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Bang Tango bassist Lance Eric weighs in on recent Skid Row/Phil Varone drama; "Phil is the biggest loser in the's no secret"




Bang Tango bassist Lance Eric weighs in and calls Phil Varone “the biggest loser in the industry”



Facebook — There seems to be a domino effect here. A recent comment from Dave “Snake” Sabo HERE turned Phil Varone’s ear. Now Varone added his own comments HERE.

Just like a game of follow the leader, we have a new commentator. Ladies and germs, let us introduce you to Lance Eric of Bang Tango.

Eric, or was it Lance? Either way, the Bang Tango bassist has taken to his facebook HERE to throw some gasoline on the latest Skid Row bonfire. Mr. Eric has called Varone “the biggest loser in the industry” and boasted it’s “no secret.”

Varone and Eric have a past and sadly we can’t report anything good. In fact, back on August 26th 2012 Eric went on facebook right HERE and let it all hang out. It appears there was a “sex’ting affair” between Eric’s then live-in lover and the rock star turned porn stud. Lance even talked about seeing pictures of Phil’s horse meat in her phone.

See an excerpt from that e-tirade below.

Well everyone was right…and I mean everyone. Kelly has been texting and communicating with Phil (the diseased loser wanna be drummer drug addict who wasn’t good enough to be in skid row) and telling him she want him back and only moved closer to LA to be with him. Also have been sending naked pix back n forth to each other. Phil said I didn’t deserve to be altho her cuz I have too many chins. She told him she’s just chalking it up to being closer to him. She also told me she fucked my roommate.

This bitch deserves all that she has coming to her. She knew the heartache I was in and she lead me on and used me. I can’t tell u how many people warned me. Kelly you are a disgrace to woman and you deserve to be abused by Phil. All I ever did was trust u and believe in you And love you and u stabbed me in the back. I didn’t deserve this. You are a user. U used me and u used her parents. My heart is destroyed. Go back to Phil or any of the guys that treat u like a number. You will wake up one day and realize what u have lost. I was willing to give u a chance. And u converse like that with a guy who is engaged? You are evil to the fullest extent. And u just told me this morning u love me. I’m so dumb. Everyone u were right….

Now the fans have jumped in on his post and are all throwing in their 2 cents. Lance just tossed in another comment. We screen capped all of this below.



Eric in his latest facebook comment is referring to Varone’s band Saigon Kick. The band had a minor hit in the early 90’s with their ballad “Love Is On The Way.”

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