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Did Bobby Blotzer reach out to Bret Michaels about playing drums for solo band? Inside source says yes





Bobby Blotzer asked Bret Michaels to join his solo band says inside source.


Rumorville —  An inside source has informed Metal Sludge that Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer recently reached out and offered to join the Bret Michaels Band.

The anonymous source says; “Bobby (Blotzer) was first in line to offer his services as drummer when BMB drummer Chuck Fanslau left the group.”

Bret Michaels Band has toured extensively for years with Pete Evick on guitar, Dirty Ray on bass and Chuck Fanslau on drums. All 3 musicians are from the Virginia based rock band EVICK. But very recently both Ray and Chuck left the band. Word is that Ray became a Father and Chuck came to a point where he really wanted to wake up in the same city more than 2 days in row. The threesome have backed Michaels for over a decade straight.

The above seems quite possible as Blotzer is currently without a lead singer in Ratt. We’ve even sent a message to inquire to Blotz, no reply yet.

Ironically just last month Blotzer told Metal Sludge the following: “Way bigger Blotz news coming soon. Think your mentor. This singer that is involved with me at the moment, but, tba.”  Read that post HERE from July 27th.

Unfortunately for Blotz it looks like this won’t happen anytime soon if he was in fact interested.

After a quick internet search it appears that Bret has already played live with new players. Added to the Bret Michaels Band are drummer Mike Bailey and bassist Bart Harris. Also still on board is Rob Wylde on keys.


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