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Donna's Ho-Bag For February 22, 2002



Donna’s Ho-Bag For February 22, 2002

The Penis Chart now has over 200 names on it! I finally reached my goal. My next goal is to get up to 400. It took me 3 1/2 years to get 200, so hopefully it will take half that to get to 400.

Luckily I don’t have that many stupid emails to share this month. I did get one email from some asshole who said he wanted to rape me, but I had his email account shut off. In other words, don’t fuck with me about that shit. I can take the general "suck my cock" emails, but certain things cross the line. Be warned. Speaking of "suck my cock" emails, we have one now.

Hello there you sexy babe. I was wondering if you would like to suck my big thick cock. I promise I wont cum in your mouth, uh, unless you just want me too. Hey now babe in the real deal, leave all the losers you fool around with and cum get with a real man baby.

Guns N’Fucking Roses rule the world donna, dont ever forget that.


Sure, let me pack up and leave my life behind for a scrub who sends such sophisticated and romantic emails like yours. I’ll be right over.

A friend and I recently discovered your web site,and it has quickly become an obsession of the entire sixth floor of my doorm. We just wanted to let you know your doing a great job!!!! Also I love Kid Rock and havent found much info on him, any thing you can report would be appriciated.
6th floor EKU

Kid Rock has just started his tour but he’s being a good boy since he’s dating Pamela. At least for now. The first 2 weeks of Kid Rock’s tour have Lit opening up and the 2 weeks after that have Tenacious D.


You have your blondes confused. Susie Hatton was the girl in the Fallen Angel video, and that song had nothing to do with Savannah. Savannah wasn’t even in porn when it was written. Though Motley Crue’s song "All In The Name Of…" is about Traci Lords. Maybe that’s what you were thinking about.

Hello Donna.

I was watching that Groupie special on VH1 the other day. One of the websites it mentions is metal It sounded interesting and I thought I’d check it out. I ended up coming across your portion of the site. The penis chart is pretty amusing. I really like the site. I’m not a groupie, but I respect those who are. I like that this site warns people of what some rockers are like in more ways than one. That’s so great. I also read some of the responses you’ve recieved from people trashing this site as garbage or whatever. It never ceases to amaze me how people get such satisfaction in belittleing something they don’t understand. It’s pathetic, but I suppose if you and I have a right to free speech, then so do they. Anyway, I just wanted to put in my buck fifty (inflation, you know?). Keep up the good work.

Peace and Love,

The only reason that you must be putting down vince is because he wasn’t interested in you, also you stated that you were giving the facts as you knew them at the beginning of the page it sounds more like you he deeply insulted you!!!!


Vince Neil never deeply insulted me, but your spelling of the word "ciao" insulted me. Chow? It’s spelled ciao, honey. I’d rather fuck Bastard Boy Floyd on Pay Per View than fuck Vince Neil. Maybe if the year was 1984 and he still looked good. But today? Please. When I have sex, I actually like to enjoy it and be with somebody who I don’t have to worry about passing out on me.

hey! I have another thing to add about Evan from Biohazard…Pictures! He took lots of pictures of me in compromising positions. There goes my chance for the oval office! I met him in the summer of 1999 after a concert they headlined with ICP at the Ice Palace in Tampa, Fl. He can go many times and yes likes more than one female. Doesn’t like girls who smoke or smell like alcohol. And as far as poke while choke…that is true. We had a 3 some with some guy who had a huge butterfly tattooed on his chest. I don’t know if he was in the band or not, I really didn’t know who Biohazard was until that concert. Evan can be seen on the show OZ now. Well hope my info was helpful. Oh yeah and he actually helped me in my oral talent…taught me a few tricks to do that I still use today!

I love your website!!


