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BROKEN WHEEL … Bret Michaels forced to visit Urgent Care and hashtags #NoPainNoGain



Bret Michaels forced to visit Urgent Care and hashtags #NoPainNoGain



Instagram — Poison frontman Bret Michaels has been forced to visit a medical facility yet again.

rent_me_block_5_dollars_perday_150x250_1No he didn’t wreck his brain this time, but he did break a wheel.

It seems Michaels decided to try and play football in flip-flps, which the singer admits; “did not pan out”.

Michaels was taken to an Urgent Care and Doctors confirmed, he broke a toe.

If you wanna see the damage, we’ve shared Michaels official instagram photo of the damaged wheel. (see below)

Not sure of how much pain he’s in, but the singer did post on his Instagram with the hashtag  #NoPainNoGain.

Maybe he can borrow Dave Grohl’s chair, that Axl Rose used on the AC/DC tour if this injury leaves him off his feet?

One thing we’re sure of, is that Michaels will be rockin n’ rolling sooner than later as always.

But word to the wise Mr. Michaels, next time you might wanna skip the beach wear when playing rough.

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