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Warrant and their smash hit “Heaven” win the fans ‘favorite hairband power ballad’ poll.

Jani Lane & Warrant in those infamous white outfits on the set of their video for “Heaven”



Warrant and their smash hit “Heaven” win the favorite hairband power ballad poll.


Congrats to the Down Boys for their win in our latest Metal Sludge poll.

What makes this win a little ironic is that according to our “On This Date In Metal Sludge History” calendar the song “Heaven” was actually firmly on the charts this week back in 1989. In fact, Warrant moved from #15 to #6 on the Billboard charts on September 2nd. This was the bands 2nd single off their debut “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.”  It was Top 10 exactly 24 years ago this week in 1989.

The Metal Sludge poll seems to be a big hit as this poll had nearly 4,000 votes in only a few days time. The Sludgeaholics are happy to be interactive on the new & improved site and we’re happy to bring it to you.

It looks like Guns N’ Roses “November Rain” came in a close second place. And in third place is Motley Crue with their hit “Home Sweet Home.”

Stay tuned for more cool polls and be sure to check out the Way Back Sludge column.

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Here ya go, check out “Heaven” and let’s enjoy this like it’s the summer of 1989 all over again.

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