I’ve been a metal fan ever since I can remember. I’m a tall, thin, (5’9, 120lbs), blonde with a fake rack. I’m not smoking hot like you or Donna D’errico but I’m pretty. I just wonder how do you meet all these guy’s? I know you haven’t slept with all of them, but I would die to meet any of them. I’m not looking to hook up, but just to see on in real life at a club would make my year. I probably sound like a dork, but I’m not. Just a huge fan, especially of Motley Crue. I love them. Any pointers?

Yes, getting a clue would help. You say you’re not hot like myself or Donna D’Errico? Excuse me? Not to be rude, but you sound about as smart as your fake rack. My advice is to find some smart friends and follow them around.

Now, I hear all this talk about all these rock stars you have or haven’t slept with, but I’m more curious to know if your sexual escapades ever apply to non-rock guys…
So basically i’m asking do you or have you been with black guys/ rappers…
I understand that black guys/rappers have a bad rep. with the ladies (mostly white) that we are all assholes and beat up the ladies…Let me know your thoughts…
p.s congrats on your VH1 show it was cool…. holla back, Mp007

I don’t really discuss my personal life, but I will say that I have been with more than just rock guys. It’s not like I’m so narrow minded that I only hook up with guys who have hairspray or play in a band. Guys are guys, be in on a stage or in the grocery store. I try not to judge somebody before I meet them. If you treat me with respect than I’ll be more likely to stick around and talk than if I’m dished out a bunch of playa lines. And I’m always into people who can make me laugh! That’s one of my b
iggest turn ons. If you can get me to laugh, you might be able to get into my pants!

Time for Ask Dr. Donna.

Hey Donna.

I have a question which have troubled me for a while now, maybe you can help me, it seems like you know what you talk about.

In your famous penis chart you mention circumcizion a couple of times, and I wonder what?s up with that.

I am From Europe (Denmark like the hooded monk, Lars Ulrich), and in Europe It?s rather unusual to be circumcized.

The Question is, why are so many americans circumcized, what is the advantage of that, what do you (and your freinds) prefer ?

Neonatal circumcision, a ritual older than history, first entered American clinical medicine in the 1870s through the work of Lewis Sayre, a prominent orthopedic surgeon and president of the American Medical Association. Based on reflex theory, Sayre used the procedure for paralysis and even for mental disorders. Other doctors believed it could prevent cancer, inhibit the spread of syphilis, and deter masturbation, thought to cause insanity. During the 1880s and 90s, physicians began to use it on infants as a preventive operation. Meanwhile, in a period of massive immigration and new concerns about hygiene, circumcision became a mark of social class – of having been delivered in a hospital by a regular physician. Circumcision persisted, despite there being no scientific evidence of its efficacy, because physicians and patients continued to reinforce its social meaning long after the original theories that inspired it were discredited. A large number of men in English-speaking Western countries are circumcised, many think of the foreskin as an unnecessary part of the penis. Some circumcisions are performed because a circumcised father often does not want to feel that he is different from his son.

I know that the Muslims do it because of religion, but that can hardly be the case for the americans. Hygeiene maybe ?.. but that I don?t understand, if you bathe/shower every day, you shouldn?t have a problem there.

It is a myth that it is dirty not to be circumcised. The head of the penis and the foreskin in an uncircumcised man is as clean as the head of a penis in a circumcised man if he showers on a regular basis. When a man is circumcised, neither his sensation of sex nor his ejaculatory control is affected. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men report the same degree of pleasure from sex.

Maybe there is an sexual advantage in being circumcized ????

Circumcision has no known effect on sexual pleasure.

Hope you will help me, Thank you very much –

…. Chano John, Europe.

Who needs Dr. Rockett? Just kidding. :)

Let me get this straight, the Penis chart is comprised of reports from different women, right?



No Zack, they’re all from me after my last weekend out with the girls. What do you think?

