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Frankie Banali to LA Promoter: “Julian, you are not 2Pac Shakur.”

Frankie Banali to LA Promoter: "Julian, you are not 2Pac Shakur."


"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something." Frankie Banali



"When it comes to defending QUIET RIOT, I’m the motherfucker that’s always been up to the task and I know Kevin is smiling." Frankie Banali

Posted By: Metal Sludge

Los Angeles, CA — What do 2Pac Shakur, Winston Churchill and Quiet Riot have in common? We’re not sure either. But if you read on, you might be able to tie it altogether.

The following is more wreckage from the recent Julian "Mr. 80’s" Douglas (LA Promoter) interview HERE. Metal Sludge ran this late last week and it seems to have turned an ear or two. The most recent incoming is a response from QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali. In short Banali takes his position seriously, and covers all bases.


Although on the one hand I’m hesitant to add even one minute to a person’s fifteen minutes of fame, this is the exception because there is so little truth in the statements made by Mr. Julian Douglas with regards to QUIET RIOT in his interview where he claims the following:

"Douglas: Oh, every show I do. I remember doing Quiet Riot this one time at the Brixton South Bay, and the band was also playing the Coach House (in Orange County) and Canyon Club (in the Valley) the same weekend. The Coach House and Canyon Club ended up being packed, and we had maybe 125 people. The Brixton lost its ass that night, I lost my ass that night, and it was expensive because Quiet Riot was getting $7,500 or $10,000, and with 100 people in the club, you do the math. You’re up shit creek."

Firstly, we never played the Coach House. The actual dates were The Brixton/February 3, The Canyon Club/February 4, and The Galaxy Theater/February 5, 2011.

Secondly, he quotes dollar amounts that are not accurate because he was the not the promoter who was contracted, he did not send the deposit, he did not do the settlement and therefore he had no financial hand in the event and did not lose his ass, or be "up shit creek" as he so colorfully stated. This is fact, he is not on or part of the contract. He was never remotely involved in the financial end of any of our shows, ever. 

I did contact Julian to find out why he would disclose incorrect numbers as fact as though he would somehow be privy to them. Also, the amount of a band’s guarantee is private information that no actual promoter would disclose in the first place since that is the kiss of death in this industry. He first claimed that it was taken out of context over a three hour interview saying "Sludge took 3 hours of an interview and spit that out" only to shortly afterwards claim that the interview was done over just ten minutes "I’m just sorry they took a 10 minute conversation and put a small paragraph piecing their view together." He also continued to blame Metal Sludge and the interviewer by stating "you know that’s what Metal Sludge does" while not taking any responsibility for his remarks. In effect, he danced more than Michael Jackson did in his entire career.

In this "open letter" he lies even more, and is merely attempting to bask in his self inflated importance. He states: "I should of never disclosed money information for example, as that is info I’m privy to and not something the public needs to know about." Again, he in fact is NOT privy to our financial information, if he were, one would think he would know the correct amount, which he does not. He wasn’t the promoter.

He is trying to milk the displeasure he caused to some by his inconsideration by posting on his Facebook page comments such as, and I quote. "….I don’t want to put her in harms way with drive by’s aimed at me thanks to my article…." Julian, you are not 2Pac Shakur.

Of course, I know I run the risk of the usual banter because I spoke out about this, but when it comes to defending QUIET RIOT, I’m the motherfucker that’s always been up to the task and I know Kevin is smiling. I like Julian, but he’s not only out of line, he crossed the line.

With everything that has been said about QUIET RIOT over three decades, I’ve always lived by a quote from Winston Churchill: "You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Frankie Banali / Quiet Riot

Editors note: Gerry Gittelson conducted a standard 30-40 minute phone interview with Julian Douglas. The transcription from the interview was then then approved by Douglas in an email before the interview ran – including the part about singing for Silent Rage.

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