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Top 10 Rockers who went from Pin Up to Pile Up!

Top 10 Rockers who went from Pin Up to Pile Up!


David Lee Roth in his prime was the Farrah Fawcett for girls!


Metal Sludge and our legion of die hard Sludgeaholics world wide have given their 2 cents and the votes are officially in. 

We have compiled a list, emphasis on the Pile – of the Top 10 Rockers who went from a Pin Up to Pile Up over the years.

#10.  Udo Dirkschneider of Accept. You might be saying, Pin Up! WTF? Well Udo in the 70s was a spry young blond haired German boy who looked more like Vince Neil than Grandpa Jones. With that said Udo will be 60 on his next birthday so we give him mad props for still rocking and kicking ass!


Udo went from Balls to the Wall to Balls in a Wheell Chair.

#9.  Mike Reno of Loverboy was a Rock God in 1983. He was on the covers of teen magazines as the front man for the Canadian rock quintet that spawned mega hits like "Working for the Weekend" & "Turn Me Looose". But 30 years of back stage deli trays & pizza has added up to more rolls on the waist line than hits on the charts.


Mike Reno went from LOVERBOY to LOVEHANDLES!

#8.  Tim Skold of Shotgun Messiah. Tim Tim went from blond haired pin up in ROCK BEAT to a Halloween model. The Swedish sleaze kings started out as King Pin in the mid 80s but looked more like Tranny Messiah. In the last 10+ years Tim has fully converted to the ghoul look after teaming up with Marilyn Manson.



Tim Skold went from Heartbreak Bolevard to Happy Halloween

#7.  Where do the Down BoysGo was a question many were asking in 1989. Well 20 plus years later, we have the answer. They Go Bald. Joey Allen once had glowing golden locks but that has been replaced with a golden tan on his skull.


Joey Allen of Warrant as a Down Boy who now looks more like a Dome Man.

#6.  Zakk Wylde. It is crazy for us to say that Ozzy Osbourne currently looks more clean, alert and healthy than Zakk does? A health scare in recent years had Zakk in a hospital bed and his drinking was shelved along with his good looks. The bright eyed boy from New Jersey who landed the guitar gig of all gigs has slowly morphed into a Hells Angel.


A golden boy with a guitar, now Zakk looks like a homeless man diggin’ for gold.

#5.  Dokken ryhmes with rockin’ is what they use to say in their initial press release. We’re guessing if Don looked like he did today, back then, people would have thought Dokken rhymed with cookin’. Don still has a lot of his rock voice left, but his hair and waste line left around the same time their last hit single did in the late 80s.


Don Dokken from "Dream Warrior" to "Don’t look in the Mirror"

#4.  Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora was a suave looking tall, dark and handsome addition to the pretty boy singer’s band. He had a great voice to go with extra killer guitar chops. Add to that he landed Heather Locklear. He was a lady killer for sure. Now into his 50s he’s more of a pancake killer with a extra set of double chins.


Richie Sambora "Shot through the Heart" to "You Give Chins A Bad Name"

#3. We have a TIE! And both are members of New York City’s very own KISS!

Ace Frehley is the long time (former) guitarist of KISS. The stories of Ace and his partying ways are legendary. Including 100+MPH car accidents, that along with countless stories of drug & alcohol abuse. Unmasked was the last KISS recording that Ace had much involvement with featuring the all original line up. Then came the reunion in 1995. Now we know why KISS wore so much make up.


Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley went from the Space Ace to Weathered Face.

Paul Stanley of KISS. He has graced more magazine covers and bed room walls than possibly any other rock star to date. Of course that was all in the 70s and 80s. Now he’s months away from his 60th birthday. Paul has had troubles with hair on his head, and gravity in general for a decade or two now. But with KISS money anything is possible to prolong the inevitible. 


Paul Stanley of KISS went from "Lick It Up" to "Wrinkled Up"

#2.  Axl Rose is our runner up. It’s hard to believe that he went from a scrawny Sunset Strip junkie boy playing Gazzarri’s to the Michael Jackson of rock. Even with the entire band dismissed over the years, Axl n’ Roses is still playing to sold out stadiums in many parts of the world. Which clearly has left him with no hunger pains late at nite.


Axl as a starving Hollywood Bad Boy & now a Malibu Millionaire with full fridge

#1.  David Lee Roth was to girls what Farrah Fawcett was to guys in the lates 70s and early 80s. But this sexy stud hit the wall hard. Dave finally cut off what was left of his hair in recent years but still looks creepy. The man has intellect beyond most of the rockers on the planet, but that didn’t stop him from being goofed on for being a goof in the last decade or more.


David Lee Roth went from JUMP to CHUMP!


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