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Donna's Ho-Bag For January 11, 2002



Welcome to the return of Donna’s Ho-Bag!

Being a New Year I thought I’d add some things to Donna’s Domain. Cuming up for February is Donna’s Sex Tree. It will link everybody sexual from Pauly Shore to Kid Rock.

As most of you know, Donna’s Domain was featured on VH-1 last month, which was the biggest thrill I’ve had on this page so far! I’d like to thank Kendra Jade for representing me and the Ho-Bag. It brought Metal Sludge a huge amount of exposure. It also brought in a lot of very, very stupid people. People that are so stupid they would sell their car for gas money. Before we begin this Ho-Bag, let me share with you some of the stupidity I’ve been dealing with over the last few weeks.

Hey do you have any pics of your self . thanks i love u

Wheres the pic’s of you nude?! your sooo hot!!!!


Fijina? Dude, if you can’t spell it, don’t expect any chick to show you it either.

Hey Donna anytime Nikki wants to share you let me know.

With a woman as beautiful as you I know that I would be doing everything you told me to do…. I would not be selfish at all !!!


do you have a picture of yourself you can email me, just kinda curious what you look like. i just got done reading all the comments on your penis chart and got quite a laugh out of it.

Saw your tv special, it was pretty interesting. The penis chart is also pretty funny, but I think your full of shit about Lars from Metallica. So for the sake of his new child, why don,t you take those stupid lies about him off the site. Do it for the band, Please.

P.S. Your HOT!, but I guess you already know.

Your Dude,

Two things…..
Did you sleep with any pro wrestlers?
And i would love two eat your pussy out from morning to dawn and you will grade me a 20, im more of a giver then a taker i think ill change
my name to The Undergiver() :)

i just went into your web site(metal sludge)for the 1rst time & seen your section(donna’s domain)the pictures of you have to be the sexiest
i’ve ever seen! you are one foxy lady(especially the one where you are bare-backed looking coyly over your shoulder)would you pleeeeease!!!!!!!
e-mail me some pictures of yourself(promos or whatever)if you have any.
make my day

I was wondering what rock stars you had slept with? I LOVE YOU AND METAL SLUDGE. Sebitchian is a cocksucker.

I have a ? What would it take to fuck you?

More than what you could give me.

Dear Donna,

Hey i was wondering wear i could find your nude pages, can you help me out?
And by the way you’re doing a cool job on all the gossip keep up the good work.

Stay Rockin,


You are the hottest. I think your portion of the site is by far the best. I’d give anything to meet you. You’re beautiful and seem intellegent. Anyway enough of that. I just wanted to say that I’m glad to see that there are still some cool chicks out there, and to keep up the good work. If you feel like it you can write me back and it would make my whole fucking day. You Rock.



what’s up you hot, sexy, bitch. I’ll fuck you till you squirt cum out of your nose!!

Have you ever fucked an average hard working man with a 9” dick?

No but I’ve fucked 3 different guys who have 3 inch dicks, so that equals out. Thanks for writing asshole.

I accidently ran across your site while i was looking up Yngwie info in yahoo groups…and i must say this site is the most worthless piece of
garbage i have ever seen.You evidently are overly medicated..(or quite possibly……. undermedicated)…and your constant reference to a man’s
"size" is utterly depricating & compensatory.What is really pathetic is that you are "hiding"behind your computer to exploit this garbage.When i
start up my own website, it will not include comments on the size of a womans’ clit or lips…..because who gives a flying fuck.

Who gives a fuck? VH-1 seems to have given a fuck. Plus the 370,000 hits we got last month indicates to me that quite a few people do give a fuck. Of course anybody who goes around the net looking for info on Yngwie information doesn’t have a relevant opinion in my world.

it’s not abad thing to have had sex with 150 people.
it all in fun.
beside a girl should do something that gives her great pleasure for 150 your not really treated your self.
stop holding back and have little more fun.
as long as no one get hurt{that inclued other poeple’s feeling}{girlfriend,wivies} it just good clean fun!
a {music} note from

I am a big fan of your column here at Metal Sludge, and an even bigger fan of you.

Can you tell me some more about yourself? Where are you from origionally? You seem like such a cool, down to earth type, and a rocker which I absolutely love. Are you working on anything else?

Would you be so kind as to send me more pics of you, the small ones on your Domain are great, but I would like something bigger and better

A little about me if you are interested, I’m 6’1", Italian, drive a ’67 Firebird and play a BC Rich Warlock through a Marshall stack.

I will be looking forward to your reply, and hope that the holidays have treated you well and that Santa brought you everything you wanted!



I’m into guys who don’t try to pick up chicks over the internet or brag about what type o
f car they drive. But since you mentioned that you play a BC Rich Warlock through a Marshall stack, then let me give you my phone number and address so I can fuck you right away! Who needs a guy with a steady job and a good future when you can have a guy who plays through Marshall!

Men are so stupid sometimes.

