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“EX WIVES ROCK” the next trainwreck reality rock show?

"EX WIVES ROCK" the next trainwreck reality rock show?


Sharise Neil, Bobbie Brown, Susan Blue Ashley, Athena Lee Kottak


By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge contributor

HOLLYWOOD — Get ready for a new TV reality show, and this one should fit right in with the tastes of Metal Sludge loyalists: EX WIVES ROCK, a promising production that follows the lives of divorcees Bobbie Brown (ex-Jani Lane, ex-Tommy Lee), Athena Lee (ex-James Kottak of Scorpions and sister of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee), Susan Dixon (ex-Jerry Dixon of Warrant) and last, but certainly not least, Sharise Neil (ex-Vince Neil).

The show is co-produced by Lorraine Lewis, a rock star in her own right back in the day as the super hot frontwoman for ex-MCA actFemme Fatale.

A deal has been signed with Canadian network Slice – “They’re kind of the Bravo network of Canada,” Lewis said – and the plan is for the show to first run in the Great White North this coming spring before hopefully moving on to a U.S. market.

The filming has been completed with plans for 14 episodes, though the name might change and there is still a long way to go in terms of putting each installment together. However, a trailer to the trailer and some photos have been circulating on the Net, and EX WIVES ROCK looks like it’s going to be compelling in a trainwreck/Rock of Love sort of way.

After some prodding, Lewis agreed to let Metal Sludge in on some exclusive details, and you can tell she is bubbling with excitement even though everyone is telling the four co-stars to keep things quiet for now – though Lee did manage to grant a recent interview you can see at Legendary Rock Interviews HERE

“It hasn’t been easy. It’s taken 2 ½ years to sell it, but it got done,” Lewis said. “The cast is amazing. These four are over-the-top. They’re kicking ass. They’re bad-ass motherfuckers, and there are some good stories they’re telling.”

Jani Lane dies during the filming of one of the episodes, so of course that’s going to be dramatic.

Technically, Lee’s divorce has not been finalized, but the rest are single and ready to mingle.

“The commonality is they were all married to rock stars, and they have some similar stories of their own,” Lewis said. “In reality, it’s four women who’ve known each years for years through rock n’ roll, and they’re bonded together and have put their lives back together.

“They’re kicking ass, and that’s what the show is about. I mean, it’s awesome they were married to these guys, but that’s not the only focus of the show.”

The girls were filming at the Rainbow a few weekends ago, so the Sunset Strip is tied in closely. It’s unclear if Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, James Kottak or even Jerry Dixon are involved at all, and Lewis is playing her cards close to her vest.

“You’ll have to watch the show. It’s all a secret right now,” Lewis said.

Here’s a capsule look at the four women:


Bobbie Brown says she gets her body from "Sex!"

Bobbie Brown – Perhaps the most famous video vixen of all-time as the “Cherry Pie” girl, Brown has been riding her 15 minutes of fame for a long time. She’s probably the most well-known celebrity in the batch.


Susan Blue Ashley says: "Of the four of us, I’m the most together"

Susan Blue Ashley– You might remember her as Susan Ashley, one of the hosts of the old show “Remote Control” on MTV back in the day. She appears to have a love for plastic surgery.


Athena Lee says: "I’m happily divorcing James Kottak."

Athena Lee – Lee has been circling the Hollywood music scene for decades, first in the late 1980s as a teenage drummer for the all-girl rock band Hardly Dangerous and later as co-leader of Krunk with Kottak.


Sharise Neil "I was married to Vince Neil, he’s a cheater."

Sharise Neil – The former mud wrestler married well as the second of Vince Neil’s four wives, tying the knot in 1987 and leaving in 1993 – prime years for Motley Crue’s success.


Check out the "Ex Wives Rock" trailer on Vimeo right HERE

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