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Is Pretty Boy Floyd’s Kristy Majors ‘A LIAR AND A THIEF’?



Sunset Strip veteran calls Pretty Boy Floyd’s KRISTY MAJORS “A LIAR AND A THIEF” alleges guitarist stole SUCKERPUNCH songs for THE THRILL KILLS


Facebook – In a bombshell accusation a Sunset Strip veteran has called out Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy “Krash” Majors in a big way. The guitarist is being accused of stealing song ideas from a 1996 album – track for track, then re-recording it, re-titling select songs and calling it Kristy Majors and The Thrill Kills.

Paul E. Bardot states, “It is a direct COPY of our material” referring to his his former group Suckerpunch. The band released their self titled debut on 510 Records through MCA in 1996.

Bardot real name Paul Worden is best known from his years fronting the early 90′s Hollywood glam band Swingin’ Thing. That band eventually signed with Hollywood Records and shortened their name to The Things.

Bardot blasts Majors saying, “HE IS A LIAR AND A THIEF.”

In related news, many will recall Pretty Boy Floyd being sued by their former guitarist Aerial Stiles. Much of that turmoil is talked about by Stiles in a 2006 interview >HERE< with Glitzine. The original guitarist wrote all but 1 of the tracks on the bands 1989 MCA Records release “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz.”

See Bardot’s full letter below.


Facebook Letter from Paul E. Bardot, Suckerpunch and Swingin’ Thing/The Things vocalist


“Sooo everybody, I came across this interview with Kristy Majors. You may know him from his time in the glam band Pretty Boy Floyd and most recently The Thrill Kills. In this recent interview, he talks about his new album, stating various times that he wrote the material on the album.

PB_ST_SP_Aug_4_2014_6nsetHE DID NOT WRITE ANY OF THE SONGS ON THIS RECORDING. How do I know this…..after fronting the band Swingin’ Thing from 1989-1994, I was the singer for a band called Suckerpunch out of Los Angeles between 1995-1997. We recorded an album on an independent label called 510 Records which was distributed by MCA Records. It was a great record that will forever be a part of me and I am very proud of it. Every song from the Suckerpunch recording appears on Kristy Majors new album. It is a direct COPY of our material. He has even taken the liberty to change the titles on a couple of the tracks, most notably “Hand Over Fist” which he now calls “Broken Lip” and “Why Bother” which he now calls “Over and Over Again”.

He states several times in this interview that he wrote these songs. HE IS A LIAR AND A THIEF. DON’T BE FOOLED AND MISLED BY THIS SECOND RATE HACK. To my knowledge, he has made no attempt to financially compensate or credit any or all members of Suckerpunch.


Hey Kristy, I just wanna say that it’s OK if you can’t write good music (stick to booking bands), just don’t mislead the public and try to pass off someone else’s creativity and hard work as your own! That is an all time low, f#cker.

For me personally, it sounds like a bad tribute to a great band. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SCAM BY KRISTY MAJORS AND THE THRILL KILLS! Please share this with others, even Kristy himself if you like.

He hasn’t accepted my friend request. Gee, I wonder why. CHEERS TO ALL!””
Bardot had posted the above on his facebook on August 3rd, but followed it up with a secondary post screen cap’d below.




Metal Sludge has posted album covers and track lists from both Suckerpunch (1996) found HERE on Amazon and Kristy Majors Thrill Kills (2014) side by side.




We have also posted youtube clips of Suckerpunch “Hand over Fist” from 1996 and Kristy Majors Thrills Kills “Broken Lip” from 2014 below.

You be the judge.


If the Thrill Kills video is NOT showing, cut and paste > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcSOGWQaac4 < to watch.

UPDATED Aug 9th 2014 9:00AM (PST)
Editors Note:
 Metal Sludge has been informed by Brian Rademacher of Rockeyez that Kristy Majors (aka Chris Maggiore) has filed complaints with Youtube and the company has removed the June 23rd 2014 interview from youtube. Majors has complained that his copy-written artwork for the Kristy Majors & the Thrill Kills CD was violated by Rademacher and Rockeyez.

Make note that the interview with Majors had been up on youtube for 46 days with no issue – of course until we ran our story, It was alleged by a Los Angeles musician that Majors had stolen songs, and in this exact interview Majors claimed to have written those songs. We are awaiting a new upload of audio only, with no artwork. Stay tuned and we will bring it to you.

In the mean time the key comments from the interview are transcribed below.

