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Stryper “Second Coming” CD Review By: t.Odd


Stryper "Second Coming" CD Review

Posted By: Metal Sludge

Written By: t.Odd


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Fucking STRYPER! Now I know what you’re thinking, STRYPER are a Christian metal band, so saying “Fucking STRYPER” is somehow wrong or disrespectful, right? WRONG! Only the devil thinks that way! According to the prophet Dee Snider, under the oath of GOD at the PMRC hearings in 1986, Douche Bag Al Gore questioned his faith over the “SMF” meaning of Twisted Sisters fan club (I’m a 30 year member, Google it if you need to) and asked in a condescending ‘needs to get his ass kicked’ tone, “is that a Christian Group”? The Prophet Dee then said: “I don’t believe profanity has anything to do with Christianity”… I feel the same way.

So what the fuck does that have to do with a new STRYPER record? EVERYTHING bitches!

STRYPER were one of my favorite bands growing up, my other favorite band was Twisted Sister. See the connection? Probably not, but I’ll simplify it for you…

As you may well be aware, in the 80’s there were only really 2 kinds of “metal”. Early 80’s metal like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Saxxon, Motley Crue, Ozzy etc… Those guys were into the devil. Well, they sang about the devil so, you know what I mean. Then the mid-to-late 80’s “metal” was Poison, Ratt, Warrant, TUFF, etc… and those guys were into pussy, booze and drugs. So what’s the fucking difference? NOTHING! Pussy, booze and drugs are the devils tools, fool! Very few bands stood out in the 80’s, but a few didn’t fall into the generic trappings of “following the leader” to the depths of a Cocaine covered Jack Daniels Aquanet Hell! (aka the Rainbow bar and grill!)

For me those bands were…. Drum roll… Pretty Boy Floyd and Saxon!

Just fucking with you. It was Twisted Sister and STRYPER. Stryper brought a vision of “metal” that my feeble 14 year old mind could BARELY understand, as they sang about hope and creating a better world. Holy fuck! Stryper were the original EMO band!


Record: “Second Coming”

Label: Frontiers Records

1st impression of the CD:

Thanks to Carise Yatter and elio@frontiers.it for sending me the digital record!

The Image:

Holy SHIT! The guys in STRYPER are all probably nearing or past 50 years old, but they still look better then most “new” bands these days. Could a solid diet of no booze or drugs, enhanced with an endless faith in Jesus really make Robert Sweet STILL have hair like Farraha Faucet circa 1977? Apparently YES it does! I can’t believe his hair doesn’t have its own facebook page or Twitter account, it’s amazing!

The Songs:

This part is easy! All but 2 songs on this record are re-recordings of STRYPER classics, so I knew them all very well, even though I hadn’t rocked much STRYPER since ’88 or so. The best part for me was the track selection. Most 80’s bands have re-recorded their “hits” at one point or another, usually so they can retain control of a version of their own song as opposed to the scumbag major labels that they signed their lives away to. I get that, but usually it’s only the “hits” that get re-done, and those songs are usually crap compared to earlier stuff. I was glad to see that Stryper’s biggest hit “Honestly” isn’t even on this record, as earlier ballads like “First Love” kick its ass.

The record opens with one of my favorites, “Loud N’ Clear” from the “Yellow and Black Attack” EP, and doesn’t stop ripping Satan from your wretched soul with brutalful (just made that word up, it’s “beautiful” and “brutal” at the same time!) classic Stryper metal until the last note of new track “Blackened”. “Reach Out”, “Makes Me Wanna Sing” and title track from “Soldiers Under Command” all sound killer mixed with “To Hell with the Devil” staples like “Free”, “Calling on You” and “Sing Along Song” (my sons favorite!). New single “Bleeding From Inside Out” is the PERFECT song to bridge old Stryper to new, killer riff but still retains their amazing melodies and big chorus without trying to sound “new” or “updated” or “edgy”!

Stryper were always musically superior to most of their 80’s contemporaries, and 30 years later they still have the looks and the chops to pull-off paying tribute to their past while creating a future of amazing Stryper musical magic. It’s almost like they had some special force on their side, maybe a certain legendary long hair bearded guy that has helped the careers of a numerous musical groups in the past???

No, not John Koladner. Not even Lemmy! I’m talking about the original hipster… Jesus!

3 songs to buy on itunes and add to your “I Want To Go To Heaven” playlist: “Bleedng from Inside Out” “Makes me Wanna Sing” “Sing along Song”

In Conclusion:

You don’t have to be a Christian to like Stryper, just like you don’t have to worship Satan to like Wednesday 13. Good music is good music and if you let ignorant preconceptions or prejudices influence what you do or don’t do then you’re just a fucking poser sheep! This is a great introduction to Stryper for new kids, or a great “collection” for old fuckers like me! I follow Michael Sweet on twitter and apparently they’re working on a new record right now of originals so I’m excited to hear that. Sweet lives in Boston now, which is ironic, because in light of the bombings of the Boston Marathon yesterday I truly feel that the world could REALLY use some STRYPER music and their message right now.


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