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Donna's Ho-Bag For June 23, 2001



For June 23, 2001

Welcome to my latest Ho-Bag!

There are quite a few interesting emails here. Not necessarily interesting as in sexual, just kind of…strange. But before we get to that, this is an email from Chris Caffery from Savatage.

Hi there.

I finally got some rest after the first leg of the tour. We leave on Tuesday for Europe for 6 weeks. We are touring with Judas Priest. I love that band, it should be fun. We are doing some shows with Megadeth too…that should be interesting!!! I hope all is well with you and have a great Summer, :)


Thanks for checking in!

This is from former Warrant drummer (and there seems to be a few of those) Bobby Borg.

Hey Donna, I found your site to be a lot of fun.

All the best,

Maybe we should do 20 Questions with Bobby. He might have some old Warrant sludge to spew.

While driving to work this morning here in the lovely metropolis of Richmond, Virginia, I turned on the local rock station, XL102, to hear morning host Jeff McKee and sidekick discussing Donna’s Domain! They were reading the Long and Short of It out loud and clearly digging the site! The station’s home page ( even has a link to the Sludge now. Now if they would stop playing the same ten fucking songs over and over, XL102 would be damn near perfect! Just thought you’d like to know.

Much Sludge Luv to all (with extra tongue to my favorite bastard),

Doro Petrucci

I’ve heard a few tapes of morning radio shows reading the Penis Chart on air and it’s always weird. Listening to people talk over the air while reading what I wrote about somebody’s cock is cool but strange at the same time. I always feel like the DJs are going to do, "And we know you’re listening Donna and we’re coming to get you!" Perhaps I’m paranoid. But I do appreciate all the stations that visit the site and drop me a line to let me know you stopped by.

I love your Ho-Bag! The problem for me is that I’ve interviewed quite a few of the guys you feature on your pages, and it’s hard keeping a straight face! You might want to let the girls know that they can check out chat transcripts with rock stars, movie stars, etc., by going to:

Thanks much.

Clara Alexandra Frenk
Interactive Editor

Thanks Clara. Be sure to check out past interviews on USA Today because every now and then Metal Sludge gets mentioned!

Would like to know more about Nikki Sixx. Old stories or new, is he any good, how big, what he likes. Apparently he slipped off the wagon last year and cheated, so he says, but haven’t seen hardly anything about him on Ho-Bags.

I haven’t gotten anything in on Nikki, but I did hear last Winter he was back to his Motley ways and hanging out with strippers, etc. But he just admitted all that the other day so I don’t really have any scoops for ya.

you are so sexy. i have a fantasy of cumming on your face please make my fantasy come true………michael

I don’t know about you, but after reading that email I’ve been completely swept off my feet. You have such a way with words Michael. Oh please Michael, come jack off on my face! Just don’t hit the eyes, ok?

Shut up and go do your homework you fucking perv.

I’ve been all over the net. How the hell did I missed you? I came across your Penis Chart on a "WEIRD LINKS" page. Is there any where else I can see more of your beautiful body? Please let me know. I was suprised to read how many men don’t go down. I thought it was required by law. ha ha. I have to say im a little short in the pants too, but when I get done doing my number, women don’t even care if I have a dick.

Now look, I usually don’t go posting my personal pictures on the ‘net, but if you promise to keep these pics on the DL I’ll let you look at them. You can see more of my beautiful body at THIS SITE! Let me know what you think honey!

Hi, Donna my name is Silvia!!! how are you? listen me one moment! have you make a love with Jon Bon JOvi???answered me please!!!!!!!

Have I made love to Jon Bon Jovi? Yes, many times. Unfortunately he wasn’t in the room and it was only in my mind (and with a certain toy but that’s none of your business), but believe me, I rocked his world!

Even if I did have sex with Jon, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell you. I don’t gossip!

the questions was aked not long ago about rockers who dont cheat……..has eddie van halen ever cheated on valerie?……i dont see much talk about him, and he is not on penis chart.

Considering that Eddie has been married to Val since the early 80s and was drunk for a good number of those years, plus he was in a little band called Van Halen, I would bet that he cheated at one time or another.

Hello Donna,
First time writing to you, love your site (or your part of it!). It’s been 15 years since playing a gig in L.A. (back in 86) and those times were the best of my life! I loved every minute of it! Reading the Ho-Bag section brings back awesome memories of trying to decide which color Aqua Net to use! : ) Those were pretty stony days! I absolutely I loved the women, the parties, the drugs, the booze….the BEST times of my life. Now that I am divorced
and seeing an awesome lady (we party heartily together!), I can play music again and pick up where I left off. Thanks for a great read and keep up the great work!!!


