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The Top Ten 4 Letter Rock Band Logos of All-Time!

Top Ten 4 Letter Rock Band Logos of All Time!


The Devil Horns A Universal Rock Metal Hand Sign


What’s in a name? Or better yet – what’s in a rock band name or logo? Hard to say, but over the years we’ve seen some crazy names come and go. Some weird bands name at first made us think WTF?

Quiet Riot, Motley Crue & Twisted Sister from the early 80s. Then we had LA Guns, Guns N’ Roses & Faster Pussycat from the mid 80s. Then into the mid 90s we got Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park & Puddle of Mudd. Some of these broke ground, and many followed in their foot steps.

However, there is an old saying. That saying is, "Keep It Simple Stupid." In other words KISS!

Some bands have adopted this, and kept their name, short and to the point.

Gene Simmons of KISS was once quoted about seeing AC/DC at the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood. "I look at a bands name, and if a kid can write it on their school folder, that is a good thing. I saw the name AC/DC on the marquee, and thought – hmm, that is simple."

Gene is correct, and we’ve compiled 10 popular 4 letter rock band names and logos!

Check it out.

#10. VAIN


#9. TUFF


#8. TSOL


#7. W.A.S.P.


#6. RATT


#5. KORN


#4. RUSH


#3. OZZY



#2. AC/DC



#1. KISS

KISS is possibly the most recognized rock band logo on the planet.



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