Damn Donna,
you are absolutely delicious…WOW

Sincerely with wood

First I would like to say my wife and I stumbled across your site and was amazed ! Second I wanted to compliment you on gracing this not so lovely world with your beauty. Now we read on your site you did not sleep with all these guys, so we are guessing you slept with one or two?
We would like to know if you think size matters? If so I am about 7 1/2 inches long and would that qualify as small or average on your scale? and not to be rude but we think you are very sexy and we would love to know where we could find pics of you in your birthday suit?
Like the site keep up the good work

Respectfully yours,
The Fans

Asking me if I’ve slept with anybody on the Penis Chart is like asking Pamela Anderson if she’s ever posed nude.

7 1/2 inches might be a tad above average, but it’s not always length that counts. I think I’d rather a 6 inch dick with good girth than a 10 inch dick that is too skinny. Girth is often overlooked!

Now that I’ve gotten the stupid emails out of the way, let me get to the rest of the Ho-Bag.

After reading your and other’s ratings on different rock star’s sexual prowess, I have one question…

When you get a 3 inch guy with no rhythm (or any of the other combinations of shitty sex), do you still act like you’re getting off just because they’re rock stars?

So what you’re asking is if somebody is with Jerry Dixon, do that act like they are getting off. Personally, I treat rock stars no different than any other guys I’m with. Just because somebody is in a band is no reason for that person to not put any effort into getting you off. That might work for some girls but not with me.

I have to say, I ran across your site, totally on accident, reading up on a great band and the ‘new crew’ that they currently have in tow, thanks to a
jagoff of a lead singer…and a few other things…was looking for info on a ‘specific band member’ that you featured (cos he’s such a beauty of a
man)…and I come across your Ho-Bag…and The Long and Short of It….Donna…at least there is someone out there, that let’s you live the
wild side of it…from a safe point of view…and be ‘informed’ on top of it….I just wanted to say thank you… >8O)>

Hi Donna–

I would just like to say that your site is hysterical & rather informative–assuming what people send to you is true.

I know you have mentioned the Jon Bon Jovi used to be a huge slut and has chilled, but there’s not much info on him (even from his slut days)–besides the good rhythm, average size, 2 condom stuff. I was wondering if anyone out there had any new (or old for that matter) gossip on him, since he just ended a major tour so ya know some good sex was going on!!!!

I figured I would just get this out there–I have never met him and would love the chance, but for now can live through others. Like I said the site is cool, keep up the good work–too bad people are idiots and don’t realize that isn’t you in the banner, good luck dealing with retards!!!


Jon keeps everything under wraps. He’s not the slut he once was, but I’m sure he has his "friends" here and there. They are just treated really well ($$$) so they have no reason to talk.

Hey Donna,

I know you’re a big Marvelous 3 and Enuff Znuff fan and in MS’ recent 20 Questions with former Trixter member PJ Farley, there is mention of you
talking about PJ’s new band, "40 Ft. Ringo"…….. At the end of his interview, "They have 15 MP 3’s you can download off their site. Donna
Anderson heard the songs and thought they were cool. " On that, I went and checked them out and think they’re pretty good myself – I was actually
amazed that this is 1/2 of Trixter. Can you recommend other bands in this same vein? It seems we share some commonality in music. Any referrals are appreciated!


Currently I’m listening to Halfcocked’s "The Last Star" CD. The song "I Lied" is a great song to strip to, not that I strip or anything. I’m just saying if I were to strip, I’d strip to that song. Other CDs getting my attention is Lit’s new CD "Atomic" and The Tories "The Upside Of Down."

First I must commend you on mainting such an awesome and hilarious site. I always look forward to reading your commentary on some of the silly email. Well I’ll get to why I emailed you. I’ve gone through all the Ho-Bags and I don’t recall reading about the Anthrax guys. I’ve never been into their mating habits, but I figured there’s people on here who might know a thing or two about that. Why not get the 4-1-1? All the girls always have great stories anyway, but I’ve been wanting to know about Anthrax. So if anyone’s got anything on them let me know. I’ll be waiting for the info. Thanx Donna and the rest of you girls.

Miss Behaven

I don’t think I’ve gotten any emails on Anthrax. Not that I remember. Who might want to pose that question on my Ho-Board.

I stayed with Slash in a hotel in Boston (guns era), and he was such a gentleman! Everyone but Axle was hanging out in his suite watching videos
they took in Florida. Gilby was with a girl who had just done coke for the first time, so that didn’t go far. I was sitting on the bed with Slash and
Duff and Duff starting tickling me. Slash told him to cut the shit. Slash and I hung out for hours just kissing and cuddling. He is an amazing
conversationalist and has excellent taste in music. I called home to let my parents know that I wouldn’t be home (I know, 20 and still living at home),
and Slash overheard me calling my stepfather by his nickname, Chip. He hopped on the phone with my stepfather and talked to him for like 20 minutes.
Slash said he likes one-syllable first names. So after everyone left and I was ready for bed, he tucked me in and went into the livingroom for a while.
In the morning he brushed my hair for me and put it in a ponytail, and then we got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from roomservice which we fed to each other. I went out and bought him a dozen roses and brought them back to the room. He said that no one had ever given him flowers before and seemed happy about it. Days of Thunder came on TV, so he pulled out the sofa bed and we watched it. He even gave me extra pillows to lean on and made sure I was co
mfortable. The tour manager was pissed off at him because they had to leave for Canada and he wouldn’t ask me to leave. They hadn’t been to Canada since the riot broke out at the show, so they had to make sure they didn’t bring any drugs or porn with them. When I was leaving, he gave me the T-shirt I slept in, then gave me his zippo lighter (which I still don’t understand), gave me an autograph for my stepfather, and kissed me goodbye. Mind you this was like 12 minutes before they had to leave and he didn’t have anything packed.

