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The Top 10 Feuds In Rock n’ Metal History

The Top 10 Feuds In Rock n’ Metal History


Was this the classic feud that started it all?


The Top 10 Feuds In Rock n’ Metal History

By Metal Sludge

In the history of Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal there have been many feuds. This stuff starts out at the local band level, and grows like a weed. These are usually fueled by ego first. Add to that gallons of alcohol, jealous women and of course – drugs. In some cases, a combination of all 3. Most of this is tit for tat as in, tits vs: tattoos, and everything in between. It’s like a adult (but not in a mature way) game of ‘I know you are but what am I?’. Essentially a war of words. In the end, the fans, the press and the rest of their comrades all watch from the sidelines. It’s almost like sport if you will and makes for good entertainment.

So, here we go with Metal Sludge’s Top 10 Feuds!


#10. Great White Vs: Jack Russell’s Great White

This feud is brand new, but seems to be the start of quite a war. In the last year Great White have enlisted multiple name singers to front the band replacing their classic voice – Jack Russell. Rumor and reports from the band and Russell himself; noted horrible addictions and serious health issues. Jani Lane took Jack’s spot for a brief period, and many found this to be a very ironic choice, as Lane himself was battling brutal demons (RIP Jani Lane). Also in the fold have been former Rough Cutt & one-time Quiet Riot singer Paul Shortino. Now the band has stabailzed in recent months with current frontman Terry Llous (XYZ) but a recent press release from Jack Russell himself boasts "Jack is back". Shocking to many, it’s with an all new Great White line-up. The band fired back hard with their own press release listing everything from "crack coccaine habits" to Jack having a colostomy bag and near death scenarios. In short, they have told the public, "Jack Russell has let down his band and fans. His addictions have ruined his life." This feud is off and running and it appears that Great White really wants to "Stick It" to Jack!

GWeatCUVwhite.jpg TOPLIST1_136377472_n.jpg

Great White Vs: Jack Russell’s Great White

#9. Anthrax Vs: Dan Nelson

This one is also fairly recent but could easily be Anthrax Vs: Everyone Who Ever Sang In The Band. But we’ll single out Dan Nelson. Why? Because he recently went next level on them and filed a 2.65M dollar lawsuit against the band. This drama has multiple crazy sides to the story. The band says “He quit!” Dan says: “They fired me!” And sources close to the band alleged, that Nelson actually took a shit on another members back while he was asleep. We cannot confirm or deny this, but wow – talk about a shitty situation. Add to this, Dan is a big guy, and most of Anthrax could have very well named the band The Metal Dwarfs! This is probably the reason why Charlie Benante said: "He’s a big bully." Looks like they better call the whaaaambulance. Oh well. Anthrax has fought through a lot of turmoil over the years. Like; being the bottom of the Big 4 and playing musical chairs with singers. They also fought that horrible disease and envelopes full of white powder. Now a guy who allegedly shit on them – wants 2 million bucks. Looks like they are really "Caught in the Mosh".


Anthrax Vs: Dan Nelson


 #8. LA Guns Vs: LA Guns

This has become somewhat of a legendary feud. Founding member, and lead guitarist Tracii Guns heads up one branch of the brand, while Steve Riley (drums) and Phil Lewis – the voice of the group run the other. It’s a well documented battle as the majority of this Bitch is Back-Fest has taken place since the internet became a way of life. It’s kind of like a gang of middle school boys fighting on the play ground. The latest news is one of the boys was now a girl, but that didn’t last too long. That girl (Dilana) is now gone and the marriage to Tracii’s LA Guns lasted 72 days. That’s 1 day shorter than the Kardashian bafoonery. According to Wikipedia the band has been home to more than 40 members. If they toured as a 4 piece – that’s enough for 10 LA Guns line-ups! God have mercy on our souls, two is enough. In recent years the band (more on Tracii’s end) has went through more employees then the third shift at a all night sex shop. No one wants to stick around as there is always a mess to clean up.


Phil Lewis & LA Guns Vs: Tracii Guns & LA Guns


#7. Kid Rock  Vs: Tommy Lee

This feud went 1 short round live for all to see and it took place during Kid Rock’s phenomenal boom. The small town Michigan kid was still carrying a lunch box when Tommy Lee was sticking his horse meat in glam groupies all over the planet. Somewhere along the way Lee gave Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson a taste of the super sausage – and wedding bells rang. But like all things in the Motley Crue world; alcohol, drugs and other boob jobs caused a conflict. Shortly after Kid was swooning Pam with his rap money while Tommy was just learning to rap. A few heated exchanges in the press and soon they were face to face. Robert James Ritchie (Kid Rock’s real name) straight up bitch slapped drummer boy at a MTV event for all to see. Basically T-Bone got T-Owned by the kid who can rock (and rap). Pam was surely the cause of this drama. Silly chicks, always fucking shit up. Note to Tommy, Dude tucking your wang between your legs in that video definitely showed a femme side. Should have just stuck to bonking that beaver and honking the boat.


