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BREAKING NEWS: Bret Michaels has medical emergency during New Hampshire concert and rushed to local hospital.




Bret Michaels has medical emergency and is forced to cancel show, paramedics take Poison frontman to local hospital.


Update: Pete Evick has informed us that Bret Michaels is currently being transported to a local Manchester New Hampshire hospital.

Breaking News:  We’ve just received a message from Bret Michaels Band guitarist Pete Evick that Bret Michaels is currently being attended to by paramedics in his tour bus. The band was on stage at the “”Palace Theatre” in Manchester New Hampshire for their show tonite when the Poison singer fell ill.

It appears that Michaels has had a blood sugar issue with his diabetes and 3 songs into the set was forced to leave the stage.

The following message has just been sent to Metal Sludge from Pete Evick:




We asked Pete to confirm, that this indeed did happen and when. He replied and confirmed this just happened “Right now” and also confirmed that paramedics are on the bus with Bret right now.

Evick continued and told us via text message, “Bret looked at me and looked like he was gonna die.”

We wish Bret a speedy recovery and hope all sorts itself out soon.

The above message has now been posted on Bret Michaels’ official facebook.

Stay tuned…

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