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Queensryche’s Geoff Tate to Rocklahoma “You guys suck”

Geoff Tate of Queensryche tells Rocklahoma crowd "You guys suck!"


"You only live once. This is all there is. This is your chance." Geoff Tate


Geoff Tate to Rocklahoma, "You guys suck!"

Posted by Metal Sludge writer JaGeoff

Queensryche have been in the news a little lately, but not for all the right reasons. Yesterday the band headlined the Sunday line up of the annual Rocklahoma music festival. Singer Geoff Tate didn’t seem to like the crowds reaction as they finished up a song, so he told the crowd:
"My God. This is Rocklahoma huh? I think we played here 2 years ago. I think it may be a different crowd though – you guys suck. I am serious." Geoff Tate

The crowd should feel lucky it wasn’t worse. They got off easy compared to reports that have surfaced since the bands shows last month in South America. According to sources, the band is on its last legs after an alledged knife incident in Brazil involving Tate & fellow band members Michael Wilton (guitarist)  and Scott Rockenfield (drummer). It is rumored that Tate got physical and actually pulled a knife. Security had to stop the madness, this according to sources from the event. More on that at Metal Talk.

Check out a video clip from HDNet of Geoff’s excellent attitude.

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