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The Very Best of Jani Lane interviews with Metal Sludge

The Very Best of Jani Lane with Metal Sludge


The Very Best of Jani Lane with Metal Sludge


We bring you this Best Of interview compiled from our 4 features with Jani over the years.

Metal Sludge first did 
20 Questions with Jani Lane on December 14th 2000, and we ran it on January 2nd 2001.

Ironically, exactly 1 year to the date, on December 14th 2001 we met up again and Jani did a ReWind with our local Midwest field staff. That 2nd interview posted on January 3rd 2002. Then a few years went by, and Jani did our 3-Wind in 2003 while on tour in Minnesota. This time the interview was conducted by Sludgeaholic Tollywood.

Finally on March 24th 2005, Mr. Lane again stepped up to the plate and did a Back-4-More with our very own CC Banana while he was on tour playing at Dingbatz in New Jersey.

Please read and enjoy this. It’s a great look at Jani the person as much as anything. He is very candid with Metal Sludge in all of his interviews. And during most of these, which were in person – Jani allowed fans to sit in, listen, add questions and comment throughout.

As much as we busted Jani’s balls, make no mistake, there were never bad intentions – just our version of a ‘roast’ if you will. Metal Sludge loved Jani Lane, and all he stood for. The good, the bad & the ugly. And Jani delivered all of that in life. God Bless him.

We urge you to read these, and go follow the links to read the entire interviews. You will laugh, cry, and then laugh some more. Jani says some pretty haunting things throughout these interviews about his battles in life, drinking, and even dying. We ask you to read on and celebrate his life & music. With all our respect – RIP Jani Lane!


Jani Lane the Cherry Pie Guy.

Select questions from Jani Lane’s debut
  20 Questions  December 2000

2. If you could sing any one song beautifully and perfectly, which one would you pick and why?

(Long Pause)

That’s a very tough question. I don’t know. I like so many songs. I just think in general I’d like to sing ONE song beautifully and perfectly. There’s too many dimensions. I really listen to all different kinds of music. I listen to too many. There are a lot of songs. There’s no way I could possibly pick one

4. What one Warrant song do you have no desire to ever sing live again?

Cherry Pie!

NOTE: That was said without a delay!

6. Tell us your 5 Best and Worst Memories of Warrant

Best: – Long Pause. That’s so tough, there are so many.

But the 5 best were probably the first real tour we did, opening for Paul Stanley –

First real tour we headlined Blood, Sweat and Beers.

And the other 3 times…

The first 3 times I went out of the country – Japan – Europe – South America.

Those are the 5 best memories I could think of.
Because they were all exciting and new things.

Worst: – 5 worst? (Long Pause)

Uh, the 5 shows following the call from our manager saying that "Grunge has kicked in, your label is unhappy with you and you’ve got to scale down the clubs." Those first 5 shows were pretty tough.


That Metal Show with Taime Downe, Jani Lane & Michael Sweet July 2011

Jim Bob: Number 7. (Clears his throat) Don’t hit me alright!? I’m an ambassador here! LOL

7. Why do you bum smokes off the fans when you could easily request a pack of cigarettes on the rider?

Actually, because no promoters….(Talking to someone else) I can’t smoke that…can I have a regular cigarette and not a menthol? Anybody have a non menthol?

First of all, promoters refuse to give you cigarettes on riders anymore.
Jim Bob: Really?

Yeah, unless you’re like Rage Against The Machine and you’re making $200,000 a night playing a show. You don’t do that, it’s their way… morally, they have ground to stand on and on top of it they save money. So they don’t give you cigarettes. And second of all, I think it’s crowd participation, so I kind of like that interaction.

NOTE: Jani was asking for cigarettes during that question! How funny is that?

11. Do marriage vows mean anything to you?


17. Some people see you as a depressed person. Have you ever thought about suicide and have you ever been on Prozac?

Never been on Prozac. Have thought about suicide. Only because… put yourself in my shoes, do what I do for a living. See what it’s like. There’s a lot of pressure involved. You don’t have to be U2 to feel pressure.


Jani Lane & Bobbie Brown

22. Since your job is to sing, don’t you think you should cut down on the chain smoking because it certainly ain’t helping your voice?

I don’t know. Ask Robert Plant or Freddy Mercury. Wait, Freddy Mercury’s dead.

23. Do you think Poison will ever want to take you guys out again, and do you have a question for our own Dr. Rockett?

Does that mean, like, take us out on a date? Or on a tour?