I always meant to email you to thank you for turning me on to Marvelous 3. It’s been well over a year since I discovered them(because of you) and I kept meaning to drop you a line. Sure, I’d heard of M3 because of Freak of the Week. But never, ever, did it occur to me to pick up their record. Well, I discovered Sludge about 18 months ago and I remember reading that you were a fan of M3. I said "Fuck it, let me download a few M3 songs to check it out"(I used Napster I’m sorry to say) and I was fucking blown away. I immediately went out and bought "Ready, Sex, Go", "Hey", and "Math and other problems" and have been a HUGE fan ever since. I can’t tell you how much happiness and joy that music has brought me. You know how you hear music sometimes and it just makes you happy? M3 did that and had it not been for you I SWEAR I’d never have gotten in to them. So THANKS Donna! You’re awesome! Too bad they broke up :( Oh well, Butch is coming out with that
solo record so that’ll keep us happy!

I think it’s hilarious that these guys think that those pics on your domain are you. Hell, let ’em think it! What can it hurt?

I don’t know if you’re hot, ugly, or what. But you turned me on to M3 and because of that you’ll always be AOK in my book.

Thanks again!


I can’t wait to hear Butch’s solo CD. I think it’ll be out sometime this Summer, and if you haven’t heard, Nikki Sixx is playing bass on a few tracks.


Would you rather have sex with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt if they had average cocks or The lead singer of Everclear or Tommy Lee with huge dicks?

Don’t you choose the guy over the size of his cock?


That’s not even a question. That’s like asking if I want a million dollars or 10 cents. I’d have sex with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise without thinking twice. Art looks like he’s 60 and Tommy abuses women and is an asshole.

I got this email from Anthony Esposito, former bass player of Lynch Mob.

hey donna great site
i nearly laughed my ass off
did i ever sleep with you? when?
if not who?
it must have been a while ago, i have been off the road for years now.
hope all is well
happy new year

If you don’t remember I’m not going to tell you. :)

Hey there sweet thang!

Just wanted to drop a line to say that you are missing two names under Bobbi Brown, she did both of the Nelson twins (while she was dating Matt as the story goes), then Matt found out about her affair with Gunner so he kicked her to the curb. I had the unfortunate experience of meeting Matt shortly after this happened in Phoenix on a warm sunny day in April in which he forgot to wear sun block and was a nice pinish red and not in the best of moods. (Everyone knows that you wear sun block in Phoenix 364 days a year). :) Anyways back to the "story" I heard, it goes along that somewhere in the middle of the twins Bobbi started playing with Jack Russell (who we all know swings on both sides of the fence). Add insult to injury to Matt. Well after she played with Jack then she moved onto Jani, etc., etc., etc.

The reason she was so bed hoping happy was she was out to forward her (COUGH) modeling career and when the toy of the time didn’t deliver she moved on to greener pastures. I thought I would share my information with you. I had heard all of this after the break up and she was already involved with Jani and had their (???) baby from a girl who played with the same men and overheard various conversations at different time and so then out the pieces together and come to the above story. Either way it is an interesting story and might not be too far from the real truth.

Oh, and hey you forgot Bekka Bramlette I know she has played with Tamie Down, Richie Sambora, and Jani Lane for sure maybe someone else knows her "other" activities. Cher deserves to be on the list too, Greg Alman, Sonny Bono, Richie Sambora. Maybe even Richie should be on the groupie list (ha ha ha).

Sinful forever


We have a Rewind coming up on February 28th and that individual has a little advice for Bobbie. Come back on the 28th to see who it is!

More random info.

Hi Donna:

My old man turned me onto your site the other day and all I can say is "You Go Girl!" (btw, I did see the VH-1 special and had forgotten the addy, so I was beyond psyched when I realized I had stumbled upon the goldmine of my dreams quite by accident.)

A few things to say, but I warn you; not all of it is sexually related, and quite a bit of it is secondhand info, so I have no idea if it’s true, but in the interest of fun and games, thought I’d share nonetheless.

Paul Stanley: A girlfriend of mine who claims he went to the same gym as her reported him to be egotistical and asinine. No surprise there, huh?

Iron Maiden: Said girlfriend also claims to have somehow ended up in the backseat of their limo way back in ’85 and was profoundly shocked that they hit on her. DUH!

