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Sharise Neil Pt. 2 “They (Motley) didn’t like the wives hanging out because we compared stories.


Sharise Neil


Here’s Part 2 of Metal Sludge’s exclusive interview with blossoming TV Reality star Sharise Neil, the former wife of Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.

By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large

HOLLYWOOD — Like the great James Bond theme song “Nobody Does it Better,” it’s going to be hard to top Part 1 (HERE) of Sludge’s exclusive with Sharise Neil, the former wife of Motley Crue star Vince Neil.

But my gosh we’ve pulled it off. The second half is even more explosive, as Sharise, now taking her own stab at fame with the TV reality show “Ex-Wives of Rock,” goes on and on about her former relationship with one of America’s most notorious rock stars of all-time.

It’s all here like a sumptuous buffet – vivid details about Vince and the band and all their high and lows, the successes and foibles.

Sludge fans should eat this shit up, so without further ado, here is part 2.



Sharise & Vince

SLUDGE: OK, I can’t remember where we left off, so let’s just wing it: Can you give us some more stuff about Tommy Lee?

SHARISE NEIL: I loved Tommy Lee and I loved Heather Locklear. We would all go out, all the time, but the other guys in the band hated that. They didn’t like the wives hanging out together because, you know, guess what happens? We talk and compare stories. Whenever I would go out with Heather, Vince would call like 50 times. Sometimes I would sleep over, and he would ask which bed I was sleeping in. I would tell him the guest room but I think he was worried I was sleeping with Heather or something.

SLUDGE: Do you like girls, too?

SHARISE NEIL: No, no. I just think Vince was jaded about women because of all the disgusting girls he had met through the years.

SLUDGE: What about Athena Lee, your co-star in “Ex-Wives of Rock”? Did you see her much back in the day?

SHARISE NEIL: Sometimes. Athena loves her brother very much, and she would come sometimes to the shows. Sometimes she would fly out. I saw her with the family a couple of times, but I don’t think Athena and Tommy had the kind of relationship where they would meet and go to lunch together or something like that. It was weird, I can’t explain it. He is a very fun-loving guy, and so is Athena.

They’re male and female, but they kind of walk and talk the same, the way they tell a story, the way their hands move. They’re very similar, and it’s freaky.


Bobbie, Sharise, Athena = Girls Girls Girls

SLUDGE: You’ve done very little press in the past. It’s hard to find much about Sharise Neil on the web.

SHARISE NEIL: I like my privacy. I like being able to shop at Target and no one knows who I am. I have my friends at the company, and we hang out, but I’m not a big fan of fame.

SLUDGE: Really? Well, you’re doing a TV reality show, and you’re one of the stars of the show, so how can you say you don’t want to be famous?

SHARISE NEIL: I struggled with it at first, but it’s great for business, like a commercial for my company every week because all the girls wear my dresses. It’s just been a weird year, one of the weirdest years of my life, and like five different times, people have pitched me an idea for me to be in a reality show, to play a character. One was about being single in the city. One was about turning my bikini line into a lingerie line, all kinds of different things. I kept getting asked before I finally said to myself that maybe I am supposed to do this.

I love my friends and I love to hang out, and now I’m getting paid to do it, so how could I say no?

SLUDGE: You were married to one of the biggest rock stars in the world. That should open some doors.

SHARISE NEIL: I remember when I was married to Vince, fans wanted my autograph, and I just couldn’t understand it. I would tell them I wasn’t famous and that I’m not a celebrity.


Sharise & Brandi Brandt roughing it back in the day

SLUDGE: Any jealousy from other girls out there?

SHARISE NEIL: Yeah, there were some haters. Sometimes when I would stand at the side of the stage, girls would throw quarters and nickels at my head. I was a punk chick. The opposite of glam rock. Before Vince, I didn’t know about Motley Crue. I hung out with TSOL.

SLUDGE: Did you know the Aerosmith song “Dude Looks Like a Lady” was written about Vince Neil? What were your thoughts about kissing a man who’s wearing lipstick?

SHARISE NEIL: Well, the glam persona changed after “Theatre of Pain,” and by the time “Girls, Girls, Girls” and “Dr. Feelgood” came, Vince was more into black leather. But I would love to kiss a guy with lipstick. Why not?

I can get a little freaky. The night Vince picked me up for our first date, he was wearing leopard-skin, pointy shoes, skin-tight leather pants and a shredded t-shirt. He was also dripping in gold.

SLUDGE: Tell me more about the first date.

SHARISE NEIL: Like I said, he took me to L’Orangerie, this really fancy restaurant, and afterwards we went to the Comedy Store. He got wasted and tried to give me all his jewelry on the way home.

SLUDGE: Did he try to sleep with you?

SHARISE NEIL: I think so but I wouldn’t go in his house. I told him I wouldn’t go in and that I was going home. I probably kissed him good, though.


Sharise showing some skin

SLUDGE: Please go on. Describe the rhythm of the relationship. What was next?

