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Donna's Ho-Bag For May 8, 2002


 Donna’s Ho-Bag For May 8, 2002

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be featured in a major magazine right now, and as soon as I get more info on when it will be out, I’ll be sure to let you know. I can say it will be a honor to be in this magazine and it’s something a lot of girls have always wanted to do.

But enuff about me. This Ho-Bag features a bunch of rock star emails that I’ve gotten over the last few months. I’m always amazes that these people email me.

I got this email sent to me on March 15th from Fuzz of Disturbed.


Fuzz is talking about our Disbured Exposed section, so we fixed that and I then sent him this email.

Thanks for your email and I’ll make sure we take care of that.

Every now and then some chick emails us saying she’s your girlfriend, and most of the time it’s negative stuff. I don’t know who she is but I can tell when somebody is sending me and email to be vengeful.

Do you want to do 20 Questions with us? If you can hang and have the balls, let us know and we’ll send you out some questions.

Lustfully Yours,


Fuzz wrote back:


After that email I sent him 20 Questions that we came up with and have yet to hear from Fuzz again. He can now be found on the Pussy List.

This is an email supposedly from Maynard Keenan from Tool and A Perfect Circle.

not that i wish to split hairs…
i’m happy with an average size cock review.
however i think it should be pointed out that my cock is 6 2/3 inches
which in decimal points is 6.66 inches.

hail satan, etc…
m. j. keenan.

I also asked Maynard if he was in to doing 20 Questions, and he wrote back the following.

sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner. i’m in new zealand and having a rough time accessing my aol account from here. beautiful place. excellent pinot noir, if you like the vino.
as far as 20 questions, i’ll have to pass. sorry. i’m a somewhat private person. if i’m going to let someone get to know me, i’d prefer it to be a mutual conversation. face to face. a shared experience.
great website. how many marriages have been deconstructed there? just goes to show you, it’s a small world getting smaller. no such thing as secrets these days.
anyway, not sure where you are based out of. feel free to contact me for tickets. all i ask is that you show up so the tickets aren’t wasted.

Thanks for the offer Maynard, but I’m very shy.

Two rock stars emails and I’ve been turned down both times! I’m not used to being rejected!

This next email is from another rock star, Matthew Nelson. This one works out for me a little better.

Hello Donna. Hope this email finds you well. I do enjoy your column here…
I’d love to chat with you sometime to give you the real story on myself, "NELSON", and escapades past…as you can imagine it can be a frightening thing to read some of the "real information" some of these mutants post about you…after you get done laughing your ass off, of course.
Life’s been good to me and I’ve always tried to be a gentleman and as down to earth and cool to people as possible (assholes and psychos excluded)- that’s why I’ve never "kissed and told"- and I’ve been with the same lady happily (bucking the Hollywood odds) for 10 years now (married for 7) and she’s about as beautiful (The Frederick’s Of Hollywood girl) and cool as anyone could imagine- so it’s like revisiting ancient history digging that old shite up again and perhaps completely pointless…but…maybe it’s best that I state my own case before I move on forever. I try to live with class and grace but it’s kinda tough standing back and watching as human pond scum spreads fabrications about me and my family. People who REALLY know me are very aware that I’ve never had a problem being honest and straightforward- you need only ask. That’s probably why they’re afraid of me- you know- "people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones" and all that.
As long as we can keep my personal email private (I’ve had it for 10 years now and it would really be a bummer to change it now)zip me back. Please understand if it takes me a little time to get back to you- we still go out and play shows alot and are in the middle of recording a new album.
If not- take care, live well, and keep up the buzz…a producer friend of mine turned me on to this site years ago and it’s always good for a laugh.

After he emailed me, I once again requested a 20 Questions interview, and this time I was in luck! Matthew said he would do it and now I’m just waiting for his answers. So far I’m 1 for 3 in this Ho-Bag.

Yet another rock star email, this time from Terry Ilous from XYZ!!! That’s right, THE XYZ!
I’m sure bastard boy floyd & Ozzy Stillbourne will be happy that a member of XYZ finally emailed us. I know it was their goal to get a member of XYZ to do 20 Questions. Terry wrote,

that is funny …. i think you got me confused with someone else . nor that this really matter but i am a french man and … well you know.. any way i
guess you ll have to see to believe ,, aha ah ah

Terry says he’s up for 20 Questions too. Now I’m 2 for 4. At least I’m at 50% now.

I was wondering if the person(s) who sent you in info about Chip had said WHEN they had slept with him? Was it in the last few years? If you know of corse, I would greatly like to hear this.