I don’t give a fuck!

Actually, I like Rikki. He’s a very creative guy. I don’t know who "Dr. Rockett" is, but I hope his clothing line is doing well.


Jani Lane grabs a smoke backstage

Select questions from Jani Lane’s 
ReWind  on January 3rd 2001

2. If you could achieve absolute success in only one area of your life, what would you want it to be?

Being a wonderful father.

5. Rate following Warrant albums on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being something that blows goats and 10 being a perfect record:


(Crowd laughs)

They all suck. If I gotta sing "Cherry Pie" one more fucking time in my life I’m going to fucking throw up!

Random Sludgeaholic #1: Are you serious?

Yes. They ALL SUCK!(pauses) The new record’s great though. The new record is great. I stepped outside, and hopefully people will get an real fucking idea of what I like to do.

D.R.F.S.R. =

Cherry Pie =

Dog Eat Dog =

Ultraphobic =

Belly To Belly =

Live 86-96 =

Latest & Greatest =

Under The Influence =

 The infamous "Cherry Pie" guy VIDEO INTERVIEW with Jani Lane on VH1.


The Classic Warrant line-up, Erik, Joey, Jani, Jerry & Steven

15. Give us a touring memory about the following cities:

Atlanta = Fightin’ Charlie McGruegers

Baltimore = (pause)Hammerjack’s

Myrtle Beach = (pause) Myrtle Beach… I don’t know.

Detroit = Oh Harpo’s.

Chicago = We played so many different places in Chicago, and Schaumburg, and out here… My biggest memory was on the Blood Sweat & Beers tour when we played The World. That was the biggest show we had on the entire tour. And it was……pretty fucking scary for me. But I liked it. By about halfway through the show I got the groove going. There was about 25,000 people. Sold out. It was just insane.

St. Louis = TWA Airlines SUCK! Glad they went out of business.

Dallas = Dallas.(pause) I like Dallas. It’s a cool place to go. It’s not really as big as people think it is.(Yawns.) Good barbeque.

Denver = Almost dying on a plane. The hydraulic system went out 45 minutes into the flight. We had to come back, circle around, lose fuel, they had the runway all foamed, emergency vehicles off to the sides. I was looking out at the sunset, saying to myself, it’s a nice day to die, at least they’ll be able recognize the body from my tattoos. The lady next to me is bawling, her husband won’t talk to her. I give her this little bottle of Gin and we drink it. But the scariest thing about Denver was just the fact that you’d think people would freak out, but the plane was dead silent. We just sat there and waited. Everyone was just resigned to whatever was going to happen, and we actually landed safely. And they, of course, like an airline, ushered us into the bar and told us "drinks on the house! We’ll put you on a new plane in a few minutes!" But that was incredibly scary. I’ve had a few scary flights. I guess you can’t do this without flying.

San Diego = Getting booed off the stage, opening for Queensryche, and then having Geoff Tate, who is one of the coolest motherfuckers on the planet, go onstage and say, "don’t you FUCKING DARE boo a band that’s opening for us, because we wouldn’t have them with us if we didn’t like them."

Boston = We just hardly ever play there. We used to play the Channel Club all the time. I don’t know what’s happening to Boston. (Yawns.) We used to have fun there. It was a great place to play. But now it’s not really on our itinerary.

17. When we did 20 Questions with you, we asked you to rate Lit singer Ajay Popoff, but you didn’t know who he was. How is it you sing the praises of Lit yet you have no idea who Ajay Popoff is?

Actually, I did, but you caught me off guard.

Jim-Bob: It’s my fault?

Well you asked me about all these old-school singers and then you threw in A. Jay Popoff. I thought, fuck, that sounds like a bottom-of-the line well-vodka.(crowd laughs) No, A. Jay’s, he’s very good. I have no idea what those guys are doing but they’re cool. Cool O.C. band. (Yawns)



Jani Lane surrounded by Sludgeaholics

18. Yes or no, has Jani Lane ever:

Had hair transplants = No

Talked to Steven Sweet in the last year = No

Wanted to beat the fuck out of Obi Steinman = Obi & I go back and forth

Not cheated on a girlfriend = I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a wife

Wondered where all the money went =constantly

Gotten a Christmas card from Joey Allen in the last 2 years = no fucking way!

