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Steve Summers teams up with original Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Aeriel Stiles to debut NEW song!

Steve Summers to debut NEW Pretty Boy Floyd music on Halloween.


Steve "Sex" Summers



Steve "Sex" Summers teams up with original guitarist Aeriel Stiles for NEW Pretty Boy Floyd song!

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Updated: As promised Steve "Sex" Summers has delivered his new music. But with a few small changes. First he has leaked his new Pretty Boy Floyd track "All Gods Evils" a day earlier than promised. And secondly, the track features original Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Aeriel Stiles.

For anyone who has followed the bands career they will recall Stiles was the original guitarist who after some lengthy lawsuits was named the writer of the majority of the bands 1989 MCA Records debut release "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz".

In a Metal Sludge exclusive 20 questions HERE with Steve "Sex" Summers back in 2003 the singer had the following to say about the bands history with Stiles.

2. Let’s cut to the chase. What was the truth behind the songwriting lawsuit against Pretty Boy Floyd soon after your MCA debut came out in 1989 from former member (guitarist) Aerial Stiles who claimed he wrote your songs?

Man, who cares? In the industry there are always lawsuits of some sort about songs. Basically Aerial wrote some songs before we met him, and then we wrote some songs together with him. Then when we moved on with Kristy, we wrote some songs with him. I’m assuming since we became popular so fast, and signed to a Major label within 1 year, he expected more credit than agreed upon. That was the first of many lawsuits. It’s amazing who comes out once you start making money. The situation was resolved with Aerial, we even ended up playing together again from 91 to 94 in Floyd once Kris departed.

A few weeks back the Pretty Boy Floyd frontman and founder tweeted he would release the new music on Halloween – but it looks like Halloween Eve it is.

To hear "All Goods Evil" by Pretty Boy Floyd go to youtube HERE!

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Hollywood, CA –  After a few months of silence Steve “Sex” Summers has something to say. “Hey people, are you ready for some NEW Pretty Boy Floyd?”

The Pretty Boy Floyd front man and founder is set to debut the brand new song “All Gods Evils” on Halloween. Summers describes the new track as;  “Imagine the double bass from Motley Crue’s Red Hot, add in a pinch of Looks That Kill and sprinkle on some Murderdolls.”


The only member to play every Pretty Boy Floyd show since its inception says he will announce shows soon that he hopes will play before year’s end, with a whole new line up of players.

"The band has went through its ups and downs over the years, but one thing has always remained. And that is ME as the bands voice. That is never gonna change." says Summers.

Aside from being in the studio, it looks like the Glam God has also been offloading some classic Pretty Boy Floyd stage clothes in recent months on eBay.


There is an auction up now for the above tour jacket right HERE.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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