Somebody named Michelle asking about info on Chip Z’Nuff? Isn’t Chip’s wife named Michelle? Sorry, but I keep my info to myself.

This is an email I got on April 19th. Remember that date while you read this email.

Hey listen. I know your into fuckin all kind of stars and crazy guys in bands. But I was just wondering if you would mind going to a party me and my friends are throwing on the 18 of March. I really only want you there so i can fuck the shit out of you and have a great time. Trust me you will have a great time. But if you don’t want to or you arnt interested that’s cool. Thanks for reading my letter.

Hopefully seeing your sexy body soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Considering it’s April and you invited me to a party for LAST MONTH, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Sorry Josh, but had you actually gotten that to me on time I not only would have gone to the party but I would have fucked all your friends and let you shove things into my ass. Maybe next time.

Here’s a good one. See if you can figure this out.

Hi Donna! BJ from Dallas, TX here. It is a pleasure to get to e-mail you.

I hope you will forward this message to Nikki. I hope he can get Motley back in the studio soon(hint: tell him to listen to their older shit to get the energy back up and mix it with some new stuff). I am real eclectic music fan, but I always have some Motley in the CD case for the road. Lately it has been Theatre and Shout. I also wish he could get Tommy back in the band. It just seems like something is missing without him.

It seems you are also not much of a Pam fan. I always thought she was fine, but at the same time thought she was a wack job. What do you call a 110 lb waste of skin surrounding a pussy? Give up?
Pam Anderson-Michaels-Lee-Rock…

It was cool to read about Nikki’s life in The Dirt. I thought the coolest part was when he talked about his sister. I could understand where he was coming from. I had a nephew who had kidney problems and suffered brain damage during surgery. He was a walking vegetable. It was really sad and tough to deal with. He died when he was 9 and I felt guilty for not doing more. I really do not know what I could have done, but I felt guilty.

Also tell Nikki I want Motley to play my wedding. I am sure the girl I marry will love that. Not!!! Actually, I am the wildest one at my conservative commercial real estate company and I was just kidding to my co-workers about having Motley play my wedding(if I ever lose my mind and get married), but I said to them I would not waste it on the wedding; I would have them play the bachelor party or one of my bachelor parties.
When my best friend decided to get married we had bachelor parties for 6 months until the wedding. I got to know a lot of strippers by their real names.

Just going to ask one favor before I go. I come out to California to visit one of my high school friends every once in while. I usually fly into LAX and drive to Temecula. I just wanted to ask if Nikki might meet me on one of my trips to CA. Not for a long time, just for a cup of coffee. I am not one that usually is into asking celebs for there autograph and all that bullshit. In fact, when Motley played the Bronco Bowl in Dallas I got up on stage when they had a special fan meeting time, but people were all over the band I did not want to bother them. I just think it would be really cool to meet him( and you can come too if you bring a hot friend-just kidding). If you want you can just forward this e-mail to him. I would be happy just to hear if he is working on anything for Motley.

Thanks for your time,

BJ Wastoskie

That email would mean a lot to me providing I was DONNA D’ERRICO!

Donna Anderson
Donna D’Errico

Do those names look similar at all?

Is Donna D’Errico the only Donna in the whole world?

I guess so, because here’s another email like the last one.

Hello Donna!!
My name is Hjalle and I am a guy from Sweden.
I think that you?re a very nice girl and I hope that it?s going alright with you and Nikki.
Nikki is the best man in the world. I should be very happy if you can tell him that he is the coolest man ever. And I want Mötley Crüe to come to Sweden. I know it never gonna happen but my biggest dream is to meet Nikki. I love him.
I wish you, Nikki and the kids good luck in the future.

Legends never dies
Long live the Crüe!!

Kisses Hjalle

Thanks Hjalle, I’ll be sure to let Nikki know…………………..

I guess I can’t complain too much. At least everything was spelled right and it didn’t come with a photo of a guy showing off his cock!
NOTE TO GUYS: Sending photos of your cock to me will not impress me, but it will give me and my girlfriends something to laugh at.

The TV show Blind Date re-aired the show with Bobbie Brown on it and here are a few emails on that show. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth checking out.

Hi Donna. Your penis-chart is hilarious! I just wondered why that major slut Sammy Hagar isn’t on it. Granted he’s as old as dirt and married (haha), but still a low-class slut. Lastly, I wanted to add that I saw Bobbie Brown on Blind Date and have this to say:
To Bobbie: Girlfriend it is time to hang it up! Bragging about yourself and the 19 year old guys you get is a joke! You may have been hot on Star Search back in the dinosaur ages, but now you need to invest in some Shine-free make-up, WeightWatchers, and more plastic surgery for those wrinkles and crow’s feet. And you spoke of certain rock guys needing the hair-club for men. Well, with that hideous, stringy, orange do, you need to call up Sy Sperling yourself! Oh and can anyone say major personality overhaul! Give it up bitch! Your date said it best when he called you a has-been!No wonder you’ve been dumped by so many times!


