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Donna's Ho-Bag For January 23, 2001



For January 23, 2000

Happy New Year everyone! This is the first Ho-Bag of the year. Before I start, I’d like to thank all the morning shows who come to my site and read it over the air. I was sent a tape of WRIF in Detroit doing that and it was very strange and funny at the same time. It was surreal to hear people on the radio go over the Penis Chart and reading the things that I typed. I never thought in a million years that the Penis Chart and my Ho-Bag would be such a success. I remember sitting around with my girlfriends like it was yesterday and saying how funny it would be to have a website listing dick sizes. But I never thought people would read it! None of us at Metal Sludge had any expectations with this page. It was started as a goof! Now look at it, I’m doing fucking interviews in Spin Magazine! That’s crazy. But I’m flattered so many people dig it and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon! There are still plenty of dicks to talk about.

Speaking of crazy things, check out this email from somebody we recently did 20 Questions with.

This is MITCH ALLAN from SR-71. What’s up? I’m now a full blown Sludgeaholic and a fan of your work. I’ve seen the pictures of you on the web site for awhile now and I was wondering if you had any others. The ones on the site are smokin’, but I was wondering if you had some that were more casual. Just curious….. let me know…
– M I T C H

Nice try Mitch! I appreciate the effort.

I emailed Mitch back and told him that those pictures weren’t me, but Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson, and Bobbie Brown. He wrote back and said:

Wow….I’m fucking clueless! But that’s O.K. thanks for a quick response, I know what it’s like to be inundated with emails. – M I T C H

No problem. So now I can add Mitch to the list of rockers who have hit on me through emails!

This is on Disturbed’s bass player Fuzz.

Hey Donna – Got some juicy info on the bass player Fuzz for ya. If you get the opportunity to bang Fuzz, be prepared for some aggressive fucking. He growls like a dog in heat & slaps the shit out of you, like fucking OJ. In reality, I have heard that he is also abusive to his girlfriend, so go figure. His dick is huge, but that’s where all the bloodflow seems to go. He is definitely 2 fries short of a happy meal. Don’t look for too much stimulating conversation from this guy, you’ll be very disappointed. In addition, there is some word that he may be bisexual & loves to work out in little tiny spandex shorts. He likes to lick ass, so make whatever connection you will with that one. He is a complete dirtbag & can be extremely nasty to you when he’s had his way. He is also a shit bass player & the band should consider replacing his ass before they do their second record. Hope this info helps!!!!!

So why don’t you tell me how you really feel? Open up a little bit more and don’t hold back!

hi donna my name is lizard and yes I’m female. anyways I have a name added to the list. Till Lindemann of rammstein he definitely loves big breasted chicks but they have to be real, a charmer even when drunk.,does do coke,isn’t circumcised quick shooter,and not that big but then again could be the coke,will give you his address and calls when he’s in the area. body from hell though and that was good enough for me. as for the next day if he is busy he still makes sure you are taking care of(I.e flowers,sweet notes,free breakfast!) anyways thanx for giving me the lowdown on some of these band I have the pleasure of working witha couple so thanks.

Thanxs for the info!

Yo Donna.. Sitting here in my lame ass office. I ran across yer site and i am having a blast at reading the whole site. See i work with a bunch of computer dorks who will one day marry their computer.. Anyway thanx to the entire metal-sludge staff for keeping me entertained, other then this i watch movies in my office. Very cool 20 questions with Evan Seinfeld. Late Brodie


Hi Donna, I was reading some of your things and I came across a list of different rock stars and the sizes of their cocks and I wander if you have any information on a Dave Sabo because I saw Sebastian from skid row on their and Rachael Bolan from skid row on there. If you have any information on Dave Sabo and want to add him to the list please do so and add him to the list. Write back. Sincerely, Wendy Destefano.

From what I’ve heard they don’t call him The Snake for no reason! He’s currently got a girlfriend, so you are out of luck.

Hey Donna, Great site. Are you the model for Nikki’s clothing line? I notice you posted a pix wearing the Oultaw brand shirt. I alwayz thought that was Donna D’erico. CW

Do I really need to answer this?

I’ve been going throughthe Ho Bags and i thought it was hilarious about how many fucking idiots thought you were bobbie, pam, and donna! Are people blind! First of all these nuts can’t identify the differences between three different girls! I just found this all fuckn hysterical and thought I would write! I love your page! By the way, do you have any information on Gavin Rossdale? I haven’t heard anything about him! Thanks! Cat

Last I heard is that Gavin was no longer dating Gwen Stefani, but they were still friends. Those two live on 2 different continents anyway, so talk about a long distance relationship! Plus it’s hard to be faithful to someone if they are never together. I don’t know what’s in Gavin’s pants, but you might want to ask Boy George about it!

This is an email on Quiet Riot’s Kevin DuBrow.

Hey Donna! I’m sure Kevin has been doing alot of the deed but there is no word of him on the chart in the bag or on the board so I figure I will be the one to spill the beans. I met Kevin about 4 mabey 5 months ago out west and we seemed to hit it off right from the start. I knew who he was but I did not let him know this. When he told me his name he simply said Kevin. Through talking and what not what we do for a lioving came up and well I just acted suprized. anyway the rest of the story of how we ended up shacking up is kinda boring but what happened in that bed room that night was alot of fun. Kevin has a great body and he was very passsionate
. His pee pee is of average size and he knew how to work it quite well. He got me off and thats all that matters in my book. I’d definately go back for more.

Thanxs for the info!

Hello, Donna. Can you send me the website where I can see you nude? My E-mail is:

Sure thing. I’m sure some of the fine Sludgeaholics out there will let you know where to go to see my nude pictures. Anybody want to help him out?

Hi Donna. I just wanted to let you know that I read an interview with the actor Howard Hammick on a horror site and he talked about Metal Sludge and how much he liked it and how he knows a lot of cool stories about the bands talked about on here. Do you ever talk to howard? What are his stories? I’d love to hear what he has to say about Warrant! keep rockin’!!!!
Chad Beisley

Well Chad, I heard about that but I don’t know Howard. I haven’t had the chance to read his interview yet, but I will. I’m sure we’ll post the link to it on our site soon.

Hey Donna! I got to say I love your part of the site! With the penis chart. I have some info about Axl Rose. I’ve been with him in 1991. And to me his penis was above average. Maybe around 9 in half inches long! And i’m NOT joking. and his really good at oral. Loves to play kinky. His a GOOD catch!

After seeing that picture of Axl at Rio, if he has a 9 inch cock it probably looks like 4 inches now. The bigger the belly, the smaller the dick looks. But I never heard about Axl having a 9 inch dick.

I was on the street behind the stage at summersault in NS. And I saw this guy go out of a trailer and take a piss, and his cock was huge, big enough to rival tommy lee’s. I walked a little further with my friend, and he said "Dude, that was maynard keenan" I didn’t recognize him because he had one of his weird wigs on though.

Why are you watching someone take a piss?

really wanted to drop you a line, to tell you that I got a huge kick out of reading the site. I used to be quite a groupie, about 17 years ago, in the mid to late 80’s. The musicians that I was with always managed to look me up every year when they came to town. I had connections beyond connections. In fact to this day I still maintain many contacts with the guys I knew then, only in emails however. It was wonderful, and I wouldn’t trade those memories for nothing in the world. I am happily and faithfully married now to a wonderful man and we have two children. My husband doesn’t like any aspect of my past, which I can understand. I don’t like his past either. But I do miss all the gossip and reading about these guys. Thank you for putting out that little fire for me. I have so many great stories about so many guys…and someday plan to write about them all.
I understand that you are married, and wonder how your husband feels about the past or present?
I do have one request though…I had a fling with Vivian Campbell (Dio, Def Leppard) and lost contact with him. He was such a wonderful guy when I knew him and would like some new info on him if possible. I know he is married and has a child now. I would hope that he is being a good boy, but don’t doubt it hasn’t changed him. Secondly, a couple of comments. Had a little fling with Marc Ferrari and I never saw any hair on his schlong. Some unfortunate product must have gone badly wrong for him. I still speak to him to occasionally. And…Phil Anselmo was very much into women when he first joined Pantera trying to sleep with as many as possible. Me, being one. He never wanted to kiss on the lips, so he wouldn’t get attached to anyone. He said lip kissing was too close. I did see him at a Judias Priest concert years later standing on the side of the stage gazing intently at Rob. I don’t doubt that he swings both ways, or just all the way to the other side. But it is of my opinion that he got really into it after he hit fame. Anyway, you sound like you are having such a great time doing this. Keep it up and I’ll live through you.


Married? Me? Where did you hear that? Well even if I was, I certainly wouldn’t admit to it. But I not. Yet again, I just said I wouldn’t admit to it, so maybe I’m lying. But honestly, I’m not. Really.

Anytime you want to share info, let me know.

Dear Donna,
I happened upon Metal Sludge and your Penis Chart and have a question. Has anyone ever said exactly HOW big Tommy Lee is? Anyone ever taken a tape to the legend and shared the results? I ask becasue I’ve heard/seen references of him being upwards of 10 inches long, but I’ve also seen clips of the home movie and unless Pam has some awfully big hands, I’d guess around only 7-8" in my own judgement (I’m 7 1/2 myself, so I’m familiar with what it looks like).

Thanks for whatever you can share,

I’ve never heard of an exact measurement on Tommy. I have no idea really. I did hear of some people who have seen it soft and they said it’s pretty big. I’d guess that it’s maybe 9 or 10 inches, but it’s hard to tell on video. If anybody has an evidence one way or the other, let me know. Maybe we should get Bobbie Brown to measure it for us!

OK Donna,
I have a question for you:
It is a medical fact that most guys (a bit over 90%) are only 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches. Just how is it that almost all of the guys on your list could be part time porno stars? Am I jealous? Hell yes! I’d love to turn my 6+ into a 9 1/2 schish-ca-pussy. Maybe I should hook up with some of those girls and that just may happen!
I have a theory: Take a fat guy and put a 6 incher on him and it looks like its a kid’s dick. Take a skinny guy and throw that same sixer on there and it gives the illusion of a porno star! What do you think?
That’s true. Also, if a guy shaves down, it gives the illusion of a bigger dick. So if he’s skinny and shaves, it looks like he has a big dick. For example, Tommy Lee’s dick is only 3 inches long, but since he’s skinny and shaves it down, it looks really big.

Just kidding about the Tommy thing.

Theory two… they probably get sucked/fucked and jerked so much that the damn things are stretched out! Hell, I bet half of those girls don’t even know how many inches are in a foot! Besides, do they take rulers with them? That’s another thing. Some girls have no clue how big something is. If a girl has never seen a lot of dicks, she could think that a 5 inch dick is a 10 inch dick. If you were to hold up a bottle, some girls would say it’s 6 inches long and others would say 2 feet. Some chicks just have no clue. So when you look ove
r the Penis Chart, remember that it’s all relative. What’s big to one chick is small to another.

It is a fun site to look at though. Why don’t girl stars put out like the guys? I’d love to boink Spears/Love/Lita! Take care!
Because guys will generally fuck anything.
Also, some girls do put out, you just have to be in the right crowd!

Lustfully Yours,




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