Felt embarrassed by the Warrant Street Team =  (pause) geezz….. no comment! (crowd laughs)

Wished the internet didn’t exist =  (pause)I like the internet, except for Metal-Fucking-Sludge! (Crowd laughs)

Barfed during sex = No

Jacked off in a truckstop = I have to think about that one

Paid a hooker = Never

Worn a chef’s outfit = Yes! Yes! Absolutely. When I do go in, occasionally, in restaurant, I do actually cook. They’re all my recipies, and yes, I do wear a chef’s coat.

Jim-Bob: Do you wear the hat?

No, no hat. Just a ball cap.

NOTE: Jani in his ballcap leaving the kitchen can be seen on your right.

Considered a career in country western music = No, I am not Ron Keel.(crowd laughs)

19. If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment then for a day, who would you choose, and how would you torment them?

Man, that list is too long, and torment is too nice a word. How bout beat the fuck out of them! And there’s must be a list of a hundred people that I would like to absolutely just beat the living shit out of. Starting with Bruce Bingerette.

Random Sludgeaholic #1: Who’s that?

Random Sludgeaholic #2: Yeah.

That’s a guy who ran our merchandising a long time ago and he screwed us out of over a million dollars. He was a gigantic asshole. As far as I’m concerned. But, anyway, that’s not going to be fun for people to hear, so there’s a list of probably a hundred people that I would like to absolutely beat the living shit out of. Random Sludgeaholic #1: Any well known names in the rock business that people would recognize?

Aren’t you a Metal Sludge guy?
(crowd laughs) There’s a lot of ‘em.

(Here the interview is interrupted by a fan who opens the door and starts exhalting Jani with praises and worship. The fan goes on and on.)

FAN: Have a good show in Appleton. Be safe!

Jani: Thanks, man. Playing with S-laughter, I mean, Slaughter!

(NOTE: Warrant was suppose to play a show with Slaughter the next night in Appleton, Wisconsin, but Slaughter canceled the show. But Jani did call them S-laughter!)

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Donnie Vie = I love that guy!

Anthony Focx = Who’s Anthony Focx? (crowd laughs)

Jim Bob: Excellent answer.

Dave Mustaine = Dave Mustaine’s gotta get over himself.

Alice Cooper = I love Elvis Cooper.

Creed = I’m not really up on the whole Creed thing, I cannot understand why they’re so big, with just that one jingle. They’re not even from Seattle. I gues, you know, they’re hotter than a pistol, so God bless ‘em.

Bobby Dall = I hope he’s feelin’ ok.

Jamie Rowe = Who’s that? LOL

Jim Bob: He’s that Guardian guy.

Random Sludgeaholic #1: He’s the guy who wrote that "7-11 Isn’t So Far Away" song.

I’ll tell you what, he’s a good guy. He does well in Brazil.

Rob Jones = Who’s Rob Jones? Oh that photographer fuck? Jim Bob:Is that him?

That is him. Fuck you Rob!

Julie Fitzwater = (zips lip)

Vince Neil = I like Vince. Vince is definitely a true rock star. I’m serious. That guy, he’s like non-stop. Ya gotta give him credit.

Jim-Bob: He’s kind of been through it all, he can do what he wants now.

Absolutely, and you know what, he’s been through shit that none of us has been through, so I give Vince all the credit in the world.

Jizzy Pearl = I like Jizzy! He’s a little off the beaten track. Jizzy’s more of a poet than a singer. Which actually I kind of dig… he’s a trippy guy to hang out with, but very interesting.

Billy Morris = Billy Morris is too pragmatic for his own good.


Jani Lane with his Tracii Guns’ inspired mohawk haircut

Below are select questions from Jani Lane’s 3-Wind in 2003.

3. What made you think, getting a Mohawk is a good idea.?

Uh, nothing actually, Tracii Guns was of the guy who kind of talked me into it. So I thought I’d do it for one tour. Tollywood: He’s out doing his own thing with Nikk and the Brides.Yeah, it sounds great! Oh my goodness it’s really good. Yeah, it’s all Tracii’s fault. It started out green and you know, I’ve worked through a few different colors. It’s all Tracii’s fault.

8. Last week, Dee Snider said the following….

Dee Snider rules. But go ahead. I really like Dee. I’m sorry.

?We know what it is and we really want to give people a Twisted Sister like they remember us, not some bastardization. You know, Warrant’s out there and I don’t think one person wants to see Jani Lane with baggy pants and a wallet chain!? What are your thoughts about that?

Gee, I don’t know what to say about that. In all honesty, I just think that Dee is a great guy, and it was a great band and they had a great time for a time. I’m just flattered that he knowsI wear baggy pants and a wallet chain, you know.

