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“For the record. I don’t have any plastic surgery. Just my boobies.” Bobbie Brown Part 2 – Tell Al


Bobbie Brown



EXPLOSIVE! Cherry Pie girl Bobbie Brown tells all in Part 2 of our METAL SLUDGE exclusive with the hottest ex-MTV video vixen who has ever lived.

By Gerry Gittelson


– Sometimes you get the Cherry, sometimes you get the pit.

It’s a tough world out here in Hollywood, and Bobbie Brown is standing tall again.

The “Cherry Pie” girl is taking one last shot at fame as the star of a new Fuse TV reality series, “Ex-Wives of Rock,” which debuts Friday, Dec. 7 at 10:30 p.m., and we’ve just getting to the juicy part in Part 2, as Brown relives her marriage to Warrant singer Jani Lane – and Lane’s tragic death 14 months ago alone with a bottle in a hotel room.

Here we go with part 2, if you missed it – part 1 is HERE.



Bobbie & Jani at a TJ Martell charity softball game

SLUDGE: I’d like to ask some more questions about Jani, if that’s OK.


BROWN: That’s OK.


SLUDGE: Do you miss him?


BROWN: I miss him a lot. I think about him every day. We were still friends when he died. He had asked me to move in a month before he died. I said, “No way, you’re crazy.” But he wanted to live with me. He said, “So what?” He just looked at things in a different way and wanted to reach out to his first wife.


SLUDGE: What was Jani’s relationship with daughter Taylar like?


BROWN: It wasn’t that solid after about sixth grade. Even when he lived two blocks away, Jani would sometimes only see her a couple of times a month, maybe. At one point, he moved to Florida and then Ohio, and they kind of lost touch. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much of a relationship with her dad, but there were a lot of attempts.


SLUDGE: Is there a big part of you that still loves Jani?


BROWN: Oh my god, yes. I was devastated. It was very hard on me.


SLUDGE: When was the last time you were together before he died?


BROWN: It was the Thanksgiving before.


SLUDGE: Was he sober? How was he doing?


BROWN: He was doing well. He was sober. He cooked the whole Thanksgiving, which is the kind of thing Jani loved to do. It was a nice visit. We had a great time. I had remained friends with his wife, Kimberly, but she turned on me when Jani died.

NOTE TO SLUDGE READERS: At this point, Brown gets into the private specifics about Lane’s beneficiaries and probate, and though Brown did not ask to be edited, we think it’s the proper thing to do. +++++


Taylar & Bobbie

SLUDGE: You say Taylar is doing well in school. What does she want to do after she graduates?

She’s a writer. She’s an amazing writer. She’s really good. She and her dad used to compete with each other in writing. I’m really proud of her. I still talk to Jani’s sister, too.

SLUDGE: I remember Jani always liked to drink but rarely ever did drugs. Yet there was an empty pill bottle in the room when he died, according to the reports. Do you remember Jani doing drugs?

No, he never did drugs. The pill bottle was weird because there were no drugs in his system when he died. Just alcohol.

SLUDGE: He must have been in a lot of pain. Any insights into what caused all this pain, or what the root of Jani’s problems were?

It’s kind of personal, and I wouldn’t want to reveal it all, but as a teenager something very embarrassing and devastating happened, something that would have been devastating to anyone.

Also, his mom died four years earlier, on Thanksgiving, and Jani found her, and that was pretty devastating. He was never the same after that. He was really broken up about that because he and his mother had just had a fight, so he had a lot of guilt about that.

When he died, he was actually going through a phase with our daughter, Taylar, because Taylar was kind of doing the tough-love thing because she had tried everything else. At the end, he was sending her messages, stuff about “if something happens, I will love you forever.” He was sending messages but she wasn’t responding or she would say not to contact her if he was still drinking.

SLUDGE: It sounds like he was reaching out. Of course, your daughter’s plan was not to turn her back forever, right?

No, of course not. She just wanted to help him. I was sentimental about it. I was like, “Taylar, stop being so mean,” but she was hoping to try to snap him out of it. He was tormented and broken up about the whole thing, but Jani is at peace now.

SLUDGE: He looked frail in that video interview on That Metal Show. I didn’t like seeing him like that. But oh man, I really, really liked Jani Lane. We knew each other well, especially in the beginning, and he was always very kind to me. Of all the rock stars out there, Jani was a truly a nice guy. Not just by people like me but by his peers – he was very, very well-liked, Bobbie.

I know he was. He was genuinely a nice person. I know the real Jani, and I know how sincere he was and how much he loved his fans. He never tried to sneak around them. He never felt entitled. If anything, he didn’t give himself enough credit.


Bobbie, Sharise (top), Susan & Athena

SLUDGE: OK, back to reality. Reality TV, that is. Are you ready to be star again?

Yes! I’m excited. Who wouldn’t be excited about this job, getting paid to hang out with friends and to just be yourself.

SLUDGE: You have 14 episodes. Which one is the best episode?

Every fuckin’ episode. Oh my god, I want to tell you, but it’s all a surprise. It’s surprise after surprise after surprise. It’s the gamut of emotions. One minute you’re laughing your ass off, the next you’re crying.

