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Sludge ReWind with party girl Daisy De La Hoya.

Sludge ReWind with party girl Daisy De La Hoya.


Daisy talks about fame, her alleged overdose & of course Carrot Top.

We first did a 20 Questions Part 1 & Part 2 with Daisy De La Hoya in April 2008.  She had just made a National name for herself as a contestant on Bret Michaels second season of “Rock Of Love”. Daisy ended up runner up to Amber Lake, but in the big picture landed her own Vh1 series “Daisy Of Love”. Since her shot into the spotlight there has been love, tragedy, rock n’ roll and of course TMZ. Read on and enjoy our recent exchange with Daisy De La Hoya.

1. It’s been 3+ years since we first interviewed you. What’s new and exciting in your world?

I got a new switchblade knife, slash lighter… That was pretty exciting! But then I broke it…

Oh, and I just moved by hollywood blvd… And there was a HUGE riot.. Literally outside my apartments… That was pretty exciting and new ISH . 

2. Tell us about your band and show at the “Whisky A Go Go” for Cruefest on July 30th?

Well we will be singing show tunes from 9pm till 10pm…

Then later, ill be selling my soul and even throw in dinner to the highest bidder! ALL proceeds to benefit the “Skylar Neil” foundation.

Which is an amazing charity, “The Disaster” and I are very honored to be apart of this 10th year event! Thanks Nick!

3. We interviewed you for a 20 Questions when you were mid way through “Rock Of Love 2″. Soon to follow you were the runner up to Amber Lake. Then almost over nite you were given your own show “Daisy of Love” show. How did that all come about?

Who knows? But I loved every minute of it.

4. During “Daisy Of Love” you had Riki Rachtman as your co-host and shoulder to lean on. Riki seemed to be like a ‘Big Brother’ to you. Was that just for the show, or was/is that in real life as well?


Riki and I had a falling out.. So sadly, I don’t speak with him anymore.


Riki Rachtman with Daisy on the set of “Daisy of Love”

5. With your new found fame it looks like you had attracted quite the array of Hollywood celebrity bad boys. You were linked to or rumored to have dated Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, Corey Haim and a few others.  Any of these guys make a true and lasting impression on you?

New found Fame? Does that mean I don’t have to wait in line at starbucks OR the DMV anymore?


Daisy & Dave Navarro in line at the DMV or Starbucks?

6. When ROL2 started you were just a girl from Colorado. Within a few weeks on TV you suddenly relocated to Hollywood. What were the biggest challenges moving to the big city?

It was a lot tougher to find my car in the parking lot… And I thought about changing my number… But never got around to it.

Finding a hair stylist was a challenge at first… Cause I had to sadly break up with mine when I left the small town of Denver, Co. To go live in the Big city.

Ya it was tough at first.. Big city lights… But no big city hair.

7. Speaking of the big changes. What were the 3 high points & 3 lowest points since ROL2?

Its ALL been one big high.. The Fans, The love, the support.. They have all been high. THANK YOU..


Daisy on her relationship with Bret Michaels “I still listen to Poison”

8. How is your friendship/relationship with Bret Michaels over the last few years?

I still listen to Poison

9. After the ROL series, it appears some of the girls have done other shows and appearances together. Are you friends with any of them? And did you ever have any drama with Amber (who you called “Martha Stewart, an old hag”) or Heather (who you called “the skankiest, crustiest old stripper on the planet)?

I wish them all the best of luck! Even Martha.. Which btw.. I love Martha Stewart!

10. Speaking of appearances, how about a touring Memory from the following cities:

Dallas = lots of hot blondes

Atlanta = Jumping in the Pool with my clothes on.

Chicago = Wet t-shirts

Las Vegas = The food court in the Monte Carlo was pretty epic. The buffet was nice too.

New York City = Throwing plates of food across the room… Throwing up on the Black Eyed Peas managers shoes. Throwing a ton of fits… Black Outs are a bitch! NYC is the BEST!

Phoenix = A lot of cactus and they were all green.. Which is strange.. You’d think they’d be brown… But nope! All bright and happy green!

Denver = My childhood spent in a basement… Oh wait… I’m mean lots of screaming fans..

Cleveland = The airport was cool

St. Louis = I really wish I could remember… I do.

Orlando = I remember there were lots of Bikinis.. However no Tony Montana..


TMZ = home of the famous, train wrecks & Hollywood starlets.

In some cases the same person is ALL 3.

11. In May 2009 – according to TMZ you were rushed to the ER for a rumored overdose. But according to sources it was a combination of being over worked and exhausted. Was this a little lesson, or scare to give you a little warning to slow down in life and be a little more cautious?

I will never slow down. But I will take better care…

12. The following year, in March of 2010 Corey Haim passed away. And it appeared that you two had just became friends and were linked romantically. How did his death affect you and how are you coping today?

?….there was no answer from Daisy on this one….?

13. This past weekend Amy Winehouse has died, and it’s likely to be drug related with an overdose. She was just 27, and seemed to have really been pushing the envelope in her lifestyle. Any thoughts on her death?

Fame Kills

14.  Let’s switch gears. Name some up n’ coming music your digging on besides your own?

Im really loving Nirvana right now.. I think there gonna be huge!

15. In our first interview you mentioned using a HUGE black dildo to masturbate with. You named it, the Black Mambo. Have you ever banged a black guy? Maybe a Los Angeles Laker? If not, who would be the black guy you most want to fuck?

I have to choose just one?

16. Thoughts on the celebrity bloggers like Parez Hilton and sites like TMZ. Good, bad or…?

I just wanna give a big shout out to Brandon BoBo’s and Yori… Over at the Ten Mile Zone.


Daisy rocks sin city with Carrot Top

17. Speaking of the good and the bad. What celebrity have you made friends with – who was WAY cooler than you anticipated. And what celebrity did you meet who turned out to be the biggest fuck face ever?

I met Carrot Top once.. He was pretty rad

18. Break bread with the dead. Name 3 famous dead people you’d love to have shared a dinner with and why?

 Just 3?


Which one of us is the smartest? “Wait, is this a trick question?”

19. How much money do you have on you right NOW, including change?

Is this a trick question? I didn’t know there was gonna be math.. And I forgot my hello kitty calculator.

20. Famous last words with Daisy… Your thoughts on these subjects in 10 words or less.

Osama Bin Laden getting killed = And?

Obama becoming the first black President = ya know if you switch the s for b in Osama.. Its spells Obama…. Hmm?

Motley Crue 30 year Anniversary tour with Poison =WHAT THE FUCK? That’s crazy!

Hollywood California on the Sunset Strip any Friday nite = Lame

Cocaine, Sex & Rock n’ Roll = JUST SAY NO!

Hugs and french kisses! Daisy De La Hoya


Daisy live “WHISKY-A-GO-GO” in Hollywood @ CRUEFEST July 30th.

We’d like to thank Daisy for taking time out from boning black guys to answer our questions.

Check out Daisy on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

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