The network (UPN) had Bobbie Brown on the show ‘Blind Date’. All I have to say from watching it was that she is rude and typical LA/Hollywood washed up trash. The show just completely ridiculed her the whole time as did her date. They inserted comments the whole time making fun of her. The guy she went out with stated that, " she has a lot of miles on her and she is just a washed up wanna-be Hollywood bimbo". The psychologist that makes comments during the date stated that Brown can NOT fu
nction in a relationship because she is used to being abused by men (sexually & psychologically) and she needs a man to abuse her. She will NOT like a man or function in a relationship with a man who is nice to her and respects her.

Brown made herself look like a complete stuck-up, has-been, washed-up bimbo, just like she is. The show is a must watch to see how pathetic Brown really is. Well a couple of years (maybe sooner) from now she will be either in a drug rehab program or dead. The usual road that people like her end up at.

This just goes to prove the fact that women who sleep around with men (rock stars) & are proud of it have psychological problems. They NEED attention and NEED abuse from men in order to feel like they are somebody. It is a viscous cycle that ends in suicide or drug abuse. This is a well-known scientific fact! So people like you who only glamorize this type of lifestyle are just as guilty. You are a poor example of a woman and bring
shame to women everywhere.

Just think of the child of Bobbi Brown. How will they fell to know that "mommy" was nothing but a whore. I am sure they will be teased, ridiculed
and end up with psychological problems of their own. What a shining example of motherhood she is. You bring nothing but shame to women & children everywhere!

I hope you see the errors of your ways and change!

Hey Donna!

Your name is first on the email list, so I’ll send this off to you. First off, I love the site. I actually just discovered it last week and I think I’ve read every single article on there by now. Well, maybe not ALL of them. Anyway, I see LOTS of references to Bobbie Brown in the interviews/20 questions and I just happened to read about her recently in the Motley Crue book (best present EVER).

I didn’t see anything about this gossip on the site, but that doesn’t mean you don’t already know about it. What am I talking about? Bobbie’s appearance on my fave TV show "Blind Date"! I was watching this car wreck of a date thinking "God she looks familiar.. maybe from Star Search??" and then they showed her name was Bobbie. I don’t remember all the details other than she was looking VERY bad (the boobs can only take you so far) and she was a total hag to the guy. I felt sorry for him, especially after reading about how insane she seemed to be in the Crue book. She talked endlessly about the famous people she knew and generally acted like the world owed her something.

Anyway that might be totally old news, but if it’s not maybe check out the Blind Date website and see if you can scare up some dirt. Someone must know something about how the date came to be. Could it be MONEY perhaps?

So that’s it! Thanks for such a hilarious site. I don’t mean that in a "let’s make fun of metal" way either. It’s irreverent and bitchy and funny and I’ve been killing myself laughing at some of the interviews. Anyway, take care and I hope I’ve brightened your metal day.

xxoo Mikey

you are so fuckin hot. and if i were with you, i’d fuck you any day and night 24-7 nonstop till i die or something else happens.

e-mail me back

p.s. are you related to Pam Anderson

Are you a fucking retard? First of all you have no idea what I look like because those photos on the page are 3 different women, Donna D’Errico,
Pamela Anderson, and Bobbie Brown. You can’t tell the difference between 3 women?
Second, what was the purpose of your email? Am I supposed to be impressed?
Am I supposed to write you back because you swept me off my feet? Am I supposed to be impressed because you said you’d fuck me? You stupid
bastard, you don’t even know what I look like or who I am. Fuck you.
Thirdly, do you really think my name is Donna Anderson? Are you that stupid? Don’t you get it? Do you understand Metal Sludge? Do you really
think our names are real?
How old are you?
Do yourself and the world a favor and turn off your computer and buy a clue.

And yes, I am related to not only Pamela Anderson, but Lonnie Anderson, Louie Anderson, and baseball coach Sparky Anderson. I’ll tell them all you said hi.

Thanks to Jani Bon Neil for the Sparky Anderson reference.

Hello Donna. I’m actually probably out of my league here. I think that you are such a beautiful woman that I thought to tell you about myself.

