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Bang Tango plan to release Documentary late 2012.

Bang Tango plan to release Documentary late 2012.


Bang Tango plan to release band Documentary fall 2012.

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Hollywood — The hair genres bastards of funk metal Bang Tango are at it again. This time they are promoting a band Documentary due out in late 2012. The band is fronted by the only original member Joe LeSte (vocalist) who had a death scare back in 2009 while on tour. Joe was rushed to the hospital while in Chicago just as he was ready to take the stage at the Porland Theatre. But thankfully Joe has fully recovered and Bang Tango have been touring more than ever. Late last year, Bang Tango put out their 6th studio effort with "Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt" (78 Productions) and are on the road this summer.

The group have released two official singles off their latest with "Live Life" which hit youtube in November 2011 and in January of this year the band issued "I Like It".

A review on Sleazroxx says: "Bang Tango isn’t your average hair band though. They adventurously mixed funk and metal, creating this amazing bass-heavy sound which set them apart as innovators rather than just another clone of the popular genre. Pure and simple, Bang Tango is a group of road warriors who live life on the road and their brand new album Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt captures their spirited passion for rock ‘n’ roll."

After months on the road (again) it seems the band has a video camera on hand as well. A quick look at these two trailers for the Documentary (Director Drew Fortier) and it looks like the guys are filming everything from the shows, to girls, drinking and of course the band members using the toilet.


To check out Part #1 of the official trailer for the Documentary go HERE!

To check out Part #2 go HERE!

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