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Life Long Jake E. Lee Fan Reviews RED DRAGON CARTEL San Diego Show. Redemption Or Ridiculous?



Life Long ‘Jake E. Lee Fan’ Review of RED DRAGON CARTEL Second Show – Redemption Or Ridiculous?
Review By: Juanno
Venue: Brick By Brick
City: San Diego, California


I am from San Diego and grew up watching Jake play in local bands and then would go up to LA to see Jake make his mark on the Hollywood scene.

I was at the San Diego show Sunday night and here are some random thoughts in no particular order:

Douche bag singer appeared to be completely sober. The fact that the venue lost it’s liquor license probably had something to do with that.

Douche bag singer did announce to the crowd towards the end of the show that if anyone had a case of beer in their trunk that he would be willing to buy it. Oh, “after the show of course”

Douche bag singer seems to realize that he is on thin ice. He commented a couple of times that he realizes how lucky he is.

Douche bag singer had an iPad or some type of tablet set up on a stand to use as a teleprompter.

Douche bag singer had to look at the teleprompter to sing virtually every word of every song.  At times bent completely over in order to get a better look at the words.

Douche bag singer kept his shirt on for about half the show. About half way through the show douche bag singer changed into a button up shirt with the sleeves cut off. After a couple of songs douche bag singer unbuttoned all the buttons for his fat gut to hang out in all its glory.

When the band came out for the encore douche bag singer had buttoned his shirt back up and announced to the crowd  “Hey Ma look at me! I kept my shirt on all night!”  Uh, not really douche bag.

Before playing “Sun Red Sun” douche bag singer informed the crowd, “This next song we are going to play, makes me HARD!”  Thanks douche bag singer, that song will never sound the same again.

Douche bag drummer did keep his shirt on the entire show.

Douche bag drummer obviously spent absolutely zero time listening to the Ozzy or Badlands songs or learning how to play them correctly. Instead douche bag drummer gave us his own unique interpretations of those songs.

Douche bag singer is so bad that most people do not realize how bad the douche bag drummer is.

This band reminds me of cover bands that I would see in the 80’s playing a kegger that could not even play songs like “Breakin’ The Law” correctly.

Jake seemed in very good spirits. In between songs he was talking back to the crowd and joking with the crowd.

Jake seemed to have trouble keeping his guitar in tune. He spent a lot of time between each song getting back in tune.

Jake has his meth teeth fixed but he still does not smile at all.

Meth must be a hell of a drug if Jake thinks these guys are on his level. They are not. Not even close.

According to the bands website, the last scheduled gig is this Friday in Las Vegas. At that time I hope Jake, management and record label take a good hard look at this situation and fix the obvious problems.

If Jake is to ever resurrect his career it will never happen with these guys.


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