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“80s Invasion Tour” review Bolingbrook, Illinois 8/15/2013


Enuff Z’Nuff bookends Chip Z’nuff & Johnny Monaco.


"80s Invasion" invades Chicago! Bang Tango described as a cheeseburger lovin’ intoxicated train wreck. The night highlighted by Danger Danger’s Ted Poley and his great vocal range &professional salesmanship

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Review By:: spudz25


’80s Invasion’ – I traveled up North (about 80 miles one way) to catch the 80’s Invasion tour with Ted Poley, Bang Tango and Enuff Z’Nuff at Tailgater’s in Bolingbrook, Il. They are playing next Saturday, 8/24, in Oglesby, Illinois (about a 20 mile jaunt from my house), but tickets were only $12 tonight ($30 in Oglesby) and I enjoy Tailgater’s sound and stage much more than Oglesby.

Attendance was probably around 300.

We arrived around 9:00PM and Ted Poley hit the stage around 9:15 playing a solid 30 minute set. I was never a fan of Danger Danger, but I knew the two big hits. Poley puts a lot of physical effort into his show and showed no signs of a broken wrist (no cast, slapping hands with fans with both hands, holding the mic in both hands etc…)


                          Ted Poley is 51, has great vocal range and is a great salesman.

Bang Tango was a disaster from the start. There first song had no guitar due to a wire issue. Leste was pissed and verbally berated the guitar player over the mic, saying he was going to go back to playing guitar in "Blind Tiger". The next song had all kinds of mic issues. Leste got through the song, bitching at the road crew member, anytime he could. Their third song, Soul to Soul finished and Leste said good night and left the stage. After an approximate 20 minute break, Leste finally came back out. They played Back in the Saddle and Someone Like You and left. Disappointing, considering they were the band I was looking most forward to hearing.

Enuff Z’ Nuff hit the stage and played for 60 minutes. Tory was a no show (maybe he’s the Fat Beaver Monaco referred to and got pissed and quit?) and Monaco played lead guitar while fronting the band and doing all the vocals. They sounded great and Monaco is a great musician.

Some Random thoughts:

Ted Poley still has some great vocal range.

Poley climbs and sings on chairs in the audience for 2-3 songs, no wonder he hurt his wrist early in the tour. I’d never stand on a bar stool.

Ted Poley is 51 years old.

Ted Poley is a great salesman. I watched him sell about 10 CD’s in about 5 minutes to people who wanted nothing to do with the CD’s. All these people wanted was a photo to upload to their Facebook and Ted got them to reach in their wallet and buy a CD with songs that no one has ever heard before.


              Lance Eric of Bang Tango & the tour salesman Ted Poley of Danger Danger

Bang Tango was a trainwreck.

Lance Eric must really like Cheeseburgers. He’s huge. And not in a way that would make you think he lifts.

Joe Leste was intoxicated (surprise.)

Leste announced over the mic (when it was working) that his dog Dexter went to a vet hospital tonight and got diagnosed with Cancer and probably wasn’t going to make it.

With all the sound issues that went on, Lance Eric got pissed at the sound man and dumped all the mics on the front monitors during the end of Someone Like You causing a ridiculous amount of feedback through the house speakers. Thanks Jackass, it’s not like my hearing isn’t already fucked.

They had no one working the Merch table most of the time. It was closed down 80% of the evening. That’s OK, I didn’t want to give you anymore of my money anyway.

Johnny Monaco was hands down the best musician, best vocalist and most professional player of the entire evening. There is not a discussion to be had.

Monaco looks like he should be in Weezer.

Monaco does Donnie Vie better than Donnie Vie.

Monaco does Derek Frigo better than Derek Frigo did.

Monaco does Tory Stoffregan better than Tory Stoffregan.

EzN should pay Monaco more money and just be a 3 piece. Well really Monaco should quit as he is way too good to be playing on this tour.

Monaco said Tory wasn’t there because he had other things to do (watch Goodfellas?)

I had $12 bucks of fun though and I still may go to Oglesby in hope that Bang Tango will play a full set.

We’d like to give a shout out to soudz25 for the great review. We pulled it from the World Famous Metal Sludge Gossip Board right HERE

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