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Sebastian Bach chooses beauty over booze & talks about who is holding up Skid Row reunion.

Sebastian Bach on Eddie Trunk talks about everything.


Sebastian Bach, "I heard back from everybody but Rachel Bolan."



Sebastian Bach talks about choosing his girlfriend over drinking & says the Skid Row reunion is being held up by "One Dude" (Rachel Bolan).

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Eddie Trunk ShowSebastian Bach went on the Eddie Trunk radio show this past week and talked about a whole gang of stuff.

While at a recent Duff McKagan show Bach had a ‘run-in’ / ‘personal reunion’ with Skid Row co-founder Dave "Snake" Sabo. The two had not been in each other’s presence for 16 years according to the voice of the bands glory years. What followed after that run in at the "Viper Room" in Hollywood was a bunch of fan cries for a Skid Row reunion. It was fueled by Bach’s tweets and Facebook posts and of course some pics of him and Snake together.

Last week in a brand new Metal Rules interview HERE ‘Snake’ talked about that nite.

"I’m not going to beat myself about the head over it and I’m not going to push for it or whatever it’s like if little things present themselves in a way that – that’s its conducive and everybody wants to do it then that’s something to talk about but right now it’s a non-issue."

A few excerpts from the Eddie Trunk radio interview are noted below.

On 2 new projects:

Bach says: "This week I am announcing two gigantic projects."

On his record deal with Frontiers Records:

Bach says: "I have a record deal on the table, from Frontiers. They (Frontiers) say  ‘just turn it in whenever you got 13 songs that you love’,but –  for me I am super critical of what I put my name on. It all has to sound really amazing to me. As soon as I have 13 new tunes, I am doing a new record. A new solo record."

On Quitting Drinking:

Eddieasks; "How many days?" has it been that he (Sebastian) hadn’t had a drink, and Bach says: "Um, 17 in a row. I had one slip up. And before that slip up. It was 10 days, so, it’s like 27 days with one slip up."

Bach adds; "I am in love with this girl. And she drinks. Not a lot. Umm..This is hard to talk about. But I have been partying my whole life. And a couple of things happened, that shocked me. Two things specifically. My drummer, of my solo band – Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell died. At the age, of…well he wasn’t even 50. He was my best drinking buddy."

Bach continues with; "Even more heavy to me, than other musicians and stuff. I got this girl that I am so into. I’m like 6’4", I’m a big dude. And she’s like, ‘Sebastian you can’t drink anymore’. And I’m like why? She goes, ‘Cause you’re so big, you’re scary. You’re like in my face, spitting in my face, and your arms are all over the place. Your loud." And she goes, "I think you’re gonna get in a fight. Or get hurt. Or get in a car crash or go to jail." And she’s like; "You can either keep doing that (drinking) or you can be with me and not do that." And I have totally chose the later. But if I get in a fight with her, I go "Killer I can drink" (laughs) and then I’ll do it, and I will go into the worst depression known to man.

Bach: "I got this chick, and she says "either the booze or me", and I am picking her."


Minnie told Baz; "Keep doing that (drinking) or be with me, and not do that."

On Dave "Snake" Sabo & Skid Row reunion/offers to play shows in Europe:

Bach says: "Well if you wanna know the truth. We (Skid Row) were offered. Two.,,,,I never got any offers. Ever. Until last summer. Then two offers came in. Two shows in Europe. That were HUGE! We (Skid Row) got offered to play Sonisphere Ferstival in England. It was KISS, Skid Row & Faith No More. Another show too. Faith No More went on their website, and said "We’re playing Sonisherr in England" and they printed the poster. And it had the Skid Row logo on it, underneath KISS."

Bach adds:  "So, my manager says, "call these guys". So I called all of them. First I called Scotti (Hill) and I talked to him, for like 30 minutes. It was great. Great conversation. Amazing conversation. I’ve always known Rob (Affuso). And Snake and I…have always, we’ve never had a problem me & Snake. Maybe a little bit here and there. But nothing major. We’ve always got along really good. And then I called Rachel (Bolan) the bass player too and left two messages on his phone. And I heard back from everybody except for Rachel. So we didn’t do the shows. That was last summer, and umm..(big sigh)"

Bach continues: "I saw Snake at the Loaded show. I saw Snake for the first time in 16 years. It was great. I was with my chick (Minnie). We talked. Hugged each other, And did a bunch of photos. He was totally cool. It was great. Just two days ago, I got the first text from Snake in 16 years. (laughter). The last time he text’d me, cell phones weren’t invented. So, the last time Snake text’d me it came across my fax machine. Which is totally true. (more laughter)"

Eddie Trunk then asks: "Are things (with a Skid Row reunion) just in limbo you think?"

Bach says: "There is one dude, out of five, that doens’t want to do it. It’s so simple. That’s what’s hapening. I will always be the singer of Skid Row no matter what. There is no other guy."


Dave "Snake" Sabo & Sebastian Bach October 2012


On the new Aerosmith release "Music from Another Dimension":

Bachsays: "That’s a really good riff. Very cool stuff." after hearing the new track "Street Jesus"for the first time.

On being Roasted:

Jim Florentine asks Sebastian about his name being thrown aroundand  that Revolver Magazine wanted to to ‘roast’ him on Access TV Live.

Bach says: "I’m not into that whole roast thing. I lost my home in a hurricane. I’m not into it…I"m not (laughing..)"

Florentine jumps in: "Yeah you gotta have thick skin to deal with that."

Bach adds: "I don’t need it. I just wanna play music. I’m just not into it."

To hear the full interview check it out on YouTube

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