I’m actually a jazz bass player of some international repute. Michael Anthony, Geddy Lee, and Bill Sheehan regard me as the best bassist in the world. In the 1980’s, I was asked to join Van Halen’s band, as well as having had the honor of members of Rush and Journey playing on my solo records.

We jazzers have a pretty exciting love life in that the women who wish to meet us get turned on by seeing a musical virtuoso in action, rather than the passion that rock stardom can stir in a woman. In the 1980’s Fusion was King, I toured the world with the biggest names in jazz, having the wonderful opportunity to have sex with women from every conceivable area of life. I even once bedded the niece of the King of Thailand who saw me perform and came to my hotel room complete with her Royal Entourage (they waited in the lobby until the next morning.)

Since the greatest love in my life right now is my music and the biggest turn-on is to play the music that makes my heart glad, I still wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how so very beautiful you are in your pictures that I’ve seen on this website. If this letter seems tame compared to some of the others you may receive, it is because my passions are not directed in writing letter with sexual overtones (I may have more sexual stories in my history than a lot of rock stars do), but placed exactly where they belong; in the music that sustains me. If you are interested, I would be pleased to send you my latest CD for your enjoyment.

Music Rules! Your Beauty is Intoxicating!

Jeff Berlin

I’m not up on my jazz, but whoever you are, you just bragged throughout your entire email. If you really are that good, then you probably wouldn’t need to email somebody and say, "so and so says I’m the best bass player in the world." And are you trying to say you’re better than Jerry Dixon!? Just kidding.

Feel free to send us a CD. The address is listed on the front of the page.

This sounds like it could be from Penthouse Forum.

Just came across your site and find it absolutely hilarous! I have been playing catch up, reading the earliest post first and have only gotten a
couple of archives in, but I am still having a ball. I don’t know how many groupie stories you have recieved from guys, but I have one that you might
find enjoyable.
About fifteen years ago, I was going to a Van Halen Concert in Knoxville Tennessee. I had t
o work that day, so I agreed to meet my sister and a
couple of her girlfriends in the lobby of the Hyatt hotel, directly across the street from the Knoxville Civic Colliseum, because they wanted to come
down early and maybe catch a glimpse the band in the hotel before showtime. Well, I was looking around the lobby for my sis and her friends, when a
stunning blonde, with a killer body and a painted on red minidress walked right up to me. She took my arm and asked, "You’re with the band, aren’t
you?" Being the honest sort, I told her I was not, however this answer did not suit her. "C’mon, I can tell you’re with the band." she insisted. I did
have a slight resemblance to the bass player in the opening band, considering that I had long hair and was wearing the proper metal uniform of
black t-shirt and jeans. Once again I told her I was not, explaining that I was only there to meet some people. This woman would not be convinced that I was not a part of the crew or a member of the opeing act, continuing to insist I must be somebody, despite my repeated denials. Finally, to my
surprise, she made me an offer that I found quite impossible to turn down. "I’ll do anything you want if you can get me into the band’s room." she
told me. Now Donna, I may be a normally honest guy, but I am only human, so my mind started racing as to how I could make this situation continue to work in my benefit. I just took her by the hand and led her to the elevator, explaining that she was right, I was the bass player in the opening act, (I don’t even remember that band’s name now, Van Halen always had the lamest opening bands). I told her I could only get her so far, because if Van Halen learned I was the one who snuck her in, we could lose our job opening for them. She must have been as dumb as she was good looking, because she believed everything I was making up on the spot. In the elevator I was feeling her up something fierce, explaining that she would have to do me before I helped her, then I would point her in the right direction, along with the proper room number and would then show her the "secret knock" that would get her into the room.
I could not believe she was falling for this desperate crap, but when we got to the chosen floor, I took her to a men’s room and we entered one of
the stalls. I had her strip for me, (which did not take long with that peel-off, tank-top dress), and she sat on the john, unzipped me and proceeded to give me a very enthusiastic blow-job. Of course, I was not going to let her off that easy (she did say "anything" after all), so after a few minutes, I had her stand and bend over so I could take her from behind, I proceeded to pound her silly for a little while, until I decided to go for broke and try for her ass. She never argued a bit when I pulled out and let her know my intentions, she just opened up for me and pushed back with definate enthusiasm. I rode that road for a time, until I felt I was ready to let go, and told her that I wanted her to finish me with her mouth. This slut was more than happy to provide, and once again sat on the stool, and sucked me until I blasted an amazing load down her throat. I let her clean my cock with her tounge, telling her that it would be best if I left first, and then she could go to the bands room, so I would not be found out as the one that had betrayed them (Yeah, right!). I helped her on with her clothes, and then kissed her goodbye, grabbing a few last feels of that hot body. I told her the made up room number and showed her the "secret knock", then told her I would be looking for her at the after show party, and quickly took my leave. I hotfooted it to the elevator, down to the lobby, and right out to the door. I did not want to be anywhere she could easily find me when she discovered that I had fed her a total line of shit. I went straight to the show and down to the floor, where I finally found my sister and her friends later on.
I should have felt bad about it, but hell, I honestly tried several times to tell her that I was not anyone important, but she insisted, not wanting
to hear the truth and besides, I am sure that in her mind, she has convinced herself that I really was the bass player for the opeing act, and just lied
to her about the room and such for some rock star reason. She has her memory, that I am sure she has bragged about on many occasions and I have my memory of what it must be like to be a rock star, if even only for one incredible half hour.