Sebastian Bach: My old man ran into him at the Scrap Bar years ago; said he was the biggest butthole he’s ever seen. So no inconsistencies on that note from me.

Steven Tyler: Postponed a limo ride to give my old man a personalized (though illegible) autograph. Pretty cool.

Axl Rose: Apparently struts about every place he goes as if he owns it. Shocking! LOL

Geoff Tate: Don’t know a thing about him, but ran into a girl on the train one day who (upon observing my ticket and CD) favored me with a 30-minute lovefest on the guy. Also, so many chicks at sites other than the QR dot com appear to hate his wife that one can only assume he’s been a busy boy. Not that I’m one to speculate or anything…

Wayne Hussy: Interviewed him once. He looked like he’d just swallowed half a kilo of heroine. Wouldn’t have noticed if we were all naked.

Roger Daltry: All I know is that I wrote him a long-ass letter at age 12, and he responded to it personally. Way cool, I say.

Little Stevie: Adorable. Walks the streets of NYC in his Little Stevie garb and smiles at everyone. Anyone have dirt on this guy? If so, I bet it’s favorable.

Okay, done. If you deign to post this, let me know. If it ends up in your dumb e-mails section, can’t wait to read your witty insults. LOL

Thanks for listening,

Hi Donna…..

I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your site….
I live in NYC and have been in to the scene since ’83.
I really enjoy your site especially since I have worked in the music biz since then! Steven Tyler’s dad was my music teacher in high school and I’ve met and run in to Steven a few times- he’s always been more than cool.

My old haunts included L’Amour in Brooklyn and all the clubs in the Manhattan area. I see a resurgence of metal coming around and I’m more than happy about it….it was a really fun time (the ’80’s) and I’m not ready to stop yet.

Anyway, thank you for your site. You make it OK for girls to go out and have FUN, and have a VOICE too! I really think you deserve a lot of credit for balancing the scale between the sexes, in this thing we all love, Rock and Roll, and I hope you continue your site and all your antics for along time to come. You keep a lot of fond memories alive for me!

Best of luck on the new year to you!!!

Rock On & Have Fun,
Deborah Lauren

Thanks for the email and the support!

For all the girls who’ve emailed me asking about Maynard Keenan, this is for you:

Hi Donna,

I stumbled upon your website a year or so ago and thought that I’d finally tell those who are curious, some information about Maynard James Keenan of Tool and APC. I’ve been with MJK on numerous occasions. He realizes that he is a rock star that can get laid because of the fact. He meets more women/girls than most men will ever meet and will take advantage of his position he likes girls, has plenty of options and goes for it. He has a contact probably in almost every state/region of the USA.

I don’t think that it is the size that matters but MJk is around 6-6 1/2 inches. Girth wise (an important component of the penis) not real thick. We’ve done oral; he has a nice tongue and licks well. He enjoys anal. He will receive blowjobs but that isn’t his main focus. He hasn’t been really kinky (spanking, tying-up, et al) with me but we’ve done every position imaginable. Some people assume that he is strange and different. I’ve found him to be a normal guy who enjoys sex. He has a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, which can rub people the wrong way.

He has a son and a fianc?e. His fianc?e is very nice and sweet; she tolerates a lot of fooling around by MJK. I believe they have somewhat of an open relationship. I’d guess girl-girl at least. If you’ve heard the rumors about orgies in Detroit (I do not know the details) they probably are valid tails.

How’d it start/I met him at a party and from there he got my number, called, invited me to visit. I have a boyfriend and have hooked up with Maynard while dating my b-f, but I an not sure if I would have sex with MJK anymore, since I do respect my boyfriend and love for me at least is more pleasurable than just fucking. But, then again maynard does have a certain charm, and a stare that is very enticing.

Anyway that is all I can think of at the moment. If you you have any questions just write.


That’s all for now. C-Ya on the bus!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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