There is a free magazine in LA called Bold and they always send us emails about various crap that has nothing to do with us. So the other day I get this email sent to me. Again, this is all I’m sent:

model in bold magazine

So now I’m not even good enough to get a full email! I don’t even get, "Hey Donna." I get 4 fucking words.
"model in bold magazine"

As if that email was going to inspire me to do so. Oh sure, those 4 words really made me want to model for your free mag. Sure, I’ll get right on it. Fuck Playboy or Perfect 10, I’ll model for Bold.

Publisher Please!

Sorry Ozzy, I couldn’t pass that up.

Donna – I freaked when I found your penis chart website – Congrats on it – wicked idea! Whoever told you about Art Alexakis was sooo right!! I thought I was reading about my experience!! (I’m a chick by the way !heh!).. He promised me the world – rang me everyday – told me he was madly in love with me – said he goes for checkups every month – hence no need for condoms..Is incredibly well hung and can’t get enough!! I have just been hearing stories that he has a different girl in every city and was planning a trip to each city to visit each girl but his wife found out. You probably know he has married an 18 year old – has her name tattoed around his left ear. I’d love to swap my Art story with other girls – if you hear of anything – email me or give them my address..!!


Barry? Are you sure you aren’t a guy?

hello can you tell me how i got your e-mail address have it written down but don’t remember who you are

ty john

What is this, a bar? I feel like a line was just used on me. I’m even getting hit on from behind my computer! Jesus, how the hell do I know how you got my email address!

Hey Donna,
I like your famous rock stars penis chart. I would like to know if you could tell me any information on Dave Sabo and the size of his penis. Just curious.

Sweetpetite 42.

Let me just put it to you this way, they don’t call him a The Worm do they? No, they call him The Snake, and it’s for a reason.

Hey Donna,
Gotta say, your site’s awesome. My name’s Harry, I’m in a band called EBE and I hope to make an appearance on your chart some day, haha! But I’m very curious about two of my favorite bands – do you have any info on TOOL or INCUBUS? Thanks for anything you got, this shit is the best. Thanks for making such a great site.


Your named Harry and you want to know the dick sizes of the guys in Tool and Incubus? Well it’s 2001, so who am I to judge? I heard Maynard from Tool has a big Tool. As for Incubus, I’m not sure. Try my Ho-Board.

i just want to let you know that you are incredibly hot…haah a 15 year old kid thinks your hot..anyways later

Isn’t Net Nanny supposed to stop people like this kid from coming here? Oh well, at least he didn’t want to jack off on my face.

Hi Donna,
I love your column. I really like the penis chart! I was wondering if u had any info on Billy Morris from Warrant, I think he is such a hottie. I had the chance to meet him in Birmingham and he was such a sweetie. Please let me know.
Your new fan


PLEASE let me contribute to your Tommy Thayer information by sharing a story: I met Tommy in 1997, through a business contact. While the project ultimately fell through, he and I enjoyed several very interesting conversations on a range of topics, but I had a serious boyfriend, so nothing happened. I decided to move back to LA in February of this year, single, and Tommy found out about this development through someone in Doc McCGhee’s office, randomly. He called me IMMEDIATELY, reintroduced himself (which he didn’t need to do b/c I remembered him) and invited me to dinner when I came to LA next. Since I was coming down for meetings and house-hunting that weekend, we made a date. We had a lovely dinner (he paid, of course), and agreed to have another in 2 days, before he left on tour. So far, it had been all conversation, but the vibe was there. Well, the second date was a whole different story. After a lovely dinner out by his house, we went back and wound up fooling around. Since I am a lady, not to mention that he was pushing on my head (!), I obliged him orally, which took for-fucking-ever (but wasn’t much of a strain, as the whole little thing fit inside my mouth). I got tired (and bored), so I finished him off using some lotion… Whereupon he rolled over and went to sleep! So the next morning, he wakes me up by pulling on my hand over to his itty bitty hard-on. Again, being polite, I obliged with the same mouth-lotion combo. Again, when done, he made moves to get up! I said, sweetly, "Uh, Tommy, you DO believe in returning the favor, right??" to which he replied: "Yeah, but I have to be in the mood, y’know?" "Well," I said, "I’M in the mood!" "Yeah, well, how about next time?" was his reply. Needless to say, I left immediately, outwardly polite by fuming inside, with vague promises of phone calls when he returned form Japan, and I have not seen or spoken to him since. He is a pig, plain and simple, with a bitty dick, a flabby body, and no fan here! Thank you for listening! Please let me know if this is info you have heard before…. I’d love to know!


Anybody can go out and fuck a drunken rock star, but I found a good way for them to always remember you and for you to leave with dignity intact. If a guy really wants to screw you, he will do anything to get that pussy- which includes going downtown. "You gotta lick it…." Then after I cum, it’s thank you very much and I am done. Nothing better than victimizing a male slut who gets off on victimizing women. So far my victims have included Phil Anselmo (yummy) of Pantera, Corey of Slipknot, Kid Rock (tender, but not
hing much), and Brett Michaels ( that was a drunken slip! I normally wouldn’t have went there!) But hey if you girls wanna go all the way, nothin wrong wit that, whatever gets you off! I just like that celebrity head………

If guys expect girls to blow them without returning the favor, it’s only right for us girls every now and then to turn the tables on them! I can say I’ve done that before and I’ve never been turned down. So next time some "rock star" wants you to suck his cock, tell him he has to but in some work and you’ll think about it.

hi donna! im a 25year old guy from sweden. so im like lars a HOODED MONK, but that dont meen that im a quick shooter. i have a question, do u only do famous guys. or do i have a chans. i diggd your webpage. hope to here from u mattias

Yup, I only do famous guys. If the guy isn’t signed I don’t fuck him. Plus he has to have at least 6 figures in the bank.

This is the most bizarre Ho-Bag I’ve ever done. You’d think that after 3 years the emails would get smarter, but they only get dumber.

Hi Donna,
First I want to say your site is great. I love it. I have some info on Phil Sandoval from Armored Saint. I went to one of there show and was able to meet Phil. He was real nice and sweet. Well to make a long story short, I went back to his hotel and had sex with him .He was very large ! Good in bed lasted for a while but did not eat pussy. Very disappointing ! But the next morning he was very sweet . He took me to breakfast and asked for my #. I did not think he would call, but he did .He gave me his # and well kept in touch for a while. I have also met Axl Rose. He was very nice. I did not get to screw him. I would have loved to though. I did mess around with Jimmy D’ Anda from Bullet boys. He was a good kisser. I did not sleep with him due to the monthly thing. He turned on me when he found out. Was not so nice after. If you could give me any detailed info on Axl Rose I would appreciate it. Thanks………………….. Fan 4 ever

Speaking of bizarre emails, this takes the cake. And this is all I was sent.

do you have a web site?

Huh? That’s like going up to Vince Neil and asking him if he’s ever drank alcohol before. It just doesn’t make sense. Somebody emailed me and asked if I had a website? Nope, this is all a figment of your imagination. I’m not even online!

I think that’s the strangest email I’ve ever gotten. It must be a full moon.

hey girl just absolutely love your site. I wanna know though is there any stories on ICP and Twiztid on your site. I’m totally in lust with one of the members of Twiztid but i want to find out if it would be worth my time to pursue him. Thanx, Jenni

Yes there are some ICP & Twiztid stories in some past Ho-Bag. Check out our Search Engine to find them.
As for pursuing them, I’ve heard those guys are pretty crazy and wild, so I don’t know.

This is from Alisa Christensen & Kathleen Wirt – we just want to let you know how funny we find your site. GREAT idea & so necessary – we think you should consider expanding your sludge to other music genres. Not all of them, mind you – don’t care about Country – but there are some very interesting brothers out there; The chicks in the hip hop community would embrace this type of forum. So would the girls who listen to KROQ. Surely the boys in Incubus, Coldplay & Linkin Park are screwing somebody.

You should see if you can be a guest on Love Line.

Please think about expanding!


A & K

I do occasionally talk about other genres. Tony from No Doubt is on the Penis Chart and bands like the Kottonmouth Kings have also been mentioned in the Ho-Bag. I’m usually up for talking about any bands that remotely have a rock connection. I’m the diverse one at the page! I don’t listen to metal 24 hours a day like Ozzy Stillbourne.

Hi Donna.
Great site. Finally where us women can gossip about guys. It’s about time! I was just wondering if anyone had any stories on Matthew and Gunnar Nelson? From what I know Matthew is married to a nude model ex-Frederick’s model Yvette Nelson. Supposdly she couldn’t get ahead with her modeling s she stole The Nelson’s record deal and she recorded a country album and re-did most of her husband’s songs he wrote for his dad. Gunnar I heard is single but saw a few things on your site that he likes to shove sex toys up his ass…:-) So if anyone has some good stories about these brother’s it would be cool. Keep up the awesome work girl!


We’ll end the Ho-Bag with this:

what kind of ridiculous site is this? I can’t believe anybody in their right or wrong frame of mind would take the time regardless of how entertaining some may find it to post such trashy stats. in addition for newcomers into rock and roll gossip the majority of these "so called men" are members of the 7 "H" club. for those not famaliar with what a 7 "H" club memeber is i’ll spell it out for you. the Hollywood,receding Hairline,recovering Heroin addict,Haven’t had a hit in over ten years,still Hangin around (god only knows why!,Ho fucking,most often Hairpeace wearing has beens from the bowels of Hollywood hell! In terms of grade level I should give you an "F" but i’ll give you an "E" for effort in your lame ass attempt in creating intrigue amongst other ho-bags like yourself.

So I take it I gave you a bad review on the Dick Chart, huh?

I’m going to end this crazy Ho-Bag now before anything else weird happens!

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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