On a seperate note, the girl that Gilby tried to hook up with passed out on one of the sofas in Slash’s suite. I took her to his room the next morning
because she had no way to get home, and he said it wasn’t his problem. Slash called him on the phone and bitched him out and I ended up giving her train fare.

And another thing worth mentioning, Slash wanted me to leave from the concert in the limo, but the venue was about an hour from my house and no where near public transportation. I told him that I would only go if I could drive my car. I guess that’s something they frown upon, but he convinced the manager and driver to let me follow (in a maroon Volvo wagon no less). When we got to the hotel, I had to park in the garage. There were already fans outside the hotel waiting. Slash actually waited for me to walk up from the garage, put his arm around me, and then escorted me into the hotel. I felt like a queen!


I’ve generally heard good things about Slash. It’s good to hear a positive story every now and then.

Hello Donna,

I saw the bit on VH-1 tonight and took a look at your web site. Congrats on the piece and I think your "chart" is awesome!

OK, I have a question. I saw Phil Lewis was on your chart. Exactly how old is Phil now? I knew him back when he was in Torme’ London. He may be a older, wiser man now but back then he was a nightmare. I was 22 when I met him that I believe was 1985. I know he was older then me then but I noticed his web site says he was born in 1966. Hysterical!

I actually did sleep with Phil once and it was nothing to write home about. Quick and boring. He was also a sneaky liar! Hindsight being 20/20 I realize what a dysfunctional person he was at that time. Poor guy! Plus, he’s aged really bad! I guess he is spending all his disposable income on hair plugs now. Karma does catch up! I did actually sleep with one other guy on your list, Spike from Quireboys! He’s was lovely and creative. The door wouldn’t lock so we did it on the door. Plus, he is a bit naughty. Lets just say he likes doors alot, the back door as well. It was my first intro and it was fun! I’ve only slept with one other "rock star’ type but he was from "alternative" bands. Wayne Hussey of Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK fame. Wayne is incredibly small and very lazy. I think he may even be a bit gay now! AHH Memories!

OK, I’d love the Phil Lewis dirt, just for fun. Thanks so much and have a Great Holiday!

blessed be!


Phil Lewis is about 89 years old. He’s an old favorite of the Ho-Board and just mentioning his name makes me wanna boil my skin in hot water.

i hope this is reaching donna! i just came across your site (after viewing the vh1 special) i had intended to post/warn the girls about tobin esperance from papa roach but to my surprise!!!! you guyzz beat me to it! he has got to have the worse case of trench mouth i have ever encountered! his breath was an atrocity! i disagree with whoever may have said he was good in bed wrong he was awful in bed. i was with him during this summers ozzfest. i wish i had come across your site before i hooked up with him! your site is right on the money. i have been with a few other of the guys posted on your list and they were exactly as you have them posted. keep up the great work! i will forever check your site before i hook up with anymore rockstars!

lustfully yours!

I think your whole site is great. The penis chart is full of nice information, people shouldn’t get so pissy about it.


Hey Donna, Like your part of the site and have a couple of questions for you…You seem to be an expert ….My friend and I are major Billy Idol fans(we’re not groupies trying to meet him) .We try to hook up with groupies and just talk about their experiences and ask for nude pictures(of the rock star for enjoyment) if they would like to share….On a personal level what we do is write XXX fantasy and hope someday we will be able to publish the fantasy(fiction)on a website of our own.We would love to have others join us …example:we start a fantasy thread and others come in and write their own part….To us its better than some of the crap these little tarts are making up anyway….what we need help with is …we’re not getting much help from groupies…we don’t know if its because their lieing in the first place or we’re just approaching them in a bad way…..As I said before we’re into Billy Idol hes our choice and we get all kinds of shit about him…..We know he hosted orgies in the 80’s and the early 90’s and alot of women were in his bedroom among other places…we just can’t seem to find them …can you help by mabe leading us in the right direction..or mabe giving some insite into groupies…..I did write a porn star and she wrote back saying she was’nt going to say shit about Billy cause she wanted to keep seeing him…..Please email back…if you feel this note is worth your site….Thanks for all help, I think you have a great service here to young girls who might have been thinking their little rocker was coming back to their town and making their life complete,nothing like a good dose of reality……..Lyndie

My first piece of advice is to use paragraphs every now and then.

Second, you might want to post on my Ho-Board and ask there.

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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