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Bobby Blotzer says "Bye bye, your publishing (Stephen Pearcy) well after your departure from earth." and then adds; "You still owe wbs inc. 'Bobby blotzer Warren Demartini' 1.8 millions dollars from the judgement in 2002."





Bobby Blotzer says Stephen Pearcy owes (Ratt) “Bobby blotzer Warren Demartini” 1.8M from 2002 judgement!


Facebook — RATT drummer and professional facebook poster Bobby Blotzer has jumped onto former singer Stephen Pearcy‘s recent statement regarding his interest to still release the final RATT record. Canadian journalist Mitch LaFon recently interviewed the recently departed rodent frontman who went into detail about several things RATT related. Read/listen to that interview right HERE.

Blotzer has been very popular on facebook over the years with his very animated postings and rants. See the latest below.

Metal Sludge was first to publish the questionable comment made by Bobby Blotzer last week about his singer Stephen Pearcy. To read more about what Blotzer said and how fans reacted go HERE.

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