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CC Banana longtime Sludgeaholic & Comic RIP.

CC Banana longtime Sludgeaholic & Comic RIP.


Bobby & Zakk Dall, CC Banana & CC DeVille


It’s with a heavy Sludge heart that we are reporting that a longtime friend of the Metal Sludge family CC Banana has left us for the big fruit bowl in the sky.

Sad to say, but it’s true. CC Banana (real name Anthony) according to some friends close to him – have confirmed he’s gone, and it’s rumored that he has taken his own life. 

Crazy as it may seem, CC says his goodbye in the following post from his Facebook last nite.

Xanadu has been breached, my friends.

Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the vultures and jackals.

No more past. No more future. Both have been taken away.

If only those who knew less didn’t always think they knew better.

It took just one year of Hell to undo a lifetime of hope.

I am too lost to be found and too broken to be fixed.

Let the Monday morning quarterbacking begin.

Anthony John Confessore

PS: Kudos to my sister Valerie Swift, my niece Kristin Margetis and my nephew Gregory Confessore for orchestrating the above. Please pray for my mother Mavis, for she is now in their care.

CC Banana was a Sludgeaholic who interviewed dozens of celebrities for Metal Sludge over the years and created a unique character that he had become infamous for.


CC Banana & KISS

We send our best to all of AJ’s close family and friends.

RIP CC Banana.

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