SLUDGE: So there are four c-stars, you, Athena Lee, Sharise Neil and Susan Dixon. Which one has had the most plastic surgery?

For the record, I don’t have any plastic surgery. Just my implants, just my boobies. Anthena has had no plastic surgery, just the botox like me, which we do on camera.

SLUDGE: That’s it?

I don’t know anything else. I know for a fact that I have not, and we don’t discuss it. It just never came up in conversation, so I don’t know one way or the other. I will say this: We don’t deny the camera a thing. Sometimes we’re dressed up, all sexy, and sometimes we’re completely without makeup in our pajamas. They wouldn’t give us a heads up warning about the cameras, and sometimes we were looking like shit.


"For the record, I don’t have any plastic surgery. Just my boobies."

SLUDGE: Where is EX-WIVES OF ROCK shot? What’s the main home?

It’s at all of our homes. I live in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, and the others live in the Valley.

SLUDGE: I saw you filming one episode at the Rainbow.

Yeah, we did an episode at the Rainbow because it was my birthday — but I won’t tell you what happens. Every episode, you just go “Wow.”

SLUDGE: Let’s face it. You’re the only real celebrity. I guess you were pretty big with “Cherry Pie.”

In my own mind, I never considered myself a celebrity, but I was very well-known in my heyday.

BB_NE_1.jpgSLUDGE: Basically, for being in a four-minute MTV video and having blonde hair. That’s actually impressive.

The times were different back then. There was no such thing as all these celebrities that did nothing but were still famous. Back then, you had to do something.

SLUDGE: You were the Snooki before “Jersey Shore.”

I was.

SLUDGE: How big of a star were you back in the day, Bobbie? It’s years later now, so don’t hold back — the Sludge viewers like the details.

I was 21, and I guess I was pretty huge. I had carte blanche treatment, front of line, parking right in front. It was pretty big.

SLUDGE: But technically, you never really got that big pay day. How much did you get for the “Cherry Pie” video.

Oh god, I don’t remember.

SLUDGE: Yes you do.

OK, I think it was about $3,000. I think it was $1,000 per day, and we shot for three days. Back then, I spent money like I had no idea. You don’t know how bad I was. But I was doing really well. My day rate eventually got up to $5,000. I was paid the most money for videos back in the day.

The other girls got like $300 to $500. I got paid $3,000.

SLUDGE: But how many videos can you do though? How many were you in?

About six, I think. I also did Star Search, and that got me a lot of jobs. Modeling was my main income. Everything died down when I turned 30 or maybe 33. After that, they didn’t want me anymore.

SLUDGE: Did you go through your struggles? Did you struggle just like the bands on MTV?

I did. Yes, yes, yes. I was living on unemployment. I ended up winning a lawsuit because I got Lupus from my breast implants, so that gave me a huge chunk of money. But I blew that one, too.

SLUDGE: Your breasts are like the gift that keeps on giving. They got you the “Cherry Pie” gig, they got you the lawsuit.

Yeah, you’re right. They’ve treated me well, but they don’t get much action anymore . (laughs)


Bobbie Brown on Married with Children – watch video HERE


Al Bundy sneaks a peak at Bobbie Brown.

SLUDGE: I guess we should talk about the other girls.

Susan is the most fun to fuck with. I love fucking with her because she is very particular like she has OCD or something, so she’s fun to prank.

SLUDGE: I remember Susan from being with Warrant’s Jerry Dixon, of course. And “Remote Control” for one season. Were you always close friends?

We were very close, but we also didn’t speak for years. We’ve had some fights.

SLUDGE: What about Sharise Neil? I guess if the show is about ex-wives of rock stars, she must be the one who had the biggest financial settlement. She was married to Vince for six years beginning in like 1987, and Motley Crue was beyond huge in those days.

Actually, she does very well for herself, designing dresses. The show doesn’t revolve around the ex-husbands. That’s just how we first got to know each other.


Sharise & Bobbie

SLUDGE: And Athena, she’s a great drummer. I’ve known her a long time.

Yeah, she’s trying to make it as a drummer, and she gets back into it on the show. She and James Kottak had a band together, so because of the divorce, she starts drumming in other things. She’s good. She’s really good. And she’s cool, too. She’s one of the most followed ones on the show because she’s the craziest one.

SLUDGE: And the producer, Lorraine Lewis. You’ve got Lorraine Lewis from Femme Fatale behind the camera instead of in front of the camera, which is crazy because Lorraine is still so hot it’s crazy.

Yes, she’s so hot, she’s still fuckin’ smoking, and she has an amazing voice, too. She is the one who created the show and believed in the show, along with her co-producer Lisa Brucker, and together they’ve had this idea for years. It’s been a long time coming.

SLUDGE: One last thing, I guess. I’ve always been meaning to ask: Did you ever hang out with the other Bobby Brown, you know, the guy from New Edition who married Whitney Houston? You were both famous spouses during the same time period.

Bobby Brown came to our wedding! We actually knew each other well, I guess from sometimes hanging at the same clubs. He used to always tap my shoulder and say: “You the other Bobbie Brown. When I have kids, and I’m going to name my daughter after you,” and he did.

SLUDGE: Did you do cocaine together?


BROWN: No, never. He was off the hook. I was too scared to hang out with him! He was nice, though.

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