SHARISE NEIL: The next date, he took me to a rock club in Huntington Beach, which was where I lived. He brought a security guy, a bodyguard, and every time I would leave to go to the bathroom or something, Vince would have the bodyguard follow me. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but it was kind of cool having the security guy walk with me and wait for me. I was thinking, this is special. Here’s a big guy watching over me so I can go to the ladies room. It was so weird but so cool.

On the third date, we went to the old Carlos & Charlies restaurant in Hollywood, and he brought some brochures for an exotic vacation together. He wanted to take me on a vacation, and we hadn’t even slept together yet. After about five dates, we went to Cabo San Lucas together and stayed at a beautiful hotel. After we got back from vacation, Vince asked me to move in with him, so I did.

SLUDGE: You complained later about him cheating on you. Were there any concerns at this point?

SHARISE NEIL: No, it wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. He was the type of guy who would call me 12 times a day. When he was on the road, he would call me when he woke up, call me after breakfast, call me before soundcheck, call me after soundcheck, etc. I had a false sense of security. I wasn’t worried about other girls. He used to bag on other guys for cheating. Someone would get caught cheating, and he would say: “What a dick. That’s so messed up.”

SLUDGE: Manipulative.

SHARISE NEIL: Yeah, he would tell me how lucky he was to have me, and how wrong it is to cheat and stuff like that.


SLUDGE: You and Vince had a daughter together, Skylar, who died at 4 years old. That must have been unbelievably devastating. Do you still think of her a lot.

SHARISE NEIL: Oh yeah, especially now when I see my friends who had kids at about the same time, and their kids are all grown up. I have a son, Colt, who is 10. He’s on the show. He’s kind of anti-rock. He thinks rock is “old people’s music.” He likes rap.

SLUDGE: Backing up again about Vince. He’s a great rock and roll frontman. That much is obvious. In your opinion, what makes him so special?

SHARISE NEIL: I think he has a lot of charisma. He knows how to work a crowd. He’s a very personable guy. He’s a person that’s super fun and easy to get along with. The drinking is the problem, and eventually everyone sees that.

               Vince, Skylar & Sharise.

SLUDGE: Also, you mentioned going through his wallet the next morning sometimes. Did he carry around a lot of cash? Some celebs have only five dollars and a credit card. On a typical night, how much money would Vince carry around with him?

SHARISE NEIL: Oh, at least 500 dollars.

SLUDGE: And what about you? How was the money handled when you were married. Did you have access to the same bank accounts or your own account or an allowance? How did it work?

SHARISE NEIL: He was always very generous with me. I had my own gold card. He never, ever asked me how much I spent. There was no kind of allowance. He let me do what I wanted, but I was still conservative. He would see a Chanel bag and ask if I wanted it, and I would say, “No, let’s wait for Christmas.” He went through money really fast. We would get called in to his manager’s office to talk to the accountant, the both of us, and they would tell him, “Hey, you’re going to have nothing when you get old.”

Nikki and Tommy had investments but Vince spent all his money frivolously. I didn’t want to do that. We had accountants, and I never saw a bill in the seven years we were together.

SLUDGE: How many times did you break up and get back together?

SHARISE NEIL: I would say three or four times. He had a lot of failed attempts at rehab and alcoholism. The bad thing about Vince is when he drinks, he completely blacks out. He gets wasted, and the next day he isn’t sure why people are mad at him. He never remembers anything, and that was so hard to watch. I felt like a babysitter, to tell the truth. Once he started drinking seven or eight drinks, he would get mean, and when he gets to 10, he’s not making sense anymore, and now you’ve got a problem. He keeps drinking, and as the night goes on, you can see him losing it. He would fight his friends.

SLUDGE: Go on. Go on.

SHARISE NEIL: A month after we got married, we got into a huge fight, and I left him and started dating Kelly Nickels of L.A. Guns, and Vince was devastated because I told him I wanted a divorce. He was bangin’ on the door, crying. My mother is the one who made me go back. She and my dad had spent $50,000 on the wedding, so I felt like I had to give it a try.

SLUDGE: Your parents paid for the wedding?

SHARISE NEIL: Yes, and Vince paid for a reception for like 400 people. Anyway, two weeks after our daughter was born, I got a call that he was cheating on me. I kicked him out of the house, and he went to counseling and came back. We had a child and wanted to give it another shot. The third time we broke up was the last time. My sister’s friend saw Vince at El Compadre restaurant (in Hollywood), sitting in a booth kissing some porno chick. I put all his stuff in trash bags and sent my brother to drop all the stuff off at the studio. That was the beginning of the divorce.


SLUDGE: Interesting. Did Vince every confront Kelly Nickels?

SHARISE NEIL: I don’t think so, but he squashed a huge tour that L.A. Guns was invited to go on.

SLUDGE: Oh, so Vince Neil put the kybosh on Kelly Nickels and L.A. Guns?

SHARISE NEIL: That’s what he told me, yeah.

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A big shout out to Sharise & Bobbie Brown for their candid interviews. Athena & Susan, your next!

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Sharise with some of her models for Pink Polka Dot.

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