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Jack Russell: “The band is so completely changed with that singer (Terry Ilous). It’s blasphemous.”

Jack Russell: "The band is so completely changed with that singer. It’s blasphemous."


Jack Russell on Great White with Terry Ilous "
It’s blasphemous."


Jack Russell on Great White with Terry Ilous on vocals,  "It’s blasphemous." On Quiet Riot "Put a fork in it!"

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Domonic Rini and Michael Strong of the "Maximum Threshold" show recently conducted an interview with JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE frontman Jack Russell. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

On where his lawsuit against his former GREAT WHITE bandmates over the rights to the band’s name currently stands:

Jack: "I was the president of the corporation. On December 10 [of 2011], I told them I was taking the name and moving on. In other words, [I said to them], ‘You’re fired.’ And so now we’re just waiting for the court to go through the process and it’ll be then. They can say whatever they want, as they have. They keep changing their story. One day [they say] I quit, the next they [they say] they fired me, the next day it’s something else. The bottom line is they have nothing except, ‘Jack‘s a bad guy, so they say.’ The fact is that I’m the president of Great White Productions, I’m the president of Shark Touring, which is the last company the band toured under. And that’s my company. And when I said I was taking the name and moving on, that means, ‘You’re not working for Shark Touring anymore. You’re fired and I’m taking the name.’ So they just don’t like to be fired [laughs], you know what I mean?! And I get it — I understand why they’re fighting for this thing. I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, I probably would, too. . . They keep saying, ‘Oh, we’re gonna make you look bad we’re gonna embarrass you.’ It’s like, ‘Go ahead. Give it your best shot. I’ve been embarrassed before — a lot. I’m sure I’ll be embarrassed again."

On GREAT WHITE‘s recently released album, "Elation", featuring Jack‘s "replacement," Terry Ilous of XYZ fame:

Jack: "They don’t sound bad. How could they? I mean, these are guys that I played with for 30 years. I didn’t play with those guys because they were slouches. But the sound of the band is so completely changed with that singer. And it’s not like it’s a singer that’s remotely in league with what I did as a vocalist for 30 years. It’s blasphemous."

On how it feels like to still be performing GREAT WHITE songs after so many years:

Jack: "I’m enjoying this stuff more now than I have in years — just because I’m in a situation where it’s not as toxic as it used to be. And I’m not saying it’s… It’s everybody’s fault. There’s a lot more people involved in that than just my ex-members. I [would] say it’s everybody’s fault; we all had a part in that, in that relationship. I wanna believe that at one point these guys were my real friends, but it’s hard to look back now, with what happened, without questioning that — whether they really were and whether this just always was about money."

Jack goes on and comments on other bands with similar singer issues.

Jack Russell on Quiet Riot: "That’s just a whole weird thing to me. Put a fork in it really! It’s so far removed ya know. Without Kevin how can you have Quiet Riot?"

Jack Russell on LA Guns:
"I have nothing against Tracii Guns. But I do feel that the name with Phil Lewis is where it belongs. When I hear LA Guns I think of Phil Lewis’ voice."

Jack Russell on Guns N’ Roses:"Well Guns N’ Roses, yeah the name went with Axl, cause that (Axl) is the voice."

Jack Russell on Queensryche without Geoff Tate: "That’s just wrong. The only reason that’s going that way is because there was a corporation. And there were 3 guys that own 25% and Geoff only owns 25%. So, you’ve got 75% versus 25%. I feel bad for Geoff."

Jack Russell on Warrant:
"I get it, they gotta make a living and stuff like that. But their whole thing went down before Jani (Lane) passed away."

Jack Russell on Van Halen:
"The Van Hagar thing, that was really good. But it wasn’t Van Halen, they should have called it Van Hagar. They should have changed the name."

The full article and a audio clip can be found at Blabbermouth

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