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Donna's Ho-Bag For April 11, 2001



For April 11, 2001

Hey everybody, welcome to my latest Ho-Bag!

In the last Ho-Bag, I got an email on the bass player from Disturbed, Fuzz. Well here is an email from Fuzz on that email.


So there you have it from Fuzz. Please disregard that email from the chick who claimed she was Fuzz’s girlfriend. Sometimes things like that happen! :)

This is on Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer.

I just thought you’d wanna put this in your penis chart, as I noticed you have nothing on the Blotz: He’s lots of fun!! He tells jokes all the way to the hotel room, likes to make sure he doesn’t smell of sweat, is a really nice, fun guy!!! Good enough kisser (french). Nice dick, too!! Like 6 1/2 to 7 in., not HUGE, but ok… Stands straight, not crooked. Likes oral sex while he watches the girl give him head… Talks dirty, likes to compliment you on how good a girl smells… Has no compunction about flirting and even sticking his hand up your blouse in front of the oter guys, also telling you he likes your nipples! He’s pleasant all around… Bigime boob sucker, doesn’t care about boob size, as long as he can grab them, and lick them… He also doesn’t care about religion, skin color or ethnicity. Very sweet, will let you go when you have to. Comes pretty heavily, like large amounts. He’s good. I just thought you’d like the info Thanx!!! Sludge On!!

Consider Blotz added to the chart!

Hey there Donna , have you watched VH-1’s greatest hair bands of all time?? Now that was a riot . Since I was off work on Saturday I spend those hours re-living the decade of greed and also recalling how I used to watch and listen to those bands . My only concern throughout the show was , how in the bloody hell did Trixter found its way on the list?? I mean…….what was that all about? These guys NEVER and I repeat NEVER made any contributions to make that list . But that was corny wasn’t it? By the way Marq Torien looked like a total fruitcake in that one short interview . By the way Dizzy Dean Davidson of Britny Fox looks more fucking older than Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley combined . Right????/ All the best to you Donna!!!!!!!!

PS: Do you have any hot stuff to say about Jack Russell???? I wanna know…….ummm……..

I know that Jack Russell has bad hair and looks old. For more info, check out the Penis Chart.

Donna i am respectfully asking…About how many of the guys did u sleep with? I looked at the chart and was wondering what is an average cock? And percentage wise on the chart how many of these guys are actual accounts from u? I read some of the ho bags stuff…. Those bastards that tell u, u are a ho…they are jelous ur a very beutiful girl…god gave u that body for a reason…Use it….ALOT : )


Chad, I am respectfully telling you to mind your own fucking business.

I just wanted to comment on that 14-year-old girl who said that Jon Bon Jovi would never cheat on his wife. Maybe not now (emphasis maybe), but what about years ago when he was a hot-blooded young rock star? Oh, well, when I was 14, my friends and I wondered if the Bay City Rollers had ever, you know, done it. Besides, what do you think Dorothea (and all those other rock star wives & girlfriends) did when he was on the road – sit at home and knit booties? I doubt it. But you never know. When I was in college, I made some co-workers squirm when one asked me if any of the guys in R.E.M. had kids (this was before Peter Buck had his twins) and I said, "Well, they probably all have kids they don’t know about." In the first edition of their biography "It Crawled From The South" it described their reaction to the fabled Chicago Plaster Casters. They were forcibly ejected from the backstage area and Buck, who is never at a loss for words, said, "I don’t know what to say to people like that. I mean, I’m sure they’re very nice girls and everything…."

Of course Jon has cheated on his wife, he’s even admitted it in the past. Even though some of these guys might love their wives or girlfriends, that won’t stop them from getting their cock sucked if they have the opportunity.

I just read Bobbie Browns interview and I know someone you can add to her hit list. It’s Chris (Kristy Krash) from Pretty Boy Floyd. I know this for a fact because I dated him a few times and he told me. I read his 20 question biography on here too. Yawn..He really is boring. If you know him he really is a name dropper though. He likes to say how he dated Alyssa Milano and Shannon Dougherty. In case you are wondering, I did not have sex with him. He seems to have a big hatred for women that really put me off. I mean, he has not even talked to his mom or step mom in 15 years. He also has a brother he never sees or talks to. On one of our dates he took me to Beverly Hills park and asked me to give him oral sex. Of course I didn’t because he is a very cold person. He does have a warm, sweet side but you have to be patient for it. He told me his ultimate fantasy would be for a girl to walk out of his bathroom naked, in high heels, bend over and wisper,"fuck my ass". Was this a hint? I mean, If you don’t care about romance, this guy is for you but, not for me. No thanks! I will only give him one compliment and say that he is the best kisser I’ve ever known. I should not say that because I know he reads this and he already has a big head. He likes to refer to his "big italian sausage" too. I’ve never seen it even though he once pulled his pants down in front of me to prove that he never wears underwear (I turned my head away). Some gentleman, huh? Back to Bobbie Brown. He started saying what a slut she was but, I defended her. I said, "What did she do that you didn’t do that made her a slut and you a good guy. I like to watch out for my sisters. Anyway, he did tell me that he slept with her while she was in Las Vegas with Jani and those two were still married. She said she didn’t cheat while married but, I don’t blame her if she did. I mean, look who her husband was. You should ask Bobbie how he rates. I have a feeling it can’t be too high.


Thanks for the email Jennifer, but that story is hard for me to believe. We all know Bobbie likes guys with big dicks and he doesn’t seem like her type. He’s probably full of shit. You can’t believe everything you hear from these guys. Sometimes guys like to drop names of chicks they fucked to make you think if you don’t fuck them, you are missing out on something. We will do a Rewind with Bobbie soon and we will ask her about Kristy’s claim.

OK so the other night I had a Godmsack experience. They saw me at the after party and Tommy asked me to come on the bus with them. They had a few girls their, and they were doing the whole throw bologna at their bare ass thing. Tommy asked me if I would suck his cock in from on everyone, which I did. He cam all over my face, but it got in my eye and that sucked. Anyway
next was Sully, he was pretty thick. He told me how he wan’t me to pretend I was a porn star and all that shit. I fucked him, which he was ok, then blew him to finish him off, which didn’t take long. I have to say I think Tommy really enjoyed it. His eyes were rolling back in his head, He told me he likes tounge rings! Enjoy :) Terra

Thanks for the email Terra. You must be proud of yourself. Now get yourself a washcloth, clean your face, and go to your local clinic.

Lustfully Yours,




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