Kid Rock Vs: Tommy Lee


#6. Sebastian Bach Vs: Skid Row

What can be said about Sebastian Bach that hasn’t already been said. The guy is a killer singer, great frontman, and use to look like Cindy Crawford. Baz and his pin up looks took a tumble as he neared 40 and started looking more like Meatloaf than the Mudkicker. But since his divorce, he seems to have shed some pounds and is back on the chain gang. As for his other divorce (from former band Skid Row in 1996) well, they have been going about their monkey business with Johnny Solinger out front for 15 years now. Same band, same guys, same songs, same logo. However, over the year Bach has taken countless shots at them, and seems to grow angrier every time an interviewer asks about his old group. His reply is usually about not wanting to live in the past and he cannot stand being labeled with those "hairbands". This is always a good laugh as his live set is 75% of the Skid Row catalog that his former band wrote and his most recent tours were with Guns N’ Roses, Poison and LA Guns. Go figure.


Sebastian Bach Vs: Skid Row


#5.  Vince Neil Vs: Axl Rose

This was a huge deal back in the early 90s, even MTV covered this. Interviews with both challenged each other to a fight. But sadly that never happened. Sports announcer Marv Albert even picked Axl to be a early round favorite by TKO. Could you imagine if it had been scheduled. Vince would have been in the ring, with 20 thousand fans watching him bounce around while everyone waited for 3 hours for Axl to leave his dressing room. Our guess, is it would have been more like a Foxxy Boxing match rather than a UFC fight. These two guys have had so much money, so much power, and so many yes man – they wouldn’t know how to make a fist unless someone did it for them.


Vince Neil Vs: Axl Rose


#4. Metallica Vs: Dave Mustaine

This thing has a 30 year history and started when Dave auditioned and joined Metallica in 1981. Lars & James heard him warming up, and were so impressed they gave him the job on the spot. But that was short lived when they booted his ass from the band in April of 1983. They woke him up, kicked him out of the band while still in New York, then put him on a greyhound back to the west coast. They claimed that Dave was abusing drugs, alcohol, and had an "overly" aggressive behavior. All resulting in violence. One such incident alleges that Hetfield kicked Mustaine’s dog, and Dave then attacked James. In the long run, Metallica would become the biggest band on the planet. Megadeth had success as well, and Dave ain’t broke – but the analogy is Metallica = MacDonalds and Megadeth = Weinerschitzel. The band even did therapy with Dave in "Some Kind Of Monster" where Dave is still butt hurt over this 25 years later. We say, get over it angry man.


Metallica plaque for selling 30 Million Vs: Megadeth plaque for going Gold!



#3. Paul & Gene Vs: Ace & Peter

The band KISS has become the most recognized music brand on the planet. And over a period of nealry 4 decades the band has continued to be dominated by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The glory years for KISS included Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, but it soon became evident that they were destined to fall. Within the first decade of the bands existence, both found themselves out of the group. Gene & Paul continued on with great success – minus the terror twins who found themselves fending off drug problems, rehab and car crashes. For this, the KISS feud makes #3 on our list. Anyone wanna buy a Kiss Koffin?


Paul & Gene Vs: Ace & Peter

#2. Axl Rose Vs: Slash

Axl & Slash are the Phineas & Ferb of rock n’ roll – who are also English born like the top hatted one. But unlike the cartoon characters, these guys are real life. Guns N’ Roses had true life battles with drug addiction, alcohol, super model turmoil and the band seemed to implode as fast as they exploded. Axl referred to Slash as "cancer" in a 2009 interview and Slash responded in 2010. Then in 2011 Slash said the reunion is only "An apology away." Now the band has been slated to enter the rock n’ roll Hall of Fame in April 2012. Now everyone is asking: "What’s gonna happen? Who’s gonna be there? And will they play together?" But the real question is; who was Perry the Platypus? Duff, Izzy or Steven?


Axl Rose & Slash


#1. Van Halen Vs: Dave / Sammy / Michael

Just when everyone was about to cheer the return of Van Halen a few years back, they had to go leave Mike hanging. Sure Wolfie is a great kid, but many die hards are still scratching their heads and asking "Huh! Where is Michael Anthony?" It should come as no surprise as similar scenarios played out over deacades – first with David Lee Roth, then with Sammy Hagar. Dave went "solo" on April Fool’s Day in 1985 and Van Hagar was born. The war of words seemed to never end between Eddie and his original frontman until they reunited again in 2007. A similar jawing happened when Sammy parted ways in the summer of 1996. He claims he was fired, while Eddie says Sammy quit. Crazy as it seems – in 2002 David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar actually toured together as a double bill. All the while, Van Halen sat idle from activity – outside of a short stint again with Hagar in 2003 and of course that trainwreck that was Van Halen III with singer Gary Cherone. Now it seems as though it’s Michel Anthony’s turn to be the butt end of Van Halen.

Everyone is sure to love Wolfie, afterall he is the son of a guitar legend. And he could be an interesting addiion during part of the show but to simply replace Mike with his son, has many fans left empty for the true reunion. And let’s not forget about Sammy and his new project with Michael, Chickenfoot. This seems to have those guys busy anyway, but fans are still wondering, will there ever be an authentic Van Halen reunion. The question will have to be asked again later, as for now it’s hours from New Years Eve and a brand new promo video for Van Hallen in 2012 just hit the web. And it’s all Dave, Eddie, Alex & no Michael for now.


Eddie & Alex Van Halen Vs: Dave & Sammy & Michael

So as we enter a new year, it looks like the Rock N’ Roll feud continues…

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