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Ratt fans take initiative to replace Stephen Pearcy as band vocalist using the groups very own live tracks for online audition!





Ratt fans take initiative to replace Stephen Pearcy as band vocalist using the groups very own live tracks.
Ratt  —  Stephen Pearcy officially announced his departure from the Los Angeles based Ratt in April with this Metal Sludge exclusive. But it’s been some time since anyone has heard anything from the Ratt camp. No Bobby Blotzer rants since his facebook went dark, and not a peep from Warren DeMartini or Carlos Cavazo. But that is expected as neither have much involvement in the way of social media.

The only sign of life from the band was a Juan Croucier exchange with fans on his facebook in early July. Those comments from the band bassist were reported here.

Now the band may be quiet, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the rodent rockers hardcore followers. It seems the fans have been working hard in the studio using Warren, Bobby, Carlos and Juan’s work to demo what they believe should be the band’s new voice.

Huh? That is what we said, just keep reading.

Seemingly out of the blue it appears some fans of Ratt are ready to audition their choice for a new vocalist right here on the internet.

According to their claim in an email to Metal Sludge below, a sound man who recorded the band Ratt live in 2013 has removed Stephen Pearcy’s vocals and they had their rock singer friend re-cut the lead vocals.

That singer is Ryan Coggin. He’s 33 and lives in Texas according to a quick web search.

Check out the email below and related Sound Cloud link that features Ryan singing “Body Talk”, “You’re In Love” and “Round N’ Round”.


Below is the  e-mail and links sent to Metal Sludge

A friend of mine did a live recording of RATT last year (hired by them) and took out Stephen’s iffy vocals and had our friend Ryan Coggin sing this live over the track… He also did Lack Of Communication and You’re In Love and both sound just as amazing as this… Pearcy has told the band explicitly that he is going to record the one last RATT record since they are contractually obligated but WILL NOT TOUR. I just wanted to throw this out there to try and start a “campaign’ to get Ryan in as the new singer.. He’s a great guy and a great singer… Thanks for listening and let me know if I can provide any more info, links or answer any questions.. Ryan doesn’t know I’m writing you guys.. he’s currently out touring with Hayes Carll as his tour manager but her belongs on the stage, not next to it.


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  • http://www.drivinrain.net Timexx Seabaugh

    I wish I could get a chance to try out. But no way to contact them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka5z6TXnc0k

  • http://www.drivinrain.net Timexx Seabaugh

    I know as for me. I love RATTs music. I enjoy the songs every time I hear them. If done by them, a cover band, a tribute band, radio, cd or video. It’s all fun and always gets cranked right up. I’d love for the original guys to stick it out and keep playing. But if Stephen Pearcy feels he wants to do other things outside of that project. Then more power to him. I’ll buy his next cd, and I’ll pay to see him preform next time he’s near. That said I’d rather see the rest of RATT go on playing shows then to give up all together. Of course I wish I could at least have a shot at it. But who ever they get, Stephen, Ryan Coggin, me, or some other cat. As long as the new singer presents it proper I’d be happy. And hey at least they arent doing it like INXS and giving the gig to a TV game show winner. http://www.reverbnation.com/drivinrainband

  • equality for all

    Ryan Coggin sounds killer. I have heard how bad (sorry) Stephen has gotten and I would no doubt go see RATT if this guy Ryan was singing and sounded this good live. This is exciting for RATT fans!!

  • David Perez

    Not, even, close, to Stephen. I’m sure as you say he’s a great guy but he’s no Ratt lead vocalist,at all. He sounds like the drunk standing next to me at the last concert I went to who thought he could even sing Ratt songs. Stephen Pearcy’s shoes are going to be almost impossible to fill. Ratt fans will hold anyone to the highest standards when it and if it comes to that. I for one won’t accept any ole asshat off the street. As it is some of the best singers in the industry wouldn’t be able to achieve that Ratt sound that Stephen Pearcy branded to it.. remember that train wrek Jizzy Pearl! OMG just hearing his name makes me wanna hurl…

  • equality for all

    Whatever you’re smoking David it’s not working too well.. are you deaf AND dumb or just jealous that you can’t sing as well as that dude?

  • Chad Johnston

    at this point why replace stephen..they only have a few good years left..like rodney king said can’t we all just get along

  • David Perez

    Okaaayyy!! WTFE! pffft! bahahahaa

  • David Boerst

    Stephen Pearcy sux live. HORRIBLE sorry but TERRIBLE. Anyone will be better. RATT is a good band but live YUK. Vocals are important,no?

  • Guest

    I sang a couple Ratt songs this weekend – http://youtu.be/EcUbGgJ5MkA

  • Guest

    I sang a couple Ratt songs this weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcUbGgJ5MkA&feature=youtu.be

  • https://www.facebook.com/jimmymartines Jim Martines

    My band played a couple Ratt songs this weekend – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcUbGgJ5MkA&feature=youtu.be

  • muya4ever

    This Ryan dude sounds awesome. I would totally go to see this show

  • John Fish

    I’ve been a fan of RATT for a long time, but have always been disappointed each time I’ve seen them live, due to Stephen Pearcy. I think if Pearcy had his shit together all along, Ratt wouldn’t have ever fallen off of the radar, and today would still be in the high ranks right next to Motley Crue, Scorpions, Van Halen, etc…. For instance, RATT put out a killer album in 2010, that got GRAMMY nominated… One of their absolute best albums in my opinion, which was their chance to bring back RATT to the top, but unfortunately they couldn’t keep the ball rolling because of Stephen. So it is a shame that a group with such great music isn’t as popular anymore as they should be. I think that bringing in a new frontman like Ryan, would be the best move that RATT could make, to come back out swinging live, like they never have before, and regain their spot in heavy metal music. Not to mention, bringing in somebody a little younger with a more modern style and looks, is always more appealing to new and younger fans, like myself (24). Rather than giving it up and falling off of the map, I think this could be a fresh start for the guys in RATT to be newly motivated and driven to tour like never before and bring RATT back to the top.

  • frankieA

    This Ryan cat kicks ass!! If anything, I hope the guys at least consider at giving him a shot….

  • Sharaz Khan

    I can understand Carlos replacing Robbin (RIP) but someone replacing Stephen ehhh. It didn’t work back in 99 with Jizzy. I can’t understand these bands that continue when they should give it a rest already. Stop ripping off the fans with this lame shit!

  • johnonthespot

    The guys’ got the growl down perfectly. Sounds like a 1984 Pearcy.
    Singers CAN be replaced and have the band continue. Accept replaced their singer and sounds awesome.

  • johnonthespot

    Not even close? I’m not sure how you were you’re listening to the tracks but he’s sound remarkably like Pearcy. Vocals, singing and voices are my business – you simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Richard Lugo

    yeahh agree this should be the replacement awesome range..a pure copy of stephen..ratt come back!! please!!

  • Fred Johnston

    Anyone hear more about this? It would be killin if he got an audition.

  • Timmy DePaul

    They need Darrin Fitch( https://www.facebook.com/darrin.fitch?fref=ts ) of Out Of The Cellar Ratt Tribute( https://www.facebook.com/outofthecellar )

  • John Fish

    Anybody heard anything new on Ratt??? They need to hire this dude and start playing some gigs in the near future…. I’d like to see another Ratt show (preferably a good one without Pearcy) before it’s too late!!!