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SHOCKING METAL SLUDGE EXCLUSIVE: Florida woman comes forward claiming she is Jani Lane’s long-lost daughter


Jani_Lane_3rd_Daughter_Brandi_2_2014Brandy Lynn Magill, could this be Jani Lane’s long-lost daughter?


SHOCKING METAL SLUDGE EXCLUSIVE: Florida woman comes forward claiming she is Jani Lane’s long-lost daughter
By Gerry Gittelson
Metal Sludge Editor at Large


LOS ANGELES  — A Florida woman is claiming she is the illegitimate daughter of the late rock star Jani Lane, and she says she is pursuing legal action to prove it.

Lane, the ex-singer for multi-platinum band Warrant best known for the hit singles “Cherry Pie” and “Heaven,” died in 2011 in California of acute alcohol poisoning. He was 47.

Brandy Lynn Magill, 30, of Deerfield Beach, Fla., said her mother informed her in 2008 that Lane was her real father following a one-night stand 25 years earlier in Florida when Lane was 20 and playing drums in a band called Dorian Gray.

“After my mom explained everything and gave me the facts, I thought about it and processed it, and it all made sense,” said Magill, who bears a striking resemblance to Lane and his daughters, Tayler Jayne Lane and Madison Michelle Lane. “I did try to contact Jani but was never able to, and I also contacted Taylar, who just brushed me off and wasn’t interested. She kind of pushed me away and didn’t really address it.”

Both Magill and her mother, Bambi Flanner, 54, of Punta Gorda, Fla., say they’re pursuing court action to prove Magill is Lane’s daughter through DNA testing, and they’re hoping a relative of Lane would be willing to provide a sample via a cheek swab or blood test.


Lane’s sister, Vicky Oswald Lee, said it’s “not (her) place to answer or respond.”

“I’m not going to get into Jani’s personal life because he’s not here, and it’s not my place to do so,” she said. “I have no comment. I’m not going to comment on this.”

Flanner said she did not realize the man that fathered her daughter was Lane, whose real name was John Kennedy Oswald, until years later when she saw him on MTV.

“I only knew him for 24 hours, but when I saw ‘Cherry Pie’ on MTV, I was sure it was him,” Flanner said. “What happened was, I was engaged to be married, and a couple of weeks before the wedding, I went out with a friend to a club, and we ended up spending the night together. The reason I’m sure it’s Jani Lane is because we were teasing each other about our names because my name is Bambi like the Disney movie, and he said his real name was John Kennedy Oswald and that he was from Ohio.”

Flanner said she went through with her marriage and eventually told her now ex-husband the truth, she said.

When Magill was born, neither parent matched for the blood type when the hospital performed tests for a possible future transfusion, Flanner said.

Flanner, who has worked as a nurse and now works for an insurance company, said the ex-husband, now a retired soldier, has been out of the picture since 1995. Magill was 12 at the time.

In 2008, Flanner said she had a health scare and decided to tell her daughter the truth in case the mother were to die and never have a chance to let her know.

“I couldn’t stand the thought of it coming from my ex-husband blurting it out and not from me,” Flanner said.

Magill said she is not interested in suing the Lane estate. She just wants to confirm that Lane is indeed her real father.

“I knew I looked like him, but the whole thing didn’t really hit me until he died,” Magill said. “I never got a chance to know him, and that hurts me deeply, and if we have to go through the courts, that’s fine. I’m 30 years old, and I want to know. I want to know about my family and where I come from. I just want to figure out who I am.”

Lane was married three times, first to Bobbie Brown, the star of the “Cherry Pie” video who is now a reality TV actress on “Ex-Wives of Rock” and has written a popular book, “Dirty Rocker Boys.”

“I just don’t know about this. I don’t know what to think,” Brown said. “I’m not sure what I think about this whole thing.”

Stay tuned.

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See an assorted collage of photos below with Jani Lane, Brandy Lynn Magill & Taylor Jayne Lane.

Jani Lane & Brandy Lynn Magill
Brandy Lynn Magill in the 90s as a pre-teen
Taylor Jayne Lane & Brandy Lynn Magill
Jani Lane & Brandy Lynn Magill


Dorian Gray featuring Jani Lane on Drums/Vocals playing the Florida club circuit in 1983.


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