Listen for this Q&A starting at the :04 second mark into the Rockeyez interview.
Rockeyez: “Kristy Majors and the Thrill Kills. Tell me a little bit about the new band?”

Kristy Majors: “Ahh, The new band it was just, you know I just wanted good people. I wanted to surround myself with – ahh, you know good people that I actually like and enjoy spending time with,that are good players. And ahh, you know I am back to a couple of guys that I have known for a long time, and ahh, put the project together, And you know, I had already recorded the material and wrote the material. Had it all done and just sent it over to them. And they all dug it. And we just started, rolling, right from there. (laughing)”

KK_Photo_Rob_Rockitt_M3_20111_5Listen for this Q&A starting at the :52 second mark into the Rockeyez interview.

Rockeyez: “I listened to the CD, it’s a little bit of a stretch from Pretty Boy Floyd.I feel it’s, maybe more of a punk oriented sound. It’s a mixture of punk and metal.”

Kristy Majors: “Yeah, you know, I think it’s a – it’s a pretty far stretch from Pretty Boy Floyd as far as the sound the goes. But you know, obviously it still has the pop sensibilities. But, you know I was just going back to like – my New York roots, and, you know all the things that I was influenced, when I was younger and when I was a kid, and stuff and everything and ahh. I just wrote songs that I thought were (pause) ahh,  that I was feeling at the time and that I wanted to ahh, (pause) that, that I just wanted to do. (laughing) You know, I was like, I don’t try and follow a trend, ahh you know, it’s like I don’t try and make music to please anybody, I just,  you know I do it for myself now days.”

Listen for this Q&A starting at the 6;40 mark into the Rockeyez interview.
Rockeyez: “I think you have 10 songs on the new disc?”

Kristy Majors:  “Eleven.”

KK_Photo_Rob_Rockitt_M3_20111_6Rockeyez: “Was there any particular song that really stands out to you - that meant a lot to you? I know all of them meant a lot to you, but I mean anything you can…(inaudible).”

Kristy Majors: “Aww man you know, yeah, I mean, it’s kinda hard for me to like – pin point, umm (stutter), like a particular song.  You know I mean, there’s just like, like some songs, like some people  might not get the meaingness of what they’re about, you know, ahhh (stutter) but hopefully I was hoping with the lyrics, they would get it. You know, but like”  >pauses<  “Ummm, (stutter) I’m trying to remember like some of the songs. You know, I really love “Stagnation Street”, its, ahh, umm, you know, I was really going for an old like, ummm, like Stooges, ummm, you know Sex Pistols kind of vibe on that, you know umm when I wrote that song.  Umm, I love ummm.  (pause)  “Umm, I love the lyrics in “Make Up” because it’s actually about, you know like a personality disorders, and stuff like that so (laughing). And ahh, I don’t know so, you know a lot of the songs, you know they ahh (stutter), like I said, you know they’re like, it’s hard for me to sit there and pick out like, which ones that I, particularly just like love but “Stagnation Street: is one of my favorites I’d have to say.”

Here is a new link from the Rockeyez website with an audio file of the June 2014 Kristy Majors interview.
Paste in your browser if the link below is not loading properly.


Metal Sludge has reached out to Kristy Majors for a reply but we have yet to hear back.

Stay tuned….

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  • 5150

    Holy crap….what is there to judge?? That’s ridiculous!!!! How the hell did this nimrod think he was going to get away with this shit??

  • Grayson Gallegos

    WTF? There must be more to this. Somebody had to know this was not original material when contracts were signed & the songs were recorder (re recorded as the case may be.)

  • Jimmy Birmingham

    Its pretty known that KKM cannot write a song..just cringe, I mean ‘listen’ to his solo cds. Obvioulsy the label never heard of Suckerpunch and were duped as well. He should be sued.

  • flowerbisket

    They not only copied, they destroyed perfectly rockin songs! Sue ! Sue! Sue!

  • TelegramSam

    Suckerpunch also featured Pat and Tim from Junkyard…great band

  • James Zimlin

    The Suckerpunch guys are friends of mine. Kristy Majors is a fucking thief. Plain and Simple.

  • Karen Masters

    Did you honestly expect to hear back from him?? He got totally busted in a lie!

  • Karen Masters

    COME ON KRISTY… Try to deny it!

