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Venrez Tour Blog Entry #5 Tour Wrap Up With Alex Kane & Hardcore Superstar On Tour With Buckcherry.



VENREZ Wants To Tell Us What Happens On Tour With Buckcherry & Hardcore Superstar!


Entry #5
Belfast Ireland

Well the last week of the tour was memorable to say the least. We were in Belfast and I wandered off from a pub where i was with a few of my band mates and headed back to the hotel alone. When i got to my room i realized that i was still not able to go to sleep and required a couple shots of good Scotch whiskey.  So i went next door to a bar and sat down to drink as a two piece played Eagles songs.  Just as i was thinking about how lame that was two girls came over to ask me who i was, then offered to take me to what they said was “a real Irish bar”.  Without thinking about the rule to never go anywhere alone, I quickly accepted and was walked across town to this bar.  I walked in and felt like it was 1750.  The bar was jammed, it was warm in all aspects, and a 5 piece with two pipe instruments and guitars were playing old Irish music.  It was to me like heaven on earth.  I had a few beers and the girls left about an hour after we got there. I found out while talking to the very nice people in the bar that Brad Pitt had hung out there one weekend to garner his accent for his role in the film “Snatch”. It was now getting a bit late and we had to roll out to Dublin in the morning for a show, so i decided to head back to the hotel.  I walked outside and stopped to light a cigarette. Before i could inhale the first puff, i was surrounded by 9 very drunk and belligerent Irish men who i am guessing ranged in age from mid 20’s to late 40’s.  They began hurling verbal barbs at me in their thick accents with the intent of demeaning me.  They did not expect the sharp witted responses i was firing back at them.  It got to the point where they were actually liking me too much to kick my ass.  Right about that point, the biggest of them got up in my craw and asked me what my social security number was.  I said hey man we are all in the system.  That made all of them laugh except him.  He got more up in my craw and asked me again.  I looked him dead in the eye and said common man.  Then he said, you are the singer in that band from the show last night right. My gut told me right there and then that the fight was gonna be on any second. And just as i was about to smack him upside the head with my right elbow, he said, “sing a bit and whisper it”.  I took a step back, and sang the first verse and chorus to our single “Unforeseen”.  When i got to the last line of the chorus, I got up in his craw and delivered the lyric, “today’s my favorite day”, pointing my finger at my chest.  A big smile hit his face and i just turned around and walked away.  When i got to my room and lie on my bed, i thought to myself, you are soooo lucky to not be lying in an alley somewhere in this city.


We blew the doors off the second to last show at Rock City in Nottingham, then hung to see Michael Monroe the next night. I am such a huge fan of Michael’s.  The last show in Bristol was a highlight of the tour.  Our drummer Ed Davis cut into a drum solo at the right before the last chorus of the last song of the set, which was oddly enough, “Unforeseen”,  we were all looking over it him like damn man that’s cool as fuck!!!!  The crowd went nuts and when i came off stage the other bands on the tour were in the hallway listening and were like damn, you guys had fun tonight!!!!  Here is a pic of all three of the bands, Buckcherry/Hardcore Superstar/Venrez & crew taken after the last show.  Great tour, great men and lots of new friends.


Entry #4

Manchester, England


This in reality, had nothing to do with me but I said it was ok to say it was me for myth building purposes.  On the other hand, my respect for the one of us who it was has just skyrocketed! (Alex, your ED)

> So this weeks take is of us rolling into Manchester and deciding to splurge on rooms for all. Alex hits his bed and shortly after passing out, dreams of people & a party going on in his room. He then proceeds to jump out of bed, walk out into the hall way of the hotel, enter a maintenance room where he skillfully emptied his bladder on the floor. Then walks back to his room and knocks on the door only to discover the piss sleep walk!!! Standing there in nothing but his underwear, he has to take the elevator down to the lobby, full of people, to get another room key from the front desk, wearing nothing but his skivy’s!!!!! Rock N Roll lives!!!


Entry # 3 from Alex Kane

Nov 10, Cologne, Germany

The editor of this truly magnificent website has asked if I’d supply pictures to go along with the words but, honestly, this is one instance where he’d thank me for not.

