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DEVIL CITY ANGER … Brandon Gibbs to Rikki Rockett: “I’ve never seen someone complain about money, perception & 1st class tickets as you.”



Brandon Gibbs to Rikki Rockett: “I’ve never seen someone complain about money, perception and 1st class tickets as you.”



Facebook Fun — Monday morning and the hot story is…. Brandon Gibbs battling Rikki Rockett.

Wait, what…who?

For all of you not in the Brandon Gibbs Fanclub, Gibbs is (was) the frontman for Devil City Angels.

Which he claims he has now “moved on” from as they were “inactive“.

When asked by a fan about the DCA project, Gibbs replied via Facebook writing: “Hey all! I moved on… Fun band but inactive.”

This comment it seems upset former bandmate Rikki Rockett.

Rockett replied with: “The band went inactive because I got cancer. These guys couldn’t wait around. I’m clear now, so maybe it’s best to move on without Brandon Gibbs?”

Rikki_Rockett_Sleaze_Roxx_Brandon_Gibbs_March_eRockett most known for his role in Poison exchanged less than friendly jabs with Gibbs as fans chimed in.

Rockett: Brandon Gibbs Tough to get you to leave Iowa without a pay stub.”

Gibbs: “Rikki Rockett Now that is hysterical”

Gibbs: “This literally made my day! Lol! Dude really??”

Gibbs: Rikki Rockett I’ve never seen someone complain about money, perception and 1st class tickets as you. To the point where it gets in the way of doing anything. Leaving my house to record and tour was an investment NOT a “pay stub.” You record, tour and meet your fans new and old, the “tour” part is completely out of the question as I learned and trust me I did try!

So to take a stab at me with a money angle is down right lame as hell.

I’ve canceled more things with you than done because of money, EricRudyTracii have all been rockin and moving forward but I suppose I’m an exception to the rule… Get real.”

Rikki_Rockett_Sleaze_Roxx_Brandon_Gibbs_March_aAfter this all came to light via a Sleazeroxx post, Rockett turned on the site, with a slew of comments.

At this point comments from the fans, Gibbs, Rockett, Sleazeroxx editor (Olivier) all went back n’ forth with: “I know you  are but what am I?” drivel.

Rockett continued with his slam on the Sleazeroxx site noting how many followers each has, and that Poison have 250 million fans on Facebook.

At a quick glance, it appears Poison have 2.1 million followers, not 250 million.

It also appears that Rockett uploaded one of his vlogs about cameras late last week that has a total of 3 comments as of this posting.

So much for the massive following.


Meanwhile, the Sleazeroxx post has dozens of comments.

Rockett also felt the need to take a few jabs at Metal Sludge as well, which we’re fine with.

Everyone knows that Rikki Rockett use to ride the Metal Sludge dick more than any other rockstar in the heyday.

Either way, to see the Gibbs Vs: Rockett via Facebook exchanges, (courtesy of Sleazeroxx) see below.



There are many more comments if you care to go have a look, at this location.

In addition to their collaboration in Devil City Angels, many may recall Gibbs fronted The Special Guests for a few shows.

The Special Guests featured Rockett, C.C. DeVille and Bobby Dall with Gibbs singing.

In short, Poison minus vocalist Bret Michaels.



As of this posting it appears that Rockett and Gibbs may have deleted their initial attacks on each other.

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