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CLASSIC SLUDGE … Readers submit their stories: “The Biggest A??hole Rock Star I Ever Met Was…” (1999)



Readers submit their stories: “The Biggest A??hole Rock Star I Ever Met Was…” (1999)


Celebrating Twenty Years of Metal Sludge 1998-2018.

The following article posted below was first published in our Rotten Roundup section back on October 11th 1999.

This was the exact article, editors notes and the stories submiited by (you the readers) Sludgeaholics.

These are actual e-mail stories from fans and their experiences, that they allege happened.

Note: The email at the bottom is NO longer in service.

Enjoy this classic from Metal Sludge.



Finally we came up with a different Rotten Roundup question. Lucky you. This question basically wants to know who is the biggest dick you’ve ever met, and we don’t mean the cop who gave you a ticket last week. We’re talking about Rock Stars, or any stars, for that matter. Start sending them in so we can get this thing going. Put in the subject, Roundup Assholes or something like that.


Back in 1989 (or was it 1990, oh hell who cares) I went with my cousin and a couple of friends to a Winger “meet’n’greet” at a local record store.  First, the band shows up almost an hour late.  Then, “they” refuse to take pictures or do anything but sign autographs.  I even tried to talk to the guys about something other than partying.  Reb Beach was the only one who smiled at anyone I was with, or even shook our hands or anything.  In fact, “Cow Winger_Kip_2015_1Chip” Winger never even looked at me when he signed my album.  He was too busy placing an order for free CD’s from the store manager.  He even had the nerve to bitch about the store not having some obscure 70’s fusion CD in stock.  As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t Stewart on Beavis & Butt-head that killed Winger’s career (like Cow Chip tries to claim), but it was their crappy attitude towards the fans. Also…… In 1995 Ozzy was supposed to sign autographs at a local Best Buy after his concert.  It was announced on local radio, and reiterated at the store that Ozzy would sign for EVERYONE who showed up.  I worked a 16 hour shift and then went to wait in line for over 3 hours outside in the cold only to be told that Ozzy was tired and so that were cutting the line off about 30 feet in front of me.  Fuck you Ozzy.  I don’t give a goddamn how “tired” you are.  If say you’re going to sign for everyone, then do it.  Don’t be a lame ass poseur who cuts the line off and then offers some sorry ass letter for us to send to some P.O. Box in Minnesota for an “autographed” picture.  Fuck you.  I know, and you know, that it won’t be a real autograph.  I’ll never buy anything by Ozzy, go to any of his shows (especially it is pretty obvious that the “No More Tours” thing was just a greed inspired gimmick), go to “Ozzfest” (is this a rock show or a traveling Satanic revival?).  Ozzy sucks.  Cow Chip Winger sucks.
Later, PappaBear

Biggest Assholes ever met…. Jon bon Blow me… Complete RUDE asshole (and his wife is UGLY! she was w/him) Joey DeMaio Manowar, practically almost raped me…… Blackie Lawless..

Wildside_block_Banner_Smallthe Biggest asshole i ever met was Henry Rollins.. i was at his show at pearl street in Nothampton Ma May 96. Rollins set was over at 10:00pm.. so my friend and  i decided to hang around at the club down stairs.. well anyways i met Melvin Gibbs the bass player he was really cool.. he let my friend and i hang around with him.. then i saw Henry Rollins.. so i went up to him and asked him if i could get a picture with him.. all he did was nod yes and “grunt”.. never said a word to me.. but i did get a cool pic with him..

laguns_classic_1In August of 1990 I went with a bunch of friends to see LA Guns and the London Quireboys at a club in NC. The LA Guns guys were really cool to all of us, but the Nigel Mogg, the bass player for the Quireboys is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE ASSHOLE.  One of my friends convinced me to go with her on the Q’boys bus, so I went reluctantly. Nigel was standing in the bus aisle and the very first thing he does is grab my arm hard enough to leave bruises and drags me into the bathroom. Then he unzipped his pants, took his unspectacular uncut dick out and tried to make me give him a blowjob. No asking my name, no asking anything, just “suck it”! Fuck that, I got OUT of there like shit from a goose, and he got all pissy because he really thought I’d blow him! If that’s not bad enough, the next night he spotted another friend of mine (she looked just like a young Brigitte Bardot and is really sweet) and turned on the charm enough to convince her to go back to his room with him. Right after they fucked, he kicked her out so he could ‘get some sleep’, even though it was 3 am and she had nowhere to go. She even offered to sleep on the floor, but the fuckhead made her GO. She had to wait in the hotel parking lot until someone could make the 30 minute drive to bring her home. And it’s not like she was some nasty bitch, either. Fuck him!

After a Bon Jovi show we were hanging in the hotel bar which was on the ground floor . Someone pointed out to Tico that there were some fans( no more then 2 or 3 ) standing at the window in the freezing rain and wanted just a autograph. He said “Yeah right” I mentioned to him that went Ratt was in town a few weeks earlier that Bobby Blozer actually took a minute from his drinking to go outside and sign for the kids. Tico told me to fuck off and mind my own business . The rat bastard sat there for another hour , finally got up turned around and waved and left for him room.