9. If reuniting with the original band meant not drinking any alcohol but headlining sheds all Summer long, would you do it?


And do you think you could stop drinking if you really wanted to?

Uh, yeah, I do all the time. And then I always start again.

Tollywood: Here’s a followup question, who has a bettr chance of rejoining Warrant, Joey Allen or Keri Kelli.

Wow! That is so loaded. That is so loaded.(Billy laughs) Uh, neither because Billy Morris is the guitarist for Warrant. Period. End of subject, thank you.(Someone in the background says maybe Joey will see this.) I don?t give a shit.. whatever. I’m just bummed about the Dee Snider thing.

16. There are 17 groupies outside the bus, all but 8 drop to their knees and start blowing various band and crew members. How many are left standing?

I don’t talk to groupies, I talk to fans. Realistically, I went through a period in my life where I thought of people like that but I don’t think that way anymore so if somebody wants to conduct themselves in that fashion, that’s fine, I appreciate it but I have nothing to do with that anymore, whatever.

17. Why is it that only the original members of Warrant get hotel rooms, and Billy and Mike are only given the privilege of using the shower if you wake up early enough so they can before checkout?

First of all, Mike is with Caesar. Billy is with…

Billy: Chris.


Billy: We get rooms.

Yeah, everybody gets rooms. I am the only person who gets their own, but I earned that through years of hell.



Jani Lane giving Metal Sludge some love

21. Time for Metal Sludge?s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Neil Zlozower = One of the most famous photographers in history. Love him. "Make love to the camera baby, you’re a fucking rock star, c’mon! Pretend your dick is out of your pants." Neil will appreciate that.

Billy: Took our last 8 x 10.

J.J. Farris = Ahhh, great guitarist. I haven’t talked to him in a while but great blues guitarist.

Paul Gargano = One of my favorite guys in the world. If he talks shit about me like Dee Snider did I’m going to be really pissed!

Sum 41 = I don’t know ‘em.

Butch Walker = One of my favorite guys on the planet. Great guy, Marvelous 3, well now, lets go back to the 80s, Southgang. Butch has got his shit together, he’s awesome.

Tollywood: I?ll probably get shit for saying this with the people on Sludge, but I think he’s an absolute genius at what he does.

Well he is, and not so much, I mean, I won’t call him a genius as an artist, I’ll call him good, I might even call him great, but I’ll call him a genius as a producer. That guy behind the board is…you know what, you know what, Jerry Finn wishes he was as good as Butch Walker. And that’s sayin’ a lot.

Axl Rose = (long pause) You gotta be kidding me? (Looks around the room) I’ll let that go.

Tollywood: Here’s a followup, two years ago you said that Axl was the rock star that most deserved a smack in the mouth. Anything to eleborate on two years later?

No comment, whatsoever. You know, I’ll never see Axl again and he’ll never see me again, who gives a shit. If we see each other in a club, we’ll see what happens.

Don Dokken = I love Don. I love Don, he’s the greatest. Stupid, lovable, bastard! How else can you put it?

Matthew Nelson =I don’t know who that is.

Tollywood: The Nelsons.

One of the Nelson brothers? Billy: Matthew and Gunnar.

Ricky’s boys, I can’t tell ‘em apart.

Billy: Twins.

Pittsburgh Steelers = suck my cock.

Billy: They’re crap!

Beau Hill = (sighs) Where is he now? Jared Fogel (Subway guy) = Where are you coming up with these names and stuff?

Beau Hill was wonderful and he was very much a part of making me, you know, get someone who people still recognize even though….I’m kinda over the whole thing. But I mean, Beau Hill was amazing. Beau Hill put me on his shoulders. I wouldn’t be a piece of shit without Beau Hill.

But who’s Jared Fogel? Billy:  Isn’t he the Subway guy? That fat guy from Subway.

Do we actually have to talk about Axl Rose? Is he still being talked about?

Billy:He just blew his whole tour off. He didn’t show up for the show.

You gotta be kidding me?

Billy: No, you didn’t hear that? Clear Channel just wiped out the whole tour.

No, you are shittin’ me?

Billy:No, Friday night in Philly, a week ago Friday, he did not show up and they rioted, after the two opening acts played.

I can honestly say as many times as I’ve gone on stage sick, which he knows (referring to Billy) even tonight, I cannot believe a human being can have that much disrespect for the people who want to come out and see him play. Why do they keep coming out to see him play? Billy: They didn?t make the announcement until after the opening acts performed. And everybody is waiting.

