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Don Dokken: “I can’t picture Geoff Tate’s Queensryche with Bobby Blotzer on drums.”

Don Dokken: "I just can’t picture Queensryche with Bobby Blotzer on drums."


Don Dokken talks about Geoff Tate and Bobby Blotzer



Don Dokken says: "I just can’t picture Queensryche and Geoff Tate with Bobby Blotzer on drums. That just doesn’t jive for me."

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Eddie Trunk Show — In a call in interview with Eddie Trunk last month Don Dokken spoke about the Queensryche situation. Below is part of the exchange between Dokken and Trunk.

Don Dokken: "I was on their bus. And you know when you’re on a bus, with the band, and people, amd managers, and wives – you get to see it all and you get to know all the dirt. You get to see all the inside scoop. All I can say is what’s happened now is no surprise to me."

Eddie Trunk ads: "A lot of people feel that way. A lot of people who truly were on the inside are not shocked at what happened."

Don Dokken continues: "I know why it all went down but it’s not my place to say. It’s not my business. It’s Queensryche’s business, but it was inevtible. And it’s a shame because Geoff Tate is a awesome singer, but I just can’t picture Queensryche with Geoff Tate with Bobby Blotzer on drums. That just doesn’t jive for me."

Eddie Trunk adds the following: "I am surprised that Geoff Tate did that. I don’t really see that working."

The Queensryche split seemed to start with what many wrote off as "rumors" earlier in the spring of this year. Metal Sludge was one of the first to report on an ‘incident’ in South America that seemed to be the beginning of the end. It got uglier when Geoff Tate told Queensryche’s Roklahoma crowd "You guys suck". It appeared Tate was less than happy with the crowd response to the bands headline performance at the annual festival.

In the months that followed it went to a new level when Tate was fired by his former bandmates. The band quickly announced their new voice as Todd La Torre from Crimson Glory.

A statement from Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield stated the following: ""We want our fans to know that we hoped to find a common resolution, but in the end parting ways with Geoff Tate was the best way for everyone to move forward in a positive direction."

Both sides have filed lawsuits, counter suits and in short – there are 2 Queensryche bands for now.

Stay tuned for more.

To hear the full interview go HERE

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