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Axl Rose arrives in Brazil for Rock N’ Rio concert.

Axl Rose arrives in Brazil for Rock N’ Rio concert.


Axl looks a little dumpy in baggy jeans and an XL sweatshirt on arrival.


After months of hibernation, Axl Rose makes first public appearance in Brazil.

Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses played in a virtual downpour at the annual Rock In Rio over the weekend. Fans waited til the wee early morning hours of Monday October 3rd for the October 2nd concert to actually start.

Axl hit the stage at 2:45AM local time, in a yellow rain coat, red head band and red microphone cover. At first glance, it appeared as though we were witnessing Ronald McDonald fronting Guns N’ Roses. But upon hearing that trademark screech – all were happy to see it indeed was Axl Rose. Or McAxl.


So there is no confusion, Axl is on the left, Ron is on the right.

The show kicked off with "Chinese Democracy" and then Axl Rose addressed the crowd. "Good evening, good morning. Please bear with us and give us a little second here to figure out what to do about not falling on our asses." McAxl then said: "I’m gonna try to focus on singing rather than running around like an idiot. I’m better at being an idiot. We want everybody to be careful."


Axl early in the set before he was soaked to the bone like a cat in a hurricane!

McAxl or McIdiot, we like the first as it goes with last nights attire.

McAxl really shines through around the 7 minute mark during "Sorry"

Check out a few more clips here > "Patience" – "Estranged" – "November Rain"

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