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“Ex-Wives of Rock” to premiere on the SLICE channel.

"Ex-Wives of Rock" to premiere on the Slice channel!


Ready or not here they come. Sharise, Bobbie, Blue & Athena are "Ex-Wives of Rock"


What has 8 tits, 4 heads of blond hair and a hairband train wreck or two – behind them

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EX-WIVES OF ROCK chronicles the highs and lows of the glamorous L.A. lives of four women who have led the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll life… and have survived to reinvent themselves.

Through the narration of Shannon Tweed (wife of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons), the series follows video vixen Susan Dixon (ex-wife of Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon), Cherry Pie rock goddess Bobbie Brown (ex-wife of Warrant frontman Jani Lane), drummer and Tommy Lee’s sister, Athena Lee (ex-wife of Scorpions drummer James Kottak) and Sharise Neil (ex-wife of Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil).

Throughout each episode, you will see all sides of the four ex-wives: the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll witness family drama, messed up love lives and friendships crash and burn. We’ll see the glamorous red carpet events, the seedy rock clubs, the fabulous hotel lunches and the quiet dinners at home.

Being ‘hair band groupies’ is far in the past for these now late-thirties, early-forties ladies; but that doesn’t mean their rock ‘n’ roll days are over. Their journey begins where one life has ended and another one has just begun. They are Mothers. Business Owners. Partiers. And ladies of the L.A. lifestyle.


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Watch the TRAILER for "Ex-Wives of Rock"

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