hey donna

just like to say that i think your page is great, my friends and i had alot of fun scrolling down the penis chart, anyay my extremely sad friend tree has a thing about jon bon jovi and doesnt believe that he has cheated on his wife, i showed her your ho-bag from december 24th 2000 but she still wont believe me. please set the record straight, can you tel us who he had an afair with, so i can prove her wrong and shut her up! Thanks donna!!

Jon said the following quote on MTV on July 4, 1990. "The way I look at it is you’re only married within the state lines. There are 49 other states, we can have 49 other relationships." Not only did he say that, but it’s known that Jon has strayed from Dorethea a time or two.


I heard about your website on MTV and wanted to see the "Penis Chart". I am having trouble finding it on your website. Can you tell me how to find it, or can you give me the direct link?

Thank You,


How it is people can find my email address but can’t find the Donna’s Domain? Not to mention the photo and link on the FRONT OF THE FUCKING PAGE!

I used to be a big fan of your coloumn when it was based on the bands. now there is nothing but ‘donna I want to stick my tongue up your bum’ and other boring crap that is based around someone wanting nude pictures of ‘you’ or someone wanting to root the shit out of you! are your fans THAT stupid as to think that those three pictures are not only you (after you have said countless amount of times that it is NOT you) but the very same person?
How can these people fuck this up week after week?
YOUR EMAILING THE WRONG CHICK PEOPLE! try sending an email to nikki sixx’s wife the REAL donna, or pamela anderson lee, or the other chick!
to you these responses may be a laugh but to the REAL fans of the page these are just boring and im getting extremely sick of all these stupid letters.
why not name it ‘Donnas I-want-to-give-you-a-good-shag domain’? or at least have a different section for these moronic letters….


Have you heard the new Butch Walker? I got a sampler from Arista that has one of the tracks, "My Way", and it absolutely smokes. Still very
Marvelous 3, incredible hook. Just wondering if you had heard that track, or anything else from the new album. I’m told the majority of the album is still in the mixing stage, but it’s on Arista’s plans for July.

Yes, I have heard the new Butch Walker CD. I’ve heard the entire album and I love it! It’s a lot like Marvelous 3, and hopefully Arista will get behind Butch and promote it correctly. He’s going out
on tour with another one of my favorite bands, Lit, in a few weeks and will also be doing a Tour Diary for us. Now those are some shows that I need to attend. It should be great!

I’ll send the Ho-Bag with this thought provoking email.

Dear Miss Donna:

I am a southern California woman who has always possessed an appreciation for heavy metal/hard rock music and still do even in my mid 30’s. In my 20’s I used to love attending rock concerts and live clubs and although the musicians were very attractive and appealing, it seemed apparent to me that refraining from becoming a part of the "groupie" scene was a wise choice. I’ve met a few rock musicians who were all too willing to give in to the temptations of their professions while admittedly being involved in "commited" relationships with women and such behavior told me all I needed to know about the men behind the music. After reading this site for awhile, it saddens me to hear that young beautiful women are still subjecting themselves to men who see them as nothing more than a body to use attached to a face they wouldn’t soon remember if it belonged to a cop who was giving them a ticket. I truly wish these young women, who write in and ask how they can "mingle" with rock musicians, had a greater sense of respect and direction for themselves and the demise of Bobbie Brown and others like her is a sad reflection of what is sure to come if you waste your youth following a path which all too often lead to deceit, betrayal and emptiness.

My only hope is that there is an equal amount of young women like myself out there as opposed to groupies–who can influence other young women to remain close to the music–but at a safe distance from the men who create it….and find themselves men who will truly love them and treat them with dignity.

Yours truly,

Just a Southern California Gal

I guess that’s something to think about.

Lustfully Yours,

Donna Anderson



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