  • Kevin Fox Haley

    What’s a little bit funny, is that I am a former member of the band High City Miles, which BECAME SuckerPunch. I wrote the music for the song “SuckerPunch” and they didn’t credit me for it on the album because we were fighting at the time. I was certainly equally guilty for our falling out but I still thought it was pretty crummy to fail to credit me with writing that music. The record sold like 9 copies, so it never mattered much in the long run. Anyhow, we’ve long since made up and have been friends again for a long time now. If you’ve never heard SuckerPunch’s record, you should really seek it out, it’s great!

    BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS! If you listen to the songs, it’s not even like he tried to disguise anything!!! The songs, lyrics, arrangements, EVERYTHING is a complete RIPOFF!!! What a complete dirtbag this guy Kristy Majors is!!!

  • rf

    WTF? If you’re going to steal someone else’s songs at least change the lyrics and try to argue it’s not the same song, which many have done in the past and gotten away with it. He didn’t even do that. The lyrics are exactly the same. Dumb Fuck!

  • GingerVitus

    Could this whole thing be a publicity stunt cooked up by Paul and Kristy to bring more attention to the Thrill Kills album?? Think about it, Kristy records Paul’s songs (and pays for the licensing so Paul gets paid) and then they make up this whole “thievery” thing so people take notice. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • Gianni R

    You are watching and reading too many conspiracy theory movies and books. Stick to Sharknado.

  • GingerVitus

    Bah, Sharknado. Is that supposed to be insulting? If anything, gullible people who believe everything they see on the news and on stupid social media sites like Facebook are the ones watching Sharknado. What makes more sense, that Kristi would be dumb enough to release an album full of ripped off songs and hope that no one would notice, or my aforementioned publicity stunt scenario? Hollywood is NOTHING if not a hype machine. Everything that comes out of there is fake. EVERYTHING. And the sheeple just eat it up like it’s real. Whatever, if you all want to stay asleep, that’s your problem not mine. Sweet dreams.

  • James Zimlin

    That is not how it happened. KKM asked a member of Suckerpunch if he could cover a couple songs from the album. He went ahead and recorded 90% and then took credit. His song “Teenage Wasteland” is actually “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who.

  • Brian

    wow… that is a blatant Rip off….. What the hell is wrong with people, stealing others work… its just sad..

  • ElectricGypsy

    There’s no way Majors could be so dumb as to think he could rip off music from the 90s and nobody would notice. He couldn’t be that stupid, could he?

  • Tithead

    kristy didn’t rip anyone off. he likely was given the songs from someone who fooled him or it could be songs kristy wrote in the early 90s and maybe suckypunch used them and now kristy took them back for himself. kristy is a legend . he’s a ceo and puts bands on the map. you mako junkies are funny with your conspiracies. well at least this drivel dusts off the cobwebs at metal fudge,,,, for just a little while xoxo

  • Ben

    Is there any coincidence that Pretty Boy Floyd was on MCA as was Suckerpunch? I wonder what is really at play here. I mean has Mr Majors lost his mind and thinks he wrote these songs? Did someone at MCA put him up to this? It’s so bizarre that anyone would do this. It’s one thing to borrow ideas. But taking tracks, title for title. Song for Song. Without trying to hide it? Crazy.

  • Karen Masters

    Um NO, Kristy did not write any of those songs… The boys of Suckerpunch did!

  • Karen Masters

    BTW, research how many PBF songs were not stolen… They are known for stealing others songs!

  • Liberal Hater

    When the fuck was Pretty Boy Floyd EVER on the map? Stiles wrote all those songs as it is.

  • Tithead

    Yeah Yeah Haters gonna hate

  • Tithead

    you know this how??

  • James Zimlin

    Karen is absolutely right. The Suckerpunch boys wrote those songs 20 years ago. KKM asked Tim from Suckerpunch if he could cover a song or 2. Tim said ok, and then Krispy took the entire Suckerpunch album, renamed some of the songs, and claimed them for his own. Suckerpunch issued a cease and desist. He had to pull those songs. Not to mention I’m sure he didn’t get permission to change the song “Baba O’Relliy” by The Who to his song “Teenage Wasteland”.
    This is the absolute truth. I am friends with the Suckerpunch guys and this is what happened.

  • arm hammer

    this is not a publicity stunt

    Click the link to see that Kristy registered his songs as sole cowriter with BMI. This is actually gross willful copyright infringement and between the radio interview(s), regsitrations, youtube plays and other actions the damages from a lawsuit could be devastating to his finances. I sure hope he gets his comeuppance on this one.