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Bret Michaels, is he the Rock n’ Roll Frankenstein?

Bret Michaels, is he just the real life Operation game?


Bret Michaels, the Rock n’ Roll Frankenstein.





Bret Michaels list of life long injuries headband to toe!

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Poison frontman Bret Michaels is no stranger to accidents and injury. It seems like Bret has released more medical reports and health updates than music in recent years. With that said, Bret tweeted a image of himself with a graphic that looks more like a road map. Or shall we say, the game Operation.

The message below the above image states the following:

A list of all the ailments Bret Michaels has had, yet he is still rocking! Check out how he is inspiring others to live healthier on GoodChime. #health #fitness #celeb www.goodchime.com…

Operation Frankenstein is more like it. Bret has been sewn up, stiched up, beat up and Unskinny Bop’d all over for nearly 30 years. And that wasn’t even counting the time his Sister Michelle drove the red wagon into his leg as a little boy. click HERE to see an enlarged version of Bret’s medical breakdown headband to toe!


                                 Bret Michaels, Is there a board game in his future?

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