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Bobbie Brown the Cherry Pie girl talks to Inappropriate Earl about meeting rock stars and more; "I wasn't impressed, I wasn't star struck. I've never been in awe of anyone"




Bobbie Brown; “He (Paul Stanley of KISS) was extremely effeminate for a male. His mannerisms, and the way he talks. When he asked me out, I thought he was gay.”


Internet — The always interesting and entertaining Bobbie Brown talks with Inappropriate Earl.

The cherry pie girl comes clean and opens up on a bunch of rock related subjects.  We’ll bullet point them here…and if you want to hear it, click the soundcloud button below and enjoy!

– Bobbie on Paul Stanley of KISS, her thoughts was that he was gay.
– Bobbie on Tommy Lee, mentions not wanting her to do Ex Wives of Rock.
– Bobbie reacts with a displeasure when she hears the band names Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.
– Bobbie on being on the set of rock videos, and not being impressed or star struck.
– Bobbie on her new boyfriend and how she met him on tinder.
– Bobbie on being faithful and respectful to her relationship.
– Bobbie being drunk on her audition for Steven Spielberg.
– Bobbie on regret, beating herself up over her mistakes.
– Bobbie on Steel Panther.
– Bobbie loves Incubus.



Earlcast — Join me for a great episode of Inappropriate Earl where the one and only Bobbie Brown stops by to talk about her life from Star Search to Cherry Pie to Ex Wives Of Rock and beyond!! She looks amazing and by her book Dirty Rocker Boys to get the inside dish on all the men in her life from Leo to Tommy Lee to Jani Lane and beyond!!! Follow her on Twitter @bobbiejeanbrown and me @earlskakel



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