You mean the show went on?!
Tollywood:Yea, I think the place was fucking soldout.

Oh and don?t tell me that they rioted.
Billy: Oh yes!

Well I had no idea, no idea. Anyway, no comment about Axl.


Jani Lane with CC Banana doing the Back-4-More in New Jersey

Select questions from Jani Lane’s Back-4-More March 31st 2005

Note: The yellow is now CC Banana asking questions, and Jani answers in white.

3.  What the fuck happened to you on the Bad Boys of Metal Tour last summer, anyway? Everything seemed to be going well and then you went AWOL and dropped off the tour. We’ve heard all kinds of rumors, but we want to hear your side of the story.

Everything was going well? Bullshit!

Oh? This is the first that I’ve heard of it.

Yes. I walked away for, uh… good reasons. Personal and business.

Anything you’d care to share?

Not really. Uhhh… for the fans’ sake, I walked


Jani Lane – Song And Dance Man

5.  Back in the summer of 2003 (when you were still in Warrant), you were sober for most of your tour with Whitesnake. But it was then reported that you fell off the wagon at a club in Ohio and threw up all over the bar.

What happened that night, Mr. Lane?

I did NOT throw up all over the bar.

Did you throw up on part of the bar?


Near the bar? Any throw-up at all?


Anywhere besides Ohio? Another state, maybe?

No. I’m sorry. I have no idea.

NOTE: We’ve heard from numerous reliable sources that Jani did in fact throw up on that bar in Ohio. Maybe he was so drunk that he just forgot.


13.  We’ve all heard about all the crazy shit rock stars do when they’re all fucked up. What’s one of the craziest things you ever did when you were out of your mind on some illegal substance?


(very long pause)

Or a not-so-crazy one, whatever comes to mind.

What comes to mind is, uh… probably sleeping with other people’s wives. I shouldn’t have done that.

That’s pretty crazy.

But I apologized. I always apologized. Always apologized.


Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich

17.  Of the following, which do you prefer and why:

Rikki Rockett or Joey Allen =
Isn’t that the same person?

"Sanford and Son" or "Chico and the Man" =
"Chico and the Man."

Freddie Prince!The Strokes or The White Stripes =
The Strokes. No band without a bass player should ever exist.Yeah! Copy that.

Penthouse or Hustler =
Uhhh… fuck Hustler.

Earth, Wind & Fire or The Commodores =
Wow… ummm… With Lionel Richie or not? That’s a good caveat. Tower of Power, Ohio Players.

Jack Black or Will Ferrell =

"Extreme Makeover" or "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" =
And by the way, Jack Black, fuck you!

hot tubs or saunas =
Ummm… bath tubs. With candles. Choice C. Lots of bubbles. Bubbly!

Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson =
Jesus… neither.

Pringles or pork rinds =

Which snack food do you prefer?


No, that’s terrible. Uhhh… see, I’m going through a divorce. You’re catching me off-guard.

I’m sorry.

Ummm… let’s see… uhhh… snack food… ummm…

C.C. Banana bursts into an uncontrollable fit of the giggles.

I’m sorry. For some reason, it’s just funny to hear you say the words "snack food."

C.C. Banana keeps on giggling like a schoolgirl.

No… pussy.

21.  Time for Word Association. We mention a name – you give us your thoughts.

John Mezacappa =
Uh, very good roadie, shouldn’t have stolen from me.

Mike Fasano =
Love the guy. Did I mention ass?

Jack Russell =
Is one of my heroes.

Gene Simmons =
Oooh… very self-absorbed. Yeah.

Sharon Osbourne =
I have no idea. She shit in a shoebox one time and sent it over to somebody else. She’s wonderful.

Vinnie Taurone =
I don’t know who that is.

Taurone? Vinnie? T-A-U-R-O-N-E?
I don’t know who that is.

NOTE: Vinnie is a former Warrant security guard, among other things.

David Coverdale =
Ohhh… very suave.

Dimebag Darrell =
(long pause) That hurts.

Scott Weiland =
Couldn’t give a fuck less.

Kevin DuBrow =
Ummm… (long pause) will always be Kevin Dubrow.

Stevie Rachelle =
Should hike his balls up and do an interview with me in person.

Less than 2 months after Jani did this interview, he ended up at the same table at Hollywood’s "Rainbow Bar & Grill" with Metal Sludge founder Stevie Rachelle.


Stevie Rachelle & Jani Lane - May 14th 2005

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