80s_In_The_Park_Box_150_1If you’re looking for the biggest dickhead in the entire history of Rock-n-Roll, look no farther than Jon Bon Jovi. My friends and I met him outside the Greensboro Hilton on the Slippery When Wet tour and he effortlessly showed all present what a fuckface he is. A guy came out and politely asked Jon if he would mind singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his wheelchair-bound friend who was inside the hotel. “You couldn’t pay me enough,” sneered the poodle-headed so-called ‘singer’ as he spun away on his trendy cowboy bootheel and left us standing on the sidewalk, our mouths collectively hanging open in sheer disbelief. I was never a big fan of his to begin with, but after that you couldn’t pay ME enough to listen to one nanosecond of his pandering claptrap songs. Lowlife Jersey twat.

I would have to say that all of KISS were assholes. I “met” them on their 1996 tour. They wouldn’t even say a word to the fans backstage. Right before they went on, it was only me (a petite female) and my other petite female friend back there. The tour manager kept saying, “Now, don’t try to walk up to them or touch them or I’ll have to throw you out.” They stood in front of us for a good 10 minutes and didn’t say a word. They just looked around. I’m a fan, but sorry, their mindless lyrics don’t make them gods….

I want to add my 2 cents about the biggest assholes I’ve meet. When I first came to this page I didn’t believe all the Slaughter hype because when I meet them they were great and didn’t make anyone buy their crappy 8X10. So I thought you guys were just full of shit. Well I went back to see them in Nov. (big mistake) and I was just hang out with some friends when some roadie comes along and announces last call to meet the band. Well my friend wanted to meet Slaughter so we jumped up and followed the roadie over to their booth. Above Slaughter there was a sign hanging up that said to meet the band you had to buy something. So she bought us an overpriced 8X10 and they ushered us through the line like we where sheep. No thanks for the support nothing. They suck and so does Jerry Dixon and Eric Turner but Frog boy was cool.

Sebastian_Bach_IM_A_Dog_2017_1The biggest asshole I’ve ever met? That would have to be Sebastian Bach. Here it is, one of my teenage rock superstars live and in person and I was so pumped up and excited to finally meet him and the guy turns out to be be an oversized asshole. I go up to him to say hi and get an autograph and actually get that and more. He had zits all over his face, his hair looked like he soaked it in Clorox the night before and all he was interested in was the ugly chicks poking their tits into his general area. (not the most men aren’t) He was so stoned I realized at that moment that hey, I too can be a rock star. Give me an over-inflated ego, a sex drive for white trash and let me burn myself out on drugs for years. Must be easy if these guys can do it. Needless to say, I had this to keep my mind occupied while I listened to him attempt to sing. His voice is totally fucked. I think if the place went quiet that instant you’d hear dogs off in the distance howling back at him. All of the old rockers that I once thought were cool seem so fucking small to me now.
– Nikki Suxx Dixx

Vince Neil..I was about 15 years old ,and he(vince neil) stumbled out of the Rainbow one night ,and he looked at me and said “hey you wanna do some blow”,and i said fuck off dude im only 15,then he said “well then you wanna blow me”.My boy friend said “can i watch haha. I still to this day wouldent piss on his teeth if his gums were on fire…


KOSS_block_Banner_Small_1The biggest ass I ever met is Axl Rose, A long time ago I was on the set of Michael Monroes video “dead jail and rock n roll”. Axl made a cameo in the video, The video took about 10 hours to make, so Axls sitting in the back of the place where thier shooting the video, talking to a girl with a green mohawk the whole night, totally dissing every beautiful girl who approaches him. So I decide to ask for his autograph, he tells me “do u have a fucking pen?” So i give him the pen and hes writing the pen runs out of ink he throws it on the floor–and he tells me get me another fucking pen, so i get another pen, what an ass

C.C. DeVille was easily the biggest asshole I ever met as far as rockers go. I met him right after Poison’s first CD came out at an autograph signing. Keep in mind, this was way before Poison had even gotten anything on the charts. This prick is sitting there with his rhinestone-studded sunglasses on like his ass doesn’t stink and I ask if he would sign something for my friend. He looks at me and says, “Are you like, high or something?!!” Then he grabs the paper from me, scribbles on it, and practically throws it back at me. He’s the biggest slouch of a guitar-player I’ve ever heard so he should probably learn to treat people with a little respect.

Tuff_Banner_Small_1i have to say the biggest asshole i have ever met is peter criss. this man has the ego the size of john holmes dick. i met him backstage during the reunion tour and he went on and on to everyone in the dressing room about how he “deserved” to play arenas and he was “too good” to play clubs. he hates all the drunk bastards in clubs and the women in arenas are so much better…….please–he is lucky to have even married gigi–who may be all of 30 years old……..wonder why she married him???? meanwhile during this criss rant, paul never said one egotisticol thing and was completely down to earth. and in my opinion he has more reasons in one day to be a stuck up asshole, but he’s not…….so take a lesson peter!!!!!!!!! i feel better now that i got that off my chest……………


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