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COOKIE MONSTER IT UP Death metal band FROM HELL covers ‘Lick It Up’ by KISS



Death metal band FROM HELL covers ‘Lick It Up’ by KISS

YouTube — Who likes KISS the band? It seems everyone loves this band. The young, the old, the rockers, the rollers and even the thrash metal bands love KISS.

After 40 years of making music and painting their faces the band is as big as ever.

We recently stumbled across a live video of the death metal band FROM HELL covering the KISS klassic “Lick It Up” and felt the need to share it.

The band’s early years were no doubt their biggest influence on the masses. However, even the non make-up years with replacement members (Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent) made a huge impact as well.

We searched “Lick It Up” covers on youtube and found endless versions. Tons from KISS tribute bands, but also several from your average cover band and just as many from Joe Blow’s in their bedroom.

And who can’t appreciate an attractive young lady doing KISS covers in her room? Check out Clara de Castro’s version of “She” below.

Regardless of who wears the war-paint, or who played the lead guitar there is no doubt the band has influenced tens of millions across the globe.

With that said, check out the cookie monster vocals on “Lick It Up” by FROM HELL below.




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