So, last night, third song, swear to God, the one pair of stage pants I brought with split going commando. So, Im on stage in Cologne, with my literally see through Handle XOX guitar (google XOX Audio Tools, The Handle for the visual) with my dick just fully swinging and a bouncin’ (and to say you’re not at your most girthy when your sweating balls on stage is no understatement) all over Cologne, Germany.  Now I see Dave, Stevie Decanay from Buckcherry’s guitar tech on the side of the stage.  Stevie, whom I go waaaaaaaaay back to Chicago with, is not only an awesome awesome player, singer and performer, has also let Dave know, as we dont tour with a tech, to “Help Alex with anything he needs.” So, as Dave is as awesome Stevie is awesome, Im yelling “Dave! Dave! DAVE! My dick is out.”  In the midst of the volume and whatevs, he thinks Im calling him a dick and comes on stage.  So to try to explain my dilemma is a non started so I move the guitar outta the way (Im behind the amp line now) and show him my tiny, withered cock protruding from my black jeans for contrast. After the look of horror leaves his face, I see the wheels turning and he goes “hang a sec.” Like I had a choice. He comes back super fast with a roll of black gaffer and starts slapping it on my cock and balls (proud to say we needed three strips). But Im a sweaty fuck so, the gaffer comes off my trousers in no time and just stays attached to my fuckin’ dick, right. So the last 25 minutes of a 40 minute set, my dick is hanging out with an elephant trunk of black gaffer hanging off it. Literally everyone at the gig other than the dudes Im on stage with saw my dick. THEN, and yes there’s more, I need to pull the tape of my penis when I’m heading to merch, which I do and today while urinating, I notice the big black and blue bruise where it had adhered to Mr. Happy breaking blood vessels when I pulled it off.  I ended up selling the pants for 50 Euros on the merch stand.  Good times on tour…unless you’re me!!!



Entry #2 from Alex Kane
November 7th 2013
Cologne, Germany


Lemme preface this “entry” by saying both of these men grabbed me and forced me to kiss them lest they share their true feelings publicly about Ven.  I did it for the band and their iron clad grips on my shoulders are my proof.  I’m still black and blue from Alice Cooper’s vice like hold.  Plus, I ain’t the one smilin’.  Alex Kane

Well highlights of this week were Alex keeping his gallery of kissing rock stars on going by adding the lead singer of Hardcore Superstar to his Alice Cooper trophy kiss wall of tour hi jinks . All the members of Hardcore have been uber cool and warm to us from day one! They rock hard on stage and are a pleasure to hang with. Stevie from Buckcherry has been awesome to me. He walked right up to me right after I came off stage of the first show in Hamburg and shook my hand and told me great show!!!! I haven’t met any other of their band members yet. Cracked my left front tooth at dinner before the second gig in Vosselaar, Belgium, but found a dentist the next day to patch it up nicely for $250.00 Euros. I always wonder what stupid drama awaits me every tour. Seems it’s always some stupid shit. So this tour, cracked tooth out of the way early! Tonight we rock Cologne, Germany for gig #3 and the first of 3 in a row.

Alex & Alice Copper – Alex & Hardcore Superstar singer Joakim ‘Jocke’ Berg



Entry #1 from Steven Berez & Alex Kane

Holy shit final rehearsal yesterday was beyond off the fuckin charts. Alex and Jason are just shredding it on guitar, Mike was driving the bass and Eddie was shear animal on drums. I can’t wait for the first show in Hamburg, Germany on the 5th. We hit such a groove by the last show of our tour with Slash this July in Las Vegas. And it was like fuck it’s over, really!!! My gut tells me we are gonna melt some faces and kiss alot a babies this entire run!!!! Just finished packing after hours of figuring out what to take, not take & all those trips to the scale to make sure my suitcase is under 52 lbs. Hey I dig the free drinks they give us on Lufthansa but can ya not hammer us humble rockers with over weight baggage charges!!! Hahaha!!!! Friends knocking at the door right now all wanting to share wine and make their well wish goodbyes, so I am sure I will be up all night and hopefully sleep all the way to Germany on the long ass flight tomorrow. Extra security at LAX due to a wack job killing a TSA agent and spraying the terminal with gunfire. So gettin there early and plenty of time for hang over bloody Mary’s if it’s a long ass wait to board. My German friends told me to burp loudly into the mic on stage, then immediately make this chug back a beer hand gesture to my forehead and shout out real loud the words SCHULTZ!!! They said all the fans would love it! I hope they weren’t fuckin with me!!! Well we plan to blow dry their hair & burn all the paint off the walls with our in your face rock n roll regardless. Hide the women & children VENREZ is coming!

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