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BLOW MY GIG … Ronnie Younkins goes MIA misses live show with Kix, rumored alcohol problem


Ronnie Younkins goes MIA misses live show with Kix, rumored alcohol problem


TMZ — Kix guitarist Ronnie Younkins went missing Saturday and was just found … but he’s not in great condition.

We’re told Ronnie’s bandmates went to pick him up in Maryland for a gig in Pennsylvania but he was nowhere in sight. They tried to call him … but nothing.

The remaining Kix band members went on to play the show at the Hummel’s Wharf Fire Company, and broke the news to the crowd.

We’re told the band was incredibly worried … for good reason.

Younkins has a history of substance abuse — he went to rehab for alcohol in 2015.

Ronnie was found Sunday morning “not in great condition and very upset.”  It’s unclear what happened.


The above story found courtesy of TMZ


Metal Sludge has sources close to the band that confirm none of the band’s 2017 tour schedule will be affected.

Kix has been a band for nearly 4 decades originating from Hagarstown Maryland in late 1977.

The current lineup consists of classic era members Steve Whiteman (vocals), Brian “Damage” Forsythe (guitars), Ronnie “10/10″ Younkins (guitars) and drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant.

Mark Schenker joined the group in 2003 replacing original bassist Donnie Purnell.

Look for Kix in your area at the dates below courtesy of Band Is In Town.






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