claims that Jake farts more than anyone in the band, and he once puked so much that an entire club evacuated. Add to that, he hasn’t worked a job since 2004. Sounds like a rock star to us!

We wanna thank Jinxx for becoming part of the elite rock n’ roll world by doing our interview.

BvB on Twitter – Jinxx on Twitter – Latest Videos